Kenneth D. Taylor

Box/File List

Box 1
Series: 1: Correspondence
11Akaka, Daniel K.1980


12Baha'is of Canada1981


13Collett, W.J.1980


14Department of Health and Human Services1985

Addressed to Pat Taylor.

15Flynn, Thomas M.1989


16Herter, Solange1987


17Liebman, Terry1982


18Rockefeller, David1989


19Wurfel, Walter1980


110Various correspondence1980-1981, 2010

Includes correspondence written by others about Ken Taylor.  

Series: 2: Personal records
111Baby book1934


112Crescent Heights High School yearbook1953


113Crescent Heights High School yearbook1954


Series: 4: Records relating to diplomacy
115Industry, Trade and Commerce information circular1974

A notice announcing the appointment of Ken Taylor as General Director of the Trade Commissioner Service. A letter of merit increase for Pat Taylor is included.

116Diplomatic correspondence1977-1978

Copies of Ken Taylor's correspondence providing updates on affairs in Tehran.

117Diplomatic correspondence1979

Copies of Ken Taylor's correspondence providing updates on affairs in Tehran.

118Diplomatic correspondence1980

Copies of Ken Taylor's correspondence providing updates on affairs in Tehran.

119Memorandum for the Minister1979


120[Correspondence between Prime Minister Joe Clark and President James Carter]1979

Copies of correspondence regarding the American hostages in Iran.

121Message from Michael Shenstone1979

Copy of Director-General of Foreign Affairs for Africa and the Middle East Michael Shenstone's message to Tehran regarding the Iran hostages.

122Michael Shenstone - Canada's response to Iran1979


123Anticipated questions, House of Commons1979

A copy of anticipated questions regarding the seizure of the US embassy in Tehran.

124Proposed telegram to Prime Minister Bazarganca. 1979

A copy of a proposed telegram from Pierre Elliot Trudeau to new Iranian Prime Minister Mehdi Bazargan.

125Transcription of interview with Mark MacGuigan1980

A copy of Secretary of State for External Affairs Mark MacGuigan's press interview about Canada's relations with Iran.

126Aide-memoire[ca. 1980?]


127Wire correspondence1981

Correspondence from President James Carter, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, Secretary of State Edmond Muskie and Secretary of State for External Affairs Mark MacGuigan regarding the Iran hostages.

Series: 5: Media and news clippings
128Statement of thanks1980

A statement of thanks from US Senator S.I. Hayakawa.

129Proclamation, Office of the Mayor of Plattsburgh, New York1981

Includes a news clipping.

130Macleans articles1980-1981


131Newsweek articles1980-1981


132Various publications1980-1985


133Wire articles1981-1983


134Newsletters and bulletins1981, 1989-1990, 2007


135Canadian newspapers1980-1982, 1990, 1998


Series: 8: Graphic material


(Photos P1-24)
Box 2
Series: 5: Media and news clippings
21Toronto Star draft article2013


22American newspapers1980-1983, 1989


23International newspapers1979-1980


24Miscellaneous news articles[n.d.]


25Scrapbook news articles[n.d.]


26Media releases1981, 1983


Series: 6: Awards and honours
27Y-Teen Leadership Award1954


28Canadian Club of New York Gold Medal Award1980

Includes an event program and an article. The award was returned to the Canadian Club to display in their offices, and was lost when they moved.

29Elise and Walter A. Haas International Award1980


210Sigma Chi Fraternity certificate1982


211Commemorative Medal for the 125th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation certificate1992

Received by Ken and Pat Taylor. Includes a letter of congratulations from Rideau Hall to Pat Taylor; Ken's letter was accidentally discarded from his Nabisco office.

Series: 7: Ephemera and memorabilia


213Event programs1980-1983, 1990


214Crescent Heights High School programs1980, 2015


215Event itineraries1980-1983


216Canadian Men's Club of Iran Constitution1977


217Christmas card from James Carter[n.d.]


218Various ephemera1983-2004


Series: 9: Audio-visual records
219"As It Happens", CBCMay 1, 1979

Audio cassette tape.

219"Garden Party City of Ottawa", CBC Radio[n.d.]

Audio cassette tape.

219"Interview with WIBX"[early 1980s?]

Audio cassette tape.

219"John Weston Report - Tehran"[n.d.]

Audio cassette tape.

219"Larry King Radio Interview, Washington"1981

Audio cassette tape.

220"Interview with RazorTV, SPH"ca. 2012

Digital video disc (DVD). RazorTV, SPH (Singapore) interview with Ken Taylor for Argo. Originally aired on Singapore Now.

220"One to World: 2015 Fulbright Awards Dinner Video, Kenneth and Patricia Taylor"2015

Digital video disc (DVD).

221"Mike LaCroix and the Sound Advice"1980

LP record.

222"This is My Country, Thank You Canada"1980

2 LP records (1 copy).

223"The Americans - 1979"1979

LP record. Includes a document with background information.

224"Coming Home to Alberta"1979

LP record. Presented to Ken Taylor upon his return home to Alberta in 1980.

Box 3
Series: 9: Audio-visual records
3"A Canadian in New York: Tightened Blacks", CFTO-TVOctober 5, 1992

Video cassette.

3"Canada Caper"[n.d.]

U-matic video cassette.

3"Escape from Iran", Princeton Scientific Productions, Inc.May 1981

Video cassette.

3"Farewell to Ken and Pat Taylor, New York 1/26/84 - Consular tribute"January 26, 1984

1 U-matic video cassette.

1 video cassette.

3"Forum: Canada-US Relations"December 9, 1989

Video cassette.

3"Interview with Kenneth Taylor", WCBS-TV Channel 2 NewsJanuary 20, 1981

U-matic video cassette.

3"Ken Taylor Former Canadian Ambassador to Iran", Channel Two News, WCBS-TV[n.d.]

Video cassette.

3"Marilyn MacKay's Autograph" with guests Ken and Pat Taylorca. 1990

Video cassette.

Box 4
Series: 9: Audio-visual records
4"A Moving Picture", Media Park[n.d.]

U-matic video cassette.

4"A Very Special Person - Ken Taylor", CBC-WindsorOctober 24, 1983

U-matic video cassette.

4"Canadian Ambassador - Kenneth Taylor comes to N.Y.", Eyewitness News, WABC TVMarch 21, 1980

U-matic video cassette.

4"Edmonton/Islanders 1st Intermission", USA NetworkNovember 16, 1982

U-matic video cassette. 

4"Iran/Wallace", 60 Minutes1983

U-matic video cassette.

4"Ken Taylor Address to the National Press Club"July 12, 1983

U-matic video cassette.

4"Ken Taylor Comes to NY"[n.d.]

U-matic video cassette. Copy of local TV news stories.  

4"Ken Taylor Interview"January 23, [198-?]

U-matic video cassette.

4"N.H.L. All-Star Game, [Acknowledgement KT?]"1982

U-matic video cassette.

4"N.Y. Islanders Milestone Presentation"November 16, 1982

U-matic video cassette.

4"Putnam School Kids Show Thanks to Canada", News Center Four, WNBC TVMarch 7, 1980


4"Tomorrow Show, Mr. Taylor interview", WNBC Channel 4 and NBC Network1981

U-matic video cassette.

4Rebroadcast of Ken Taylor Interview, CBCSeptember 1, 1980

U-matic video cassette.


U-matic video cassette. Unknown content.

Box 1
Series: 1: Correspondence
11Jimmy Carter1980


12Ronald Reagan1985


13W. Averell Harriman1985
Series: 4: Records relating to diplomacy
16Iran office memos1979-1980


17Michael Shenstone memo1980


18Canadian Embassy press release1978


19Canadian Embassy, Tehran, Iran, list of personnel[n.d.]


Series: 6: Awards and honours
110Alberta Advanced Education and Career Development certificate1994

Certificate thanking Taylor for serving on the Banff Centre Board of Governors.

111Wilfrid Laurier University certificate of congratulations1998


112University of Windsor certificate of congratulations1998

Includes correspondence.

113Queen's University certificate of congratulations1998


114University of Western Ontario certificate of congratulations1998


115Lakehead University certificate of congratulations1998


116Carleton University certificate of congratulations1998

Includes correspondence.

Series: 8: Graphic material
14Photograph of Ken Taylor at a department store[195-?](Photos P1)
15Scrapbookca. 1967

Pages from a scrapbook containing photographs of Ken Taylor from news clippings, and a letter from C.E. McGaughey to Robert Thompson, Head of Trade Commissioner Services on Taylor's movement from Karachi, Pakistan to London, England.

Box 2
Series: 6: Awards and honours
21University of Guelph certificate of congratulations1998


22McMaster University certificate of congratulations1998

Includes correspondence.

23Mount Allison University certificate of congratulations1998


24The Medical Strollers certificate2007

Certificate thanking Taylor for a lecture given in 2007.

Box 1
Series: 1: Correspondence
11Letters to Pat and Douglas Taylorca. 1978

Ken Taylor's letters to Pat and Douglas.

12Letters to familyca. 1978

Letters from Ken Taylor addressed to Pat, Douglas, his mother and his father.

13Letter to Larry2000


14Letters from Pat Taylor to Douglas Taylor1979, 2001


15Canada-United States Interparliamentary Group / US Congress1980

Letters to Ken Taylor and Canadian politicians from Congress expressing thanks to Taylor for his support. Includes lists of signatures.

16David Rockefeller1988-1989, 1995, 2000-2001


17Letters of thanks from American citizens1980-1981


18Letters from school children1980

Letters from school children at Polaski Road School in New York.

19Correspondence with Yale University1980-1981


110Correspondence A-C1978, 1980-1988


111Correspondence D-G1978, 1980-1989, 2003-2004


112Correspondence H-J1977, 1980-1989


113Correspondence K-M1978,1980-1988


114Correspondence N-P1980-1988


115Correspondence Q-S1978-1982, 1989


116Correspondence T-W1975, 1980-1983, 1988, 1998


117Various correspondence1980, 1986

Includes correspondence written by others about Ken Taylor.

118Correspondence re: Waterloo County High School Teachers' English Award Banquet1980

See Box and File in Series 4 for a photograph of the event.

119Correspondence re: Harry S. Truman award1985


120Ken Taylor Scholarship / Ken Taylor Award1983, 2016-2017


121Correspondence with Netherwood1981

Correspondence related to Pat Taylor's graduation speech at Netherwood, a girls's school in New Brunswick. Includes some ephemera.

122Letters to Pat Taylor1981-1986, 2000-2001

Includes letters from various individuals, institutions and organizations.

Series: 2: Personal records
123Birth certificate extract1985

Extract issued in 1985.


Calendars noting events and appointments for the Taylor family.

125Crescent Heights High School Yearbook1952

Photocopy of original.

126Guest book1981-1984


127Stamp album[before 1954]

A pastime of Ken's before starting university.

Box 2
Series: 2: Personal records
21-2Cigarette card album[before 1954]

A pastime of Ken's before starting university.

23Wedding invitation1960


24Douglas Taylor baby card1964


25"A Natural Gas Export Policy for Canada"1959

Report submitted for M.B.A. degree at UC Berkeley.

26"A Week in Pakistan, December 4-10, 2009"2009

Scrapbook containing Taylor's writings and copies of news clippings.

211Scrapbook of family photographs[n.d.]

Scrapbook made by Taylor containing photographs of his early family life.

212"Good Times Ahead!"ca. 2008

Handmade retrospective scrapbook.

213"A Glimpse of Pat Taylor's 80 Years"2009

Scrapbook celebrating Pat Taylor's 80th birthday. Includes photographs of her childhood and life with Ken Taylor.

Series: 3: Professional records
27"Team Canada / Équipe Canada 1998: Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile"1998

Brief report containing Taylor's observations on Canada's Latin American profile.

28"Prime Ministerial Trade Mission, Observations"1995

Report by Taylor on trade with Argentina, Chile and Brazil, written as Chairman of the Government Business Consulting Group, Inc.

29"All Quiet in the Balkans"1992

Report on Taylor's trip to the Republic of Macedonia.

210"Kuwait: As seen from the Hotel Lobby after the storm"1991

Taylor's account of a business trip to Kuwait following the Gulf War when he was Chairman of Matthews Contracting. Includes correspondence, photos and copies of contracts.

Box 3
Series: 2: Personal records
31Booklet for Pat Taylor's party2011


32"Wedding - Douglas and Dana"1998

Scrapbook for Douglas Taylor's wedding.

33"Our Man in Tehran"2010

Booklet containing reviews for Our Man in Tehran by Robert Wright.

34Argo scrapbook2012

Contains reviews and news clippings for Argo.

35"Stranger than Fiction"ca. 2014

Scrapbook containing Taylor's thoughts on documentaries.

36Victoria University scrapbook2004

Photo scrapbook of the gala celebration commemorating Taylor's final year as Chancellor of Victoria College.

37"In Vino Veritas Dinners"1994-2006

Scrapbooks for the annual "In Vino Veritas" dinners in New York City.

38"Salute to Argentina and Chile: Scenes from In Vino 1998"1998


39"Winston Churchill - First Lord of the Admiralty"2008

Booklet containing Taylor's speaking notes on Winston Churchill given to the Churchill Society at the Albany Club.

310"The Ancients"ca. 2008


311"Dear Eureka, Welcome Back!"1994

Photo scrapbook of past parties and events.

312"Weekend June 28 1997"1997


313"Welcome Back! The Alberta Clipper"1997

Photo scrapbook.

314"Celebrating New York 1999"1999


315"From Rome to Sperlonga to Naples: The Saga of One Long Lunch"2001


Box 4
Series: 2: Personal records
41"Supper Club 2002"2002


43"A Lost Weekend in New York XXI"2002


43"Welcome to Brault County"2007


44"New York Arctic Reunion"2008


45"Dreaming Bali"1997-1998


46"Moscow Revisited"ca. 2003


47"China 2005"2005


48"Madrid"ca. 2008


49Moscow Golf Circuit scrapbook2003
410Almaty, Kazakhstan Golf Circuit scrapbook2007


411"Historic Moments in Spain"2008

Scrapbook (draft).

412"The Traveling Golf Circus 2008: Spain"2008


413Spainca. 2008



Scrapbook (draft).

415"Ninth Annual Classic Loire Valley 1995"1995

Golf circuit scrapbook.

416"Power is a Gas, Golf 2008"2008


417Golf retrospective scrapbook2008


418Golf retrospective scrapbook II2008



Scrapbook of special events and parties.

Box 5
Series: 2: Personal records

Scrapbook of special events and parties.


Scrapbook of special events and parties.


Scrapbook of special events and parties.


Scrapbook of special events and parties.

55Unbound scrapbooks2005-2009


56"Blood and Oil" review1997

Booklet containing a copy of Taylor's review of the book Blood and Oil.

Series: 4: Records relating to diplomacy
57Memorandum to the Minister1980


58Department of External Affairs communication pieces1980

Contain news articles related to the rescue of the American hostages.

59Wire correspondence1979-1980


510Telegrammes of congratulations1980

Messages from American citizens thanking Taylor and Canada.

511Inter-office memogram: American "thank you's" re: hostage escape1980


512Action requests1980


513Letters of appreciation from Congressmen1980


514Correspondence re: hostage release1981


515"Transcript of a news conference with Mr. Ken Taylor"1980

Press release.

516Government of Canada memorandum1978

Memo detailing posting arrangements.

517Department of Manpower and Immigration memo1977

Memo regarding employment opportunities for spouses of foreign service officers.

518Iran Pool Report1979

News roundup for foreign correspondents.

519Iran Fact Sheet1978


520Post Report, TehranApril 1976

Report summarizing Iran and Iranian culture, as well as information on the post and living conditions.

521Unofficial Iran Itinerary[before 1980]


522Department of External Affairs Communiqué1977, 1980


523Bulletinca. 1980


524"The Little Green Book: Sayings of the Ayatollah Khomeini"1980

Extracts from three major works of the Ayatollah, used as reference material.

525Welcoming remarks of Seyed Ali Ghobt to Ken Taylor1978


Series: 5: Media and news clippings
526Remarks of the President and Ambassador Taylor at Presentation of Medal to Ambassador Taylor1981

Media release.

527"Escape from Iran: The Canadian Caper" original scriptca. 1981


Box 6
Series: 5: Media and news clippings
61"The Canadian Caper" final draft of script1981


62Radio TV Reports - ABC News Special: The Iran CrisisJan 29, 1980

Transcription of interview by Ted Koppel with Canadian and foreign diplomats.

63Radio TV Reports - Interview with Flora McDonald and Jean PelletierJan 30, 1980

Transcriptions of interviews with Flora McDonald and Jean Pelletier.

64The Assembly, State of New York, Albany - Record of Proceedings1983


65Media releases1980-1984


66Articles compiled by Department of External AffairsJan 25, 1980 - Feb 1, 1980


67Articles compiled by Department of External AffairsJan 29, 1980 - Feb 4, 1980


68Articles compiled by Department of External AffairsJan 30, 1980 - Feb 2, 1980


69Articles compiled by Department of External Affairs1980


610Articles compiled by Department of External Affairs1980-1981


611Articles compiled by Government of CanadaFeb 1980


612Special Press Scan for Ambassador TaylorJan 29-30, 1980

Articles compiled by the Department of External Affairs Press Office for Ken Taylor.

613Press Scan for Ambassador Taylor, Vol. 2Feb 1, 1980


Box 7
Series: 5: Media and news clippings
71Press Scan for Ambassador Taylor, Vol. 3Feb 5, 1980


72Press Scan for Ambassador TaylorFeb 25, 1980


73Wire service articles - Canadian Press, Agence France-Press1980


74Wire service articles - Canadian Press, Agence France-Press1980


75Wire service articles - Canadian Press, Agence France-Press - regarding embassy closure1980


76Toronto Star articles1980-1989, 1998, 2003


77Toronto Sun articles1980-1984


78Globe and Mail articles1977, 1980-1985


79Ottawa Journal articles1980


710Ottawa Citizen articles1980-1982


711Kitchener-Waterloo Record articles1980


712The Standard articles1981


713The Gazette articles1980-1984


714La Presse articles1980-1984


715Calgary Herald articles1980-1984, 1989


716Ontario newspapers1980-1983

Includes articles from The Sunday Post, The Windsor Star, The Sudbury Star, The Burlington Post, The Niagara Advance and others. 

717Quebec newspapers1980-1982

Includes articles from Le DroitLe DevoirThe Sunday Express and Le Journal de Montréal.

718Alberta newspapers1980-1981

Includes articles from The Edmonton Journal and The Albertan.

Box 8
Series: 5: Media and news clippings
81Maritime newspapers1981-1984

Includes articles from The Chronicle-Herald, The Amherst Daily Times, The Guardian, The Moncton Times, L'evangeline and The Weekend Evening Telegram.

82Canadian newspapers1980-1984, 1989, 2001


83New York Times articles1980-1984


84New York Post articles1980-1985


85Daily News articles1980-1984


86Washington Post articles1980, 1982, 2006


87The San Francisco Chronicle articles1980-1981


88The Plain Dealer articles1984, 1989


89San Diego Union articles1982


810Oakland Tribune articles1980


811Sacramento Bee articles1980


812Dallas newspapers1980


813Detroit newspapers1981, 1983


814Kansas City newspapers1985


815New York newspapers1980-1984, 2015

Includes articles from the Buffalo Evening NewsEast Hampton Star, Gannett Westchester Newspaper, Epoch Weekend and others.

816New Jersey newspapers1981-1985

Includes articles from The Ledger-Star, The News, North Jersey, Sunday Press Region and Daily Record.

817California newspapers1980

Includes articles from Contra Costa Times, The Daily Californian, Sacramento Union and California Monthly.

818American newspapers1980-1981, 1983, 1989


819Tehran Journal articles1977-1979


820Kayhan International articles1977-1979


821Middle Eastern newspapers1977-1978


822London newspapers1980


823French newspapers1980


824Chinese newspapers1980


825Australian newspapers[before 1960], 1980


826International newspapers1980-1981


827Maclean's articles1981-1984, 1990, 1998, 2005


828Time Magazine articles1978-1981


829Vic Report2001-2004, 2016


830Goal magazine1981-1982

Contains articles about Ken Taylor.

831The Magazine of Sigma Chi1980

Magazine of Ken Taylor's college fraternity.

832Iran Week magazine1979


833Town & Country1983

Special all-Canadian issue. Ken Taylor was instrumental in its publication. Includes an article with a write-up of the issue.

Box 9
Series: 5: Media and news clippings
91Various magazine articles1979-1984, 1988-1989, 1997, 2012-2013


92Reports and news letters1980-1986, 2007, 2015




94Congressional Record1980

Record of the US House and Senate.

95Congressional release statements and news regarding Ken Taylor's Gold Medal1980

Includes a copy of the hearing notes of the Committee on Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs, and 2 photographs of the Gold Medal.

96Interview with Pat Taylor, draft2017

Draft of an interview with Pat Taylor conducted by Mary Halloran of Global Affairs Canada.

Series: 6: Awards and honours
97State University of New York, Doctor of Humane Letters1981


98St. Francis Xavier University Honorary Doctor of Laws degree - Ken Taylor1981


99St. Francis Xavier University Honorary Doctor of Laws degree - Pat Taylor1981


910-11Niagara University, Doctor of Humane Letters degree and certificate2013


912Paul Harris Fellow certificate - Ken Taylor[n.d.]


Box 10
Series: 6: Awards and honours
101Paul Harris Fellow certificate - Pat Taylor[n.d.]


102State of California certificates1980

Certificates from the California Legislature Assembly and the California Senate honouring Ken Taylor. Also includes Official Flag of the State of California scroll.

103State of California Honorary Citizen certificate1981


104International Host Committee of California, Incorporated Honorary Members certificate1980


105Alameda County Sheriff's Department Certificate of Appreciation1980


106New York State Political Science Association certificateca. 1980


107New York Chamber of Commerce and Industry Honorary Member certificate1981


108The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine certificate1981


109Banff International Festival of Films for Television certificate1981


1010Sigma Chi Fraternity certificate1984


1011Bell Ringer of the Year Award1984


1012Grand Ole Opry certificates1984


1013Girl Scout Council Order of the Green Angel1980


1014State of Mississippi House Concurrent Resolution No. 311981

Resolution commending the Government of Canada for its aid in the Iran embassy takeover.

1015City of Utica Resolution1980

Resolution extending thanks and appreciation to Ken Taylor.

1016State of New York Legislative Resolution1981


1017State of New York Senate Resolutionca. 1980

Resolution expressing appreciation and gratitude to Canada and Ken Taylor.

1018City of Midland Proclamation1980


1019Borough of Tenafly, New Jersey, Proclamation1982


1020Proclamation, Queen Elizabeth the Second1977

Copy of an announcement to the Shahanshah of Iran praising Ken Taylor's qualities.

1021Proclamation, "Thank and Merci, Canada" Week1980

City of Eureka, California, proclamation.

1022Rotary Club of Locust Valley, New York, Guest Speaker certificate1982


1023Cougar Superteams / Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada certificate1982


1024"Hole in One" Club Membership certificate1967


Series: 7: Ephemera and memorabilia
1025Invitation to Presidential Inauguration1977

Invitation to Jimmy Carter's inauguration.

1026Harry S. Truman Good Neighbor Award Foundation Luncheon card1985


1027Flag of the United States of America certificate1986

Certificate certifying that an American flag was presented to Ken Taylor during the 1986 Ridgewood, New Jersey, 4th of July Parade and Celebration "Symbols of Freedom".

1028The Adventurer's Club thank-you messages1980


1029McGill Parents Association letter1983-1984

Ken Taylor was Chairman of the McGill Parents Association. Douglas Taylor attended and received his B.A. at McGill.

1030American Academy of Achievement Golden Plate Award book1981

Ken Taylor received the award in 1980. Book contains photos of Taylor at the previous year's event.

1031American Academy of Achievement Golden Plate Award book1982


1032American Academy of Achievement Golden Plate Award book1983


Box 11
Series: 7: Ephemera and memorabilia
111OSSTF Diamond Jubilee history book1979

Includes an inscription to Ken and Pat Taylor, dated May 14, 1980, thanking them for participating in the Waterloo County High School Teachers' English Award Banquet. See Series 1 and Series 7 for further material related to the event.

112"Our Retiring Prime Minister"1983

Contains a photograph of Ken Taylor.

113"Poasjs" / "Daydream Daughter"1980

Poetry anthologies containing work by Catherine Ahearn, given to the Taylors as a gift. Includes inscriptions by Ahearn.

114"Circa instans"1980

Monograph by C.B. Rea and J. Rea given as a gift. Contains an inscription to Ken Taylor by J. Rea.

114Gerald R. Ford Museum Commemorative Dedication Program1981


115Canadian Football Hall of Fame Induction '83 program1983


1161983 All Sports Hall of Fame Dinner program and book1983


117The National Committee, Arts for the Handicapped program1983


118Treaty of Paris Celebration program1983


119Friends of Stratford, A Midsummer Night's Dream Gala program1983


1110National Horse Show Magazine1981

Ken and Pat Taylor were invited to this event several times. See Series 7 for related material.

1111Royal Oman Police Floodlight Tattoo programme1978


1112Order of Canada program1983


1113Conference programs1980-1983


1114Convocation programs1978-1984


1115Kenneth D. Taylor School Opening Ceremony program2017


Box 12
Series: 7: Ephemera and memorabilia
121Event programs1977-1980


122Event programs1981-1982


123Event programs1983-1984


124Event programs1985-1986, 2003


125Canada 1 material1983

Includes a program, a news clipping and a copy of Pat Taylor's speech given at the event.

126Frog Jumping Contest1981

Material from the Frog Jump Contest at Calveras County Fair.

127First Division Canadian Training Squadron1980

Includes a program, an autographed photo and a patch.

128Event invitations1980-1989


129Invitations to events honouring Ken Taylor1980-1984


1210District 61 Fall Conference agenda1981


1211Event itineraries1980-1982


1212Event notices1980-1981


1213Holiday cards[n.d.]




1215Various ephemera

Includes Democratic National Convention guest passes, a University of Toronto Spring Reunion 2007 booklet, brochures, menus and other printed material.

Series: 8: Graphic material
1216Wedding photographs1960


(Photos P1-2)
1217Family photo album1976-1977

61 photographs

Box 13
Series: 8: Graphic material
131Family photo album1977-1979

142 photographs

132Family photo album and scrapbookca. 1978

6 photographs, mostly of the Taylor family at their residence in Tehran, 1 photograph of Douglas Taylor's elementary school class, clippings from Iran newspapers and some correspondence.

(Photos P1-7)
133Family photo album and scrapbookca. 1977

26 photographs, mostly of the Taylor family's residence in Tehran. Also includes newspaper clippings and a card.

134Photographs of the Taylor family in Karachi, London and Chamonixca. 1968

34 photographs

135Trade Commissioner Service Class1959


(Photos P1)
136National Iranian Oil Company photo album1977

Photographs of Ken Taylor touring the National Iranian Oil Company. Album given to Taylor from the National Iranian Oil Company Public Relations department.

(Photos P1-16)
137Presentation of credentials to the Shah1977

Photographs of Ken Taylor presenting his credentials in a special ceremony, and photographs of the reception.

(Photos P1-6)
138Us Congressional Gold Medal ceremony1981


(Photos P1-7)
139Ken Taylor receiving the key to New York City1980


(Photos P1-4)
1310Baseball Game at Yankee Stadium1980

Photographs of the baseball game held in honour of Canada at Yankee Stadium. Ken Taylor threw the first pitch of the game. Includes a slide.

(Photos P1-2)
1311Provincial Cabinet Ministers and US State Legislators Symposium1980

Photographs of the symposium in Halifax, Nova Scotia, including the Offshore Oil and Gas Governance Meeting that took place there. Includes a news clipping.

(Photos P1-13)
1312Charter Day Celebration, UC BerkeleyApril 10, 1980

Photographs of the Charter Day Celebration at the Greek Theatre, UC Berkeley.

(Photos P1-3)
1313Niagara Grape and Wine Festival[1980-1981?]


(Photos P1-3)
1314Canadian National Exhibition Official Opening1980


(Photos P1-4)
1315Winter Horse Show1981-1982


(Photos P1-12)
Box 14
Series: 8: Graphic material


(Photos P1-4)
142Photographs of Ken Taylor at various events1980-1983


(Photos P1-38)
143Personal photographs[193-?]-1982


(Photos P1-26)
144Photographs of Ken Taylor and other individuals1977-1989


(Photos P1-14)
145Photographs of Ken Taylor accepting awards1980-1981


(Photos P1-19)
146Miscellaneous photographs1980


(Photos P1-4)
Series: 9: Audio-visual records
147"Troubled Times Ahead for Diplomacy", YPO Canadian University / Toronto1981

Audio cassette tape.

148Lee and Sandy Paley - "Alberta"1980

LP record.

149"One Too Many" / "Alberta's Child"1980

LP record.

1410Cathy Kinsman - "Songmaster"1980

LP record with inscription to Ken Taylor.

1411"Columbia Hall of Fame - Tony Bennett"1962, received 1980

LP record.

Box 15
Series: 5: Media and news clippings
15 /OS8Toronto Sun article1982

Laminated oversize Toronto Sun article on Ken Taylor's meeting with Ted Rogers.

Series: 6: Awards and honours
15 /OS3Order of the Good time certificateca. 1979


15 /OS4State of Washington certificates1980

Includes certificates certifying Taylor as Honorary Distinguished Citizen and Ambassador of Goodwill, and a proclamation commissioning Taylor as a Washington General.

15 /OS5Purveyor of Pleasure certificate1980


15 /OS6City of Buffalo proclamation1980


15 /OS7City of Asbury Park proclamation1980


15 /OS14Third Annual Benefit on the Green golf plaque1994

Measurements: 2 cm (H) x 23 cm (W) x 30.5 cm (D)

Series: 7: Ephemera and memorabilia
15 /OS9Harry S. Truman Good Neighbor Award Foundation 36th Annual Birthday Luncheon program1988

Ken Taylor is mentioned on page 3.

15 /OS12Canada's Capital Conveners International Founding Meeting poster1981


15 /OS13"Thanks a Million" 4-H Club banner1980

Handmade banner of thanks from the 4-H Club in Livermore, California.

Series: 8: Graphic material
15 /OS1Portrait of Ken Taylor at the Million Dollar Round Table Annual Meeting1982

Includes a frame with a message to Ken written on it.

(Photos P1)
15 /OS2Photograph of Victor L. Tomseth, Michael Howland and Bruce Laingenca. 1981

Framed photograph of three American diplomats with their signatures: Victor L. Tomseth (counselor for political affairs), Michael Howland (assistant regional security officer), and Bruce Laingen (chargé d’affaires, US embassy). All three were held hostage during the American embassy takeover.

(Photos P1)
15 /OS10Political cartoons and caricatures1980-1984


Caricatures of Ken and Pat Taylor (1984);

Political cartoon drawn by Rusins Kaufmanis of the Ottawa Citizen (ca. 1980);

Autographed cartoon drawn by Roy Peterson of the Vancouver Sun, dedicated to Ken Taylor (1983);

Cartoon of Ken Taylor drawn on an envelope and autographed by Tom Innes of The Calgary Herald (1980)

15 /OS11Bill Davis' visit to Tehran1978


(Photos P1-25)
Box 16
Series: 7: Ephemera and memorabilia
16 /OSAmerican flag1981

American flag presented to Ken Taylor by Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. The flag was flown over the United States Capitol. Includes a certificate and a letter.

Measurements: 145 cm (H) x 250 cm (W)

Box 17
Series: 7: Ephemera and memorabilia
17 /OSAmerican flagOct. 27, 2015

American flag flown over the United States Embassy in Ottawa in memory of Ken Taylor on the day of his funeral service. Includes a certificate of appreciation mounted on a plaque.

Flag measurements: 145 cm (H) x 250 cm (W)

Certificate measurements: 29 cm (H) x 35.5 cm (W) x 1.5 cm (D)

Box 18
Series: 7: Ephemera and memorabilia
18Artifactsca. 1980

Various artifacts received by Ken Taylor as gifts of thanks and as memorabilia.

Includes: one (1) City of Victoria, BC, plate with coat-of-arms; one (1) 50th Anniversary Spoon; one (1) peanut pin with the word "Carter"; two (2) CNE guest pins; two (2) Calgary Stampede pins; one (1) St. George Association Police Department, NYC, belt buckle; one (1) handmade "Alberta 75" medal; one (1) Bronco Buster bolo tie; one (1) "Thank You Ken Taylor" button; one (1) 1980 Calgary Stampede Parade Participant button; one (1) Exhibition Ottawa pin and ribbon; and one (1) miniature figure of the historic mace from Norfolk, Virginia.

Box 19
Series: 7: Ephemera and memorabilia
19Various ephemera

Includes a tie from St. Francis Xavier University and a "Remember the Hostages" flag honouring the 53 Americans held hostage in Iran.

Box 20
Series: 6: Awards and honours
20US Congressional Gold MedalMarch 6, 1980

One copy of the Congressional Gold Medal presented to Ken Taylor for his efforts in Iran.

Box 21
Series: 6: Awards and honours
21Baseball from Yankee Stadium1980

Baseball thrown by Ken Taylor at the game in Yankee Stadium held in honour of Canada. Signed by the Yankees, including Reggie Jackson. 

Box 22
Series: 6: Awards and honours
22Artifactsca. 1980

Artifacts received from Canadian and American cities by Ken Taylor in honour of his efforts in Tehran, including cuff links from the Corporation of the City of St. Catharines and various keys to cities.

Keys to the cities: City of Ottawa; City of Saint John, NB; City of Miami Beach; City of Los Angeles; City of Lansing, MI; City of East Lansing, MI; City of Bellingham, WA; and the City of San Francisco.

Box 23
Series: 6: Awards and honours
23Key to the City of Birminghamca. 1980


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