Manuscripts and other records relating to writing and publishing

Title: Manuscripts and other records relating to writing and publishing
Dates of Material:
1946–1991, predominant 1954–1964
35 cm of textual records
Scope and content

Series consists of notebook, [1958?], undated manuscripts of unpublished novels, published novel "The Weird World of Wes Beattie", plays ,short storys and articles; published articles in periodicals, 1935–1962, including those in "Saturday Night" and "Macleans" ; correspondence, including Aileen’s, legal, financial and other records, 1954–1991; and reviews, 1958–1964.



Box 2
211Novel —No title n.d.
212 Novel —“(The Caldwells on the Road)” n.d.
213Play —“(Money Isn’t Everything)” n.d.
214Novel —“(The Power and the Gravy)” n.d.
215Novel —“(The Power and the Gravy)” (includes letter to Aileen, 1967) n.d.
216Short story—“(Problem Neighbor)” n.d.
Box 3
31Articles (includes correspondence) n.d., 1962
32Novel—“(The Weird World of  Wes Beattie)”  (published 1963)
33Novel—“(The Weird World of Wes Beattie)” (published 1963) —Proofs
Published Articles
34“(Onward: A Paper For Young Canadians)” 1946
35“(Macleans)” 1948-1958
Correspondence and other records
36Various works 1954-1964
37“(Knights of the Air)” (serialized articles, non-fiction book) 1955-1961
38“(Weird World of Wes Beattie)” 1962-1964
39“(The Power and the Gravy)” (Aileen’s correspondence) 1967-1977
310 Various1958-1964
311“(Weird World of Wes Beattie)” 1964
Box 1
13Short story -"Two-headed Baby" n.d.
14Novel - "The Murder Wrap" n.d.
15Novel - "Stoopid"  (published as "The Weird World of Wes Beattie" in 1964) n.d.
16Novel - "Hair of the Dog" (also titled "Stoopid", published as "The Weird World of Wes Beattie" in 1964) n.d.
17Novel - "The Power and the Gravy" n.d.
18Play - "One of Our Men is Guilty" n.d.
19Article - "Jenny on the Roof" n.d.
110Short story - "Happily Ever After" (includes correspondence) 1958
111Short story -" Hoopoes on the Goon Box" (includes correspondence) 1959
Published Articles
112"Acta Victoriana" 1935, 1936
113"The Star Weekly" 1946

File has been removed and is in the conservation lab for treatment.

114"Saturday Night" 1946-1947
115"Saturday Night"1948-1949
116"Macleans"1949, 1957, 1958
117"Week-end Picture Magazine" 1953
119"Canadian Homes" 1962
120Relating to royalties for "Weird World of Wes Beattie" (Aileen) 1991

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