Personal Materials

Title: Personal Materials
Dates of Material:
[1882?] - 1983
12 cm textual records
99 photographs: b&w
2 photographs: col.
10 photographs: sepia
53 photographs: 35 mm b&w negative
12 photographs: 4 x 5 inch b&w negatives
6 photographs: 35 mm col. negatives
2 ink drawings
3 printed drawing
1 painting
21 artefacts
Scope and content

This series contains materials relating to E.J. Pratt's personal life including: life records, including degrees, honorary degrees, passport, birth certificate, and medals; programs, menus, and invitations for events attended; collected artwork, poetry and published works; brochures, leaflets, and advertising cards for his works; memorabilia including address book, appointment book, articles by friends, and copies of Acta Victoriana; artefacts including academic gowns; and photographs.

Photographs contain portraits, family photographs, photographs of paintings (including painting by Kenneth Forbes) and of other items (including pencil sketch by C.W. Jeffries and artistic works by other persons), some copy negatives. Other persons photographed include: Leonard Brockington; Pelham Edgar; Northrop Frye; Leslie Harris; George Johnston; Wilson MacDonald; Nellie McClung; A.B.B. Moore; Cal Pratt; Claire Pratt; Viola Pratt; other Pratt family members; Charles G.D. Roberts; Carl Schaefer; C.B. Sissons; Malcolm Wallace; other persons.

Previously recorded but missing: Poems printed on cards created by Claire Pratt

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Title based on contents of the series.

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The series is contained in 13 boxes.

Box 11
Life records
11 /OS4Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Divinity, and Master of Arts degreesJune 9, 1911; June 7, 1912; April 28, 1913

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) received from Victoria College, University of Toronto, 1911; Master of Arts (M.A.) received from University of Toronto, 1912; Bachelor of Divinity (B.D.) received from Victoria University, 1913

Degrees in Latin

11 /OS5Honorary degrees received from various institutions1945-1961

Honorary Doctorate of Letters received from University of Manitoba, 1945; Honorary Doctorate of Letters received from McGill University, 1949; Honorary Doctorate of Canon Law, Bishop’s University, 1949; Honorary Doctorate of Letters received from Queen’s University, 1949; Honorary Doctorate of Letters received from University of Toronto, 1953; Honorary Doctorate of Letters received from University of New Brunswick, 1957; Honorary Doctorate of Letters received from University of Western Ontario, 1957; Honorary Doctorate of Letters received from Memorial University, 1961

11 /OS6Companion of the Order of St. Michael and St. GeorgeJuly 1, 1946

Certificate/notification of Pratt's appointment as Companion of the Order of St. Michael and St. George

Box 15
152Birth certificates for E.J. PrattApril 8, 1915; April 5, 1983

2 photocopies: initial birth certificate stating: This is to certify the Edwin John Dove, son of Rev John & Fanny Pitts Pratt, was born on February 4th, 1882 at Western Bay, Nlfd, dated April 8, 1915

2 photocopies: Province of Newfoundland Canada, Certificate of Birth, No. 244056, for Edwin John Dove Pratt, date of registration: April 5, 1983

152A Memorial Service to honour Charles Trick Currelly May 7, 1957

Programme of a memorial service to honour Charles Trick Currelly, Victoria College Chapel; eulogy given by E.J. Pratt

See also: Box 18, file 4 for invitation to memorial service

152Burns Nicht 25th January 1949, 190th Anniversary at St. John's Newfoundland, St. Andrew's Society January 25, 1949

Programme for "Burns Nicht" dinner; "The Immortal Memory", submitted by Prof. Edwin J. Pratt

152Canadian Chautauqua, Daily Summer Program of the Canadian Chautauqua Institution at Muskoka Assembly, 19281928

Daily Programme for the Canadian Chautauqua Muskoka Assembly, where Pratt gave a reading of his poems on July 30th [1928]

152Cécile de Banke and the Toronto Verse Speaking ChoirNovember 24, 1941

Programme for a recital by Cécile de Banke and the Toronto Verse Speaking Choir at the Harbord Collegiate Auditorium, sponsored by the Association of Teachers of Speech; Pratt's Dunkirk was one of the works performed

Two copies, one inscribed to Mrs. Pratt by Cécile de Banke

152Conferring of Degrees, Honorary Degrees, Graduate Degrees, University of TorontoJune 5, 1953

Programme for degree ceremony where Pratt received a honorary Doctor of Letters from University of Toronto

152Massey Hall, Golden Anniversary Season 1943-1944, The Toronto Symphony Orchestra and The Toronto Mendelssohn ChoirJanuary 18, 1944

Programme for the Life and Death of Jean de Brébeuf by E.J. Pratt with music by Healy Willan, performed by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir; reproduced quotations from "Brébeuf and his Brethren"; publisher's announcement of The Collected Poems; 2 copies

152Salute to Professor E.J. ("Ned") Pratt upon the publication of The TitanicNovember 15, 1935

Dinner programme for dinner at the Library, St. Martin's House; holograph list of colleagues on verso; includes photocopy

152Salute to the Arts by Leonard W. BrockingtonDecember 8, 1958

Programme for The Canadian Club of Toronto Sixty-First Anniversary “Salute to the Arts,” a Testimonial Dinner to A.Y. Jackson, E.J. Pratt, and Healey Willan, at Concert Hall, Royal York Hotel; includes facsimile of manuscript "Newfoundland Seamen" dated Sept. 1, 1958

2 copies

152St. George's - England's Day, St. George's Society of Toronto, 122nd Annual DinnerApril 22, 1955

Programme for St.George's Society of Toronto's 122nd Annual Dinner, Royal York Hotel; toast, "St. George and England" by E.J. Pratt

152Toronto Branch, Canadian Authors' Association Annual DinnerMay 13, 1932

Programme for Toronto Branch, Canadian Authors' Association Annual Dinner at St. George's Hall where Pratt wrote the menu

152Victoria College, Senior Dinner, Arts Class 19211921

Photocopied programme; includes Pratt's poem "Greetings"

program, mimeographed;

152Announcement for autograph session for Brébeuf and His Brethren December 14, 1940

Typescript; announcement for book signing for Brébeuf and His Brethren at Simpson's Book Department

Two copies

152Queen's Summer Theatre, festival of Poetry, "Salute to the United Nations"[1940?]

Announcement for the Queen's Summer Theatre Second Public Performance; E.J. Pratt was guest soloist; 2 copies, one with holograph note

1529th Annual Southwest Writers Conference May 31 - June 3, 1952

Brochure for 9th Annual Southwest Writers Conference, May 31 - June 1, 2, 3, 1952, Corpus Christi, Texas; E.J. Pratt was on the staff

152Behind the Log, The epic story of a North Atlantic Convoy told in verse by E.J. Pratt[1947 or 1948]

Publisher's brochure for Behind the Log; holograph note by Pratt

Anon. gift

152Portraits of Canadian Writers; Photographs of Literary Landmarks1932

Brochure listing portraits of Canadian writers and photographs of literary landmarks offered for sale by M.O. Hammond

Anon. gift

152Recital Tour through Western Canada under the Auspices of the Association of Canadian ClubsSeptember 11 - October 10, 1927

Brochure issued by Association of Canadian Clubs, Ottawa, for a recital tour by E.J. Pratt through Western Canada from September 11 to October 10, 1927; 2 copies

Anon. gift

152Biltmore Luncheon to E.J. PrattNovember 24, 1943

Menu for Biltmore luncheon in honour of E.J. Pratt; includes holograph signatures

152Exeunt Omnes, Saturday Evening, April 21st, 1934April 21, 1934

Menu for The Canadian Forum dinner; holograph signatures from colleagues on the back cover, including: E.K. Brown, Steven Cartwright, Charles Comfort, L.A. MacKay, Norman MacKenzie, Frank Underhill, and other persons

Advertising cards
152Victoria College Council Public Lectures[1941]; 1948; 1950

Victoria College Council Public Lecture series cards listing Pratt's lectures including: 1941: "Source Material for Contemporary Verse"; 1948: "Ironies and Echoes" ('Behind the Log'); 1950: "King Lear"

Two 1941 cards, one listing Rev. F. L. Barber on verso, the other listing Miss V. R. Cannom on verso; 1948 and 1950 cards list Miss V. R. Cannom on verso

Exhibition catalogues
152Sixty-fifth Annual Exhibition of the Royal Canadian Academy of ArtsNovember 17 - December 17, 1944

Catalogue for the sixty-fifth (65th) annual exhibition of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, November 17 - December 17, 1944, Art Gallery of Toronto; includes reproduction of portrait of E.J. Pratt by Kenneth K. Forbes

Material related to family
152The story of Methodism in Bonavista[1919]

Photocopied pages from The story of Methodism in Bonavista, by Charles Lench, 1919, regarding E.J. Pratt's father, Rev. John Pratt, and maternal grandfather, Rev. Richard Knight

152Canadian Authors' Association Reception in honour of Dr. E.J. PrattDecember 1, 1944

Invitation card to Canadian Authors' Association reception celebrating Collected Poems

152Invitation for presentation of Civic Awards of Merit by the Mayor and Council of the Corporation of the City of TorontoNovember 24, 1959

Typescript invitation to presentation of Civic Awards of Merit to John Keiller Mackay and Edwin John Pratt

155E.J. Pratt (right) with Margaret Berry (centre) and Carl Schaefer, (left), Kingston Ont.July 28, 1949

1 b&w photograph

(Photos P1)
156Edwin J. Pratt Central High School, Brownsdale, Nfld. December 1958

1 b&w photograph

(Photos P1)
152Christmas card[19--]

Christmas card, illustrated, printed and hand-coloured by Claire Pratt, undated

152Salute to Ned Pratt, Commander of St. Michael and St. George[1946?]

Congratulations card; collaged card created by Viola Pratt for E.J. Pratt upon becoming Commander of St.Michael and St. George

Collected works, artwork and poetry
152Bobcaygeon, a Sketch* of a Little Town by Arthur L. Phelps[1922?]

typescript pamphlet of Phelp's poem Bobcaygeon with notes by Pratt; includes a holograph note by Pratt explaining acronyms used on print of poem

1515Ye Poet Ned 1927

Holograph; poem presented to Ned at a dinner given by Frank and Lulu Stapleford on the occasion of the publication of The Iron Door. Stored in oversize folder.

Box 16
161Formal Studio Portraits of Pratt [1911-1958?]

20 b&w photographs; 2 sepia photographs

(Photos P1-22)
162Studio Portraits of Pratt [1958?]; [August 4, 1962]

5 b&w photographs

(Photos P1-5)
163Photographs of drawings and paintings of PrattApril 19, 1924; [1930]; [1944?]; [December 10, 1986]

5 b&w photographs

(Photos P1-5)
164Photographs of Pratt from school [1893?-1921]

3 b&w photographs; 1 sepia photograph

(Photos P1-4)
165Pratt and his family[1897?-1962]

7 b&w photographs; 1 colour photograph

(Photos P1-8)
166Informal portraits and photographs of Pratt[1902-1960]

31 b&w photographs; 1 sepia photograph

(Photos P1-32)
167E.J. Pratt at formal events[1935-1961]

16 b&w photographs; 1 colour photograph

(Photos P1-17)
168E.J. Pratt (age 43) in Newfoundland, with his mother Fanny Pitts Knight and daughter Mildred ClaireJune 1925

1 b&w photograph; 1 sepia photograph

(Photos P1-2)
169Photograph negatives[189-? - 196-?]

53 photographs: 35 mm b&w negatives; 11 photographs: 4x5 inch b&w negatives

Box 17
1712Annual Dinner, Canadian Authors’ Association, Hotel LondonJune 27, 1952

Programme and menu for the Canadian Authors’ Association Annual Dinner

1712Fourth Annual Luncheon, The International Reading AssociationMay 2, 1959

Programme and menu for The International Reading Association's fourth annual Luncheon at the Royal York Hotel, Toronto

172The Collected Poems, E.J. Pratt, A Macmillan Book [1944?]

Publisher's advertising announcement for The Collected Poems

Advertising cards
1712The Roosevelt and The Antinoe[1930]

Typescript card advertising poems published by The Macmillan Company

1712Invitation for dinner in honour of E.J. Pratt, sponsored by The Board of Regents of Victoria University[between 1953 and 1964]

Typescript invitation for a dinner in honour of E.J. Pratt on November 9th; holograph inscription, "Professor and Mrs. E.J. Pratt"

1712Christmas card[between 1946 and 1964]

Christmas card to Ned [Pratt] from unknown writer with a poem celebrating Pratt's literary success

1712Christmas card to Dorothy and Mark from Ned[1948?]

Christmas card printed by Hallmark with printed poem, "Dialogue in December" by Mark Van Doren; holograph inscription possibly by Ned [Pratt]; card copyright: 1948 to Mark Van Doren

Collected works, artwork and poetry
175Articles by Pelham Edgar, inscribed to E.J. Pratt1946; January 1948

Two typescript articles by Pelham Edgar including: "Stephen Leacock," offprint from Queen's Quarterly, vol. LIII, no. 2, 1946; "The Museum Fetish," reprinted from the University of Toronto Quarterly, col. XVII, no. 2, January 1948; also includes holograph note regarding Pelham Edgar by unknown writer

1712Address to Archeus by William Rose Benét1949

Typescript poem with facsimile signature of William Rose Benét with additional signature from Marjorie Flack and William Rose Benét, Christmas 1949

1712Portrait[1951 or 1957]

Ink portrait possibly of Leonard W. Brockington

Box 18
184Victoria University Centenary DinnerOctober 10, 1936

Programme and menu for Victoria University's Centenary Dinner at the Royal York Hotel, Toronto

184Invitation to a service to honour the memory of Charles Trick Currelly May 7, 1957

Typescript invitation from The Royal Ontario Museum and Victoria University for a memorial service for Charles Trick Curelly

See also: Box 15, file 2 for the memorial service programme

184The Empire Club of Canada membership card[before 1959]

Pratt's membership card for The Empire Club of Canada, expired on 30th September, 1959

184To The Duck, From The Drake[1918?] - [1964?]

Decorative card with holograph inscription, possibly from E.J. Pratt to Viola Pratt

Collected works, artwork and poetry
182Print of two ships caught in a storm1926

Signed print held in board frame; signature unclear

Box 19
Life records
1913Materials related to honorary degreesApril 20, 1949; June 17, 1949; June 4, 1955; May 16, 1957

Includes: Honorary Doctorate of Letters received from Assumption College (now University of Windsor), 1955; speech given during Honorary Degree ceremony at Assumption College; directions for Dr. Pratt during a Convocation ceremony; letter to Professor E.J. Pratt from T.H. Matthews, McGill University Registrar, noting date of honorary degree Convocation at McGill University; 2 programmes for Bishop's University Convocation ceremony, held on June 17, 1949, where Pratt received a Honorary Degree; programme for Assumption College Third Convocation ceremony, held on June 4, 1955, with Order of Procession leaflet, where Pratt received a Honorary Degree; and University of New Brunswick Convocation ceremony, held on May 16, 1957, where Pratt received a Honorary Degree

Originally kept in decorative black leather with cloth interior folder from Assumption College to hold honorary degree

See also: Box 11, file 5 for Honorary Degrees Pratt received

1919Canada PassportJanuary 16, 1942

Pratt's Canadian passport issued on January 16, 1942 and expired January 16, 1944

198St. George's Day - Salute to Britain!April 23, 1941

   Programme for St. George's Day event hosted by the National Council of Education of Canada and held at Massey Hall, Toronto

198A Complimentary Dinner to Professor E.J. Pratt upon the occasion of the launching of "The Roosevelt and the Antinoe" at the Library, St. Martins HouseFebruary 28, 1930

Menu for the dinner in honour of the publication of The Roosevelt and the Antinoe

198The Canada Council Medal DinnerFebruary 19, 1962

Menu for The Canada Council Medal Dinner held at The Country Club; includes holograph signatures on front, back, and inside of pamphlet from guests at the dinner

198Invitation to The Canada Council Dinner in honour of Canada Council Medal winnersFebruary 19, 1962

Typescript invitation for a dinner in honour of Canada Council medal winners, where E.J. Pratt was a winner; holograph inscription, "Dr. and Mrs. E.J. Pratt"; includes card with list of Canada Council Medal Winners, 1961

1910E.J. Pratt [1956?]

1 b&w photograph; Inscription on recto: From your very sincere admirer, Lotto McNeill

(Photos P1)
1914E.J. and Viola Pratt and others posing after an autographing party at a Toronto bookshop [December 1940?]

1 sepia photograph; Inscription on board surrounding photograph: Merry Christmas Happy New Year | To Dr. Mrs. Ned Pratt - A small souvenir. Thank u both

Inscription on recto identifies individuals in the photograph

Photograph possibly from public book signing for Brébeuf and His Brethren at the Simpson's Book Department

(Photos P1)
1923Studio Portraits of Pratt[1923?] - [1949?]

3 b&w photographs; 2 sepia photograph; 1 4x5 inch b&w negative

(Photos P1-5)
1924Robert S. LeDrew[before 1919]

1 b&w photograph

(Photos P1)
1919Christmas card from Ned Pratt to Viola Pratt[before 1964]

Holograph Christmas card from Ned to Vi; small and delicate

Collected works, artwork and poetry
1919Japanese translation of "'Twas in the moon of wintertime" - Huron Indian Christmas carol originally by Brébeuf[19--]

Holograph; Japanese translation of  "'Twas in the moon of wintertime" (first sung in Japan at a children's Christmas part in Okayama) present to Dr. Pratt.; includes drawings of Huron Aboriginal Peoples

1919Lame Verses from Lame Ducks[19--]

Typescript; undated poem by unknown author

1925Sketch of E.J. Pratt and another figure[19--]

Inscription on verso: Ned and Milton

Possibly a sketch of John Wesley and E.J. Pratt

(Photos P1)
1919Address and note book[before 1964]

Holograph notebook with addresses of friends and colleagues

1919Appointment book[before 1964]

Holograph appointment book

1919Articles by friends and colleaguesJune 29, 1946; March 24, 1951

Newspaper clippings of articles from The Globe and Mail by Pratt's friends and colleagues, including: book reviews by William Arthur Deacon, and an article by Earle Birney

Box 21
21 /OS1Studio Portraits of Pratt[195-]

2 b&w photographs; 2 sepia photographs

(Photos P1-4)
Box 22
22 /OS3Formal studio portraits of Pratt[195-]

2 large b&w photographs; both attributed to Ashley & Crippen, though one also attributed to Randolph Macdonald elsewhere

(Photos P1-2)
Collected works, artwork and poetry
22 /OS1Casting Caplin at Beach Cove, July '49 by J.C. PrattJuly 1949

Oil painting; inscription on reverse: J.C. Pratt was Grandfather of Christopher Pratt

22 /OS5Sperm Whaling: "The Capture” From an original drawing by Benjamin Russell. [19--?]

Print of original drawing by Benjamin Russell; label on housing: This work hung in E.J. Pratt's den at his home as long as his daughter Claire can remember


22 /OS7Hart House - University of Toronto by T.G. Greene[before 1964]

Print; inscription on recto: This is Dr. Pratt coming down the walk so jauntily, and in the car is Wilson MacDonald waiting to take him for a ride; Under the circumstances I felt you both should see the sketch, and since you need it greatly in view of the ominous forecast contained by the picture, I will add gratio, and very heartily, my somewhat mad wishes fo a merry Christmas and a happy new year - T? Davidson

Box 23
23 /OSAcademic gown and hood[1917?]

Hood and gown likely from his University of Toronto PhD graduation

The academic gown was donated by the Art Gallery of Ontario in 2014.

Box 24
24 /OSHonorary hoods[1945-1961]

6 honorary hoods from various institutions where Pratt received honorary degrees

Box 25
25Q.S.S.A. Golf trophies1938, 1940

2 Q.S.S.A. golf trophies, one for qualifying round winner (1940); both very fragile.

Box 26
261Sperm Whale tooth[18--?]

Fragile, please handle with care


Medals relating to various honours, most in original presentation boxes, including: silver medal received with Bachelor of Arts degree for for standing second in his class (1911); Sandford Gold Medal he received with his Bachelor of Divinity degree (1913); Governor-General's Annual Literary Award medal (1937); Lorne Pierce Medal for Literature  (1940); Governor-General's Annual Literary Award medal (1940); Companion of the Order of St. Michael and St George medal badge (1946); University of Alberta's National Fine Arts Award medal (1952); Governor-General's Annual Literary Award medal (1952); Corporation of the City of Toronto Civic Award Medal (1959); Canada Council Medal (1962)   

Box 31
315Convocation at the University of TorontoJune 13, 1914

Newspaper clipping from The Globe, dated Saturday, June 13, 1914, with photograph of E.J. Pratt as Mace-bearer during Convocation ceremony

Fragile, handle with care

311Copies of Acta VictorianaApril 1913; June 1913; April 1914

3 issues of Acta Victoriana, one where Viola Whitney [Pratt] was part of editorial staff

Fragile, handle with care

Box 1
Collected works, artwork and poetry
11The Acting Edition of Journey's End by R.C. Sherriff1929

A copy of French's Acting Edition of Journey's End by R.C. Sherriff, published in 1929. Annotated by Pratt, with notes written on the pages and included on inserts. The inserts have been removed from the book and placed in a separate envelope in the file. Page numbers where they were originally located have been identified.

Also includes a handwritten note by M.K. (Marion Kearney) describing how she obtained Pratt's copy.