Material relating to Frederick Cecil Gullen

Title: Material relating to Frederick Cecil Gullen
Dates of Material:
45.4 cm of textual records
136 photographs: b&w (including 2 ambrotypes)
1 photograph: col.
1 reel of 35 mm microfilm
Biographical sketch

Frederick Cecil Gullen (1882–1961) was a magistrate and one of the executors of Augusta Stowe-Gullen’s Estate. He was born in Osheweken, Tuscacora, County of Brant, Ontario, the son of James Frederick Gullen and Marietta Kettle, a nephew by marriage of Augusta Stowe-Gullen. He married Agnes Jones in 1913. She died in 1930. He married Agnes Petrie Verner in 1935. He died in Toronto.

Scope and content

Series consists of material relating to Frederick Cecil Gullen’s genealogical research including correspondence, family histories/scrapbooks, photographs and other material.

Source of supplied title

Title based on contents of series.


The series is stored in 3 boxes.

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Related groups of records

Related material appears in Series 1.  The biographical information about ASG was compiled by Frederick Cecil Gullen as well as the other material related to ASG after her death.

Box 2
Family histories/scrapbooks
2aThe early story of our family–Marietta (Kettle) Gullen and James Frederick Gullen with illustrations / Frederick Cecil Gullen, 1958-19611945, 1946-1960, 1958-1961, 1959, 1959, 1960

Includes: notes on various family members; family correspondence, n.d.; letter from Thomas B. Costain, 1945; letter from A.K. Stuart, 1959; letter from B.N. Russell, 1959; photographs, [18–]–1960; clippings, [1946?]–[1960?]; letter to “Mr. Gullen,” n.d., from members of his Sunday School class, including Robertson Davies; other material scrapbook: holograph

2bA storey [sic] of mother's and father's ancestors and relatives / Frederick Cecil Gullen, 1960–1961.1830, 1883, 1883, 1960-1961

Includes: notes on various family members; marriage certificate (1830); marriage certificate of John Benjamin Gullen and Augusta Stowe (1883), invitations to wedding and reception, 1883; correspondence sent to John Benjamin Gullen on the death of his wife; copy of will of Augusta Stowe-Gullen, ts., cc., not signed; copies of other legal documents; photographs, including two ambrotypes, [18–]–[19–]; other material. scrapbook: holograph. A microfilm copy of this material is contained in Box 5.

Box 3
310Material related to Emily Howard Jennings Stowe 1865-1960


311Material on Dr. Stowe-Gullen's family1895-1960


3aCorrespondence relating to research about Augusta Stowe-Gullen, 1943–19601943-1960

Includes correspondence with C.B. Sissons and Margaret V. Ray.

Letters are stored inside Box 3, File 4, (Folder A.2).

3bLetters of condolence on the death of Augusta Stowe-Gullen: 3 in, n.d., 1943n.d., 1943

Letters are stored inside Box 3, File 9.

3gFamily correspondence; genealogical notes, [1945?]–1960?]1945-1960

Material is stored inside Box 3, File 11, (Folder G.1).

3hCorrespondence, general: various correspondents, including Margaret V. Ray (ca. 1962), 1953–1989;1953-1989, 1962

Letters are stored inside Box 3, File 4 (back of the file).

Other material
3aBiographical materials about Augusta Stowe-Gullen, n.d. Includes: Notes: Based on information supplied by Hudson Stowe; notes: mimeographed, annotated; and notes by Margaret E. McConnell. For address.

holograph; notes: ts.; holograph

Material is stored inside Box 3, File 3, (Folder A.1).

3aDocuments relating to the estate of Augusta Stowe-Gullen, 1945–19611945-1961

Documents are stored inside Box 3, File 2, (Folder A.3).

3aNotes about John Benjamin Gullen, n.d.n.d.

holograph and typescript versions of the same note are included

Notes are stored inside Box 3, File 4 (Folder A.2, near the back).

3eClippings; photocopied, [188–]–19761880-1976

Material is stored inside Box 3, File 5.

3fNotes on history of Canadian suffrage movement, n.d.n.d.

Material is stored inside Box 3, File 10.

Material about Augusta Stowe-Gullen
34Correspondence concerning information about A.S.G. and related to archival material for A.S.G.1953-1989

Correspondence of Margaret V. Ray, and Anne Schultz of Victoria University Library Mr. F.C. Gullen and Professor C.B. Sissons.

Box 4
Family Correspondence
4a18 b&w photographs
4bVersions of Frederick Cecil Gullen's genealogy, n.dn.d.
4cCorrespondence and notes re Titus family, 1947–19591947-1959
4dCorrespondence and notes re Kettle family, 1934–19601934-1960
4eCorrespondence and notes re Sharer family, 1937–19601937-1960
4fCorrespondence and notes re Gullen family, 1921–19601921-1960
4gPersonal papers of Frederick Cecil Gullen1910-1921, 1910-1961, 1917-1927, 1956-1960

including drafts of letters written by Frederick Cecil Gullen, 1956–1960; letters to Frederick Cecil Gullen from his uncle, Dr. John Benjamin Gullen, 1910–1921; letters to Frederick Cecil Gullen from his parents and siblings, 1917–1927; newspaper clippings re Frederick Cecil Gullen's career as a magistrate, n.d.; and miscellaneous letters and documents, 1910–1961