Records relating to Mississauga Portraits

Title: Records relating to Mississauga Portraits
Dates of Material:
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Scope and content

Series consists of research and correspondence files relating to Mississauga Portraits (published 2013), including biographical information, news clippings, outlines, background information, reviews and other records.

Access restrictions

Restrictions on access: Files marked RR are restricted. All files marked RR are restricted until 2025; with the exception of Box 8, Files 1-3, which are restricted until 2040.

Box 1
11 RRCorres. re: Mississauga Portraits1989-1990
12 RRCorres. re: Mississauga Portraits (cont.) 1991-1992
13 RRCorres. re: Mississauga Portraits (cont.) 1993-1996
14 RRMississauga Portraits: Grant ApplicationsOct. 1992
15 RRCorres. re: Mississauga Portraits (cont.) 1997-1998
16 RRCorres. re: Mississauga Portraits (cont.) 1999-2001
17 RRCorres. re: Mississauga Portraits (cont.) 2002-2004
18 RRCorres. re: Mississauga Portraits (cont.) 2005-2008
19Mississauga Talks: Ontario Genealogical Society, April 21-23, 2005April 2005
110 RRCorres. re: Mississauga Portraits (cont.) 2009
Box 2
21 RRCorres. re: Mississauga Portraits (cont.) 2010
22 RRCorres. re: Mississauga Portraits (cont.) 2011
23 RRCorres. re: Mississauga Portraits (cont.) 2012
24 RRHenry P. Chase corres. (Bousfield connection)2002-2004
25 RRCorres. re: Copway materials 1989-1993
26 RRCorres. re: Copway materials (cont.) 1994-1999
27 RRCorres. re: Copway materials (cont.) 2000-2008
Box 3
31 RRCorres. re: Copway materials (cont.)2009-2013
32 RRCorres. re: Enmegahbowh2000, 2011
33 RRCorres. re: Enmegahbowh (Stephen Schaitberger)2011
34 RRPeter Jones' biography outline by Prof. Allan Sherwin2010
35 RRCorres. with Allan Sherwin re: Peter Jones2001-May 2005
36 RRCorres. with Allan Sherwin re: Peter JonesJune 2005-2007
37 RRAllan Sherwin's notes from 2007 version of his MS2007
38 RRCorres. with Allan Sherwin re: Peter Jones2008-2013
39 RRCorres. re: Maungwudaus1989-1999
310 RRCorres. re: Maungwudaus (cont.) 2000-2007
311 RRCorres. re: Maungwudaus (cont.) 2008
312 RRCorres. re: Maungwudaus (paintings and photographs) 1989-2010
Box 4
41 RRCorres. re: Salt2003, n.d.
42 RRCorres. and news items re: Catharine Sutton1989-1996
43 RRCorres. and news items re: Catharine Sutton (cont.)1997-2011
44 RRCorres. and research re: Peter Jones' timeline 2002, n.d.
45Allan Sherwin's paper "Dr. Peter Edmund Jones (1843-1909) Mississauga Chess Champion" 2010
46Research re: Peter Jones
47 RRCorres. re: Peter Jones1984-2005
48Peter Jones: The Indian Newspaper (includes CD-R)
49Peter Jones: Taxidermy references
410John A. Macdonald: Biographical and genealogical information
411Macdonald Holmes interviews (CD-R and audiocassette)1975, 1976
412John Tecumseh Henry
413John Tecumseh Henry: Timeline
414 RRCorres. with Michelle Hamilton re: John and Nancy Tecumseh Henry1989-2012
415 RRCorres. with Cory Wilmot re: John Tecumseh Henry2012
416Tecumseh: Research
417Tecumseh: Seaborn's "The March of Medicine in Western Ontario"
418Tecumseh: Images
419Tecumseh: The Spiritual Railway
Box 5
51Corres. re: Mrs. John Henry photograph
52Tecumseh: Descendants
53Tecumseh: Genealogical information 1997
54Tecumseh: Images in costume
55Tecumseh: Exhibition poster, 1891
56Catalogue: Oronhyatekha Collection
57Abraham (Peewash/Peewaush) Henry
58Abraham (Peewash/Peewaush) Henry and Tom (Noodinokay) Henry
59Saigitoo (George Henry Jr.): CHA Roundtable, University of Waterloo, May 27, 2012 2012
510Saigitoo (George Henry Jr.)
511Maungwudaus in Britain: Background, 1845-1848
512John Joseph Gurney
513George Henry Jr.: Saugeen, 1871-1872
514Saigitoo (George Henry Jr.): Timeline
515George and Catharine Finger: Descendants
516New Credit: Lloyd King's accounts
517Amerindians and Inuit abroad
518Aboriginals in Europe
519Aborigines Protection Society and Society of Friends: North American Indians
Box 6
61Augustus D'Este: General
62Augustus D'Este: Images
63Augustus D'Este: Biographical sketches
64Augustus D'Este: Multiple Sclerosis
65Augustus D'Este's corres. with Peter Jones
66Augustus D'Este's corres.
67 RRCorres. re: Augustus D'Este1981-2011
68Augustus D'Este: Dacor Bacon House (includes 20 photographs)
69Peace Pipe: Background articles
610 RRPeace Pipe: David Braddell
611 RRAugustus D'Este: Pipe tomahawk (includes 13 photographs)
612Council at the Credit: Jarvis
613Dunmore: Logan's speech
614John Dunlop
615John Dunlop: Timeline
616Thomas Hodgkin (1798-1866)
617Joseph Howse
618Thomas Hodgkin's corres.
619D'Este and Hodgkin (acquaintance with Hunter and Norton)
620John Hunter
621Charles Augustus Murray
622James Cowles Prichard
Box 7
71Mississauga Portraits: Outlines
72 RRMississauga Portraits: University of Toronto Press corres. 2008-2011
73 RRMississauga Portraits: University of Toronto Press corres. 2012
74 RRMississauga Portraits: University of Toronto Press corres. Jan.-March 2013
75 RRMississauga Portraits: University of Toronto Press corres. April-June 2013
76 RRMississauga Portraits: Corres. 2013
Box 8
81 RRReg Good correspondence1991-1996


82 RRReg Good correspondence2001-2013


83 RRMae Derrick correspondence2009-2011


84 RRKerry Moore correspondence2011-2012


85Missionary portraits/artifacts (not for reproduction)


86Portrait of Peter Jones


87Various notes/correspondence/research material


Box 1


Box 1
16Mississauga Portraits Corrections2013-2015


Box 2
23Mississauga Portraits correspondence2008-2014


24Mississauga Portraits correspondence2014-2018


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