Title: Correspondence
Dates of Material:
1923, 1957–2011
33 cm of textual records
Scope and content

Series consists of correspondence with various scholars and writers—including E.M. Forster, Iris Murdoch, Bertrand Russell, Leonard Woolf, and Richard Garnett amongst others—relating to Rosenbaum’s Bloomsbury research, as well as relating to his role as an academic and referee.

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General notes

The series also includes 1 letter from Clive Bell to F.A. Simpson from 1923.

Box 1
11 Various correspondence1923, 1957-1966

(includes letter from Clive Bell to F.A. Simpson, Cambridge historian, 1923; letters from E.M. Forster, Duncan Grant, Leonard Woolf, Bertrand Russell, James Strachey, I.A. Richards, W.JH. Sprott, William Empson, Raymond Mortimer, David Garnett, Iris Murdoch, and F.R. Leavis)

Box 2
21 Quentin Bell1966-1996
22 Michael Holyrod1968-1992
23 Various Bloomsbury related correspondence1964-1977

(includes Nigel Nicolson, Charmaine Henthorn, Joanne Trautmann, Kathleen Coburn, Mary Jackman, John Graham, P.F. Brind, Carol McAfee, Colin Haycraft, Carolyn Heilbrun, J. Howard Woolmer, Leon Edel, Hilary Weston, Elizabeth F. Boyd, Jane Syrge, Arthur Efron, Pamela Diamond, Katharine Jordan, Leila Luedeking, Louise Campbell, Alan Wilkinson, Ian Lumsden, Jane Collin, Ian Montagnes, Lucio Ruotolo, Frank Hallman, Daphne Sanger, P.N. Furbank, Geneva Warner, Noel Annan, R.B. Braithwaite, Issaiah Berlin, A.N.L. Munby, Valerie Eliot, Geoffrey Keynes, E.L. Norton, Michael MacCarthy, Paul Levy, Raphael Demos, Frederick R. Karl, Arthur Mizener, Wilfred Stone, Donald Gallup, Harry T. Moore)

24 Various Bloomsbury related correspondence1977-1980

(includes Paul Levy, Michael Edmonds, Mary Lago, Ted Bishop, Joanne Trautmann Banks, Paul Delany, Robert Skidelsky, Sue Allison, Karen L. Levenbeck, Gary Jason, J. Howard Woolmer, Frances Spalding, Henrietta Garnett, Robert J.N. Tod, Ann Thwaite, Bruce Harkness, John Ferns, Michael Sidnell, P.N. Furbank, Jane Syrge, William T. Stafford, Mary Jackman, Charles Truman, Monica Reed, Frederick P.W. McDowell, Caroline Cuthbert, Fred Licht, Richard Morphet, Kathy Hill, B.J. Kirkpatrick, Leon Edel, Valerie Eliot, Robertson Davies, Alina Gildiner, Pamela Diamond, Charles Whaley, Milo Keynes, Duncan Wilson)

25 Various Bloomsbury related correspondence1982-1994

(includes Leila Luedeking, Michael Edmonds, Prudence Tracy, Peter Stansky, Thelma Gelfond, George Lucas, Rod O’Donnell, Susan Squier, Margaret Olsen, Carolyn Heilbrun, Alice Lagerowitz, Chris Baldick, Joseph H. Gardner, Eleanor McNees, Lia Giachero, Wayne Chapman, Marilyn Manson)

26 Various Bloomsbury related correspondence1987-1991

(includes J. Howard Woolmer, Barry Spurr, Frances Spalding, Claude Summers, Matthew J. Bruccoli, Karen Wilson, Paul Berry, Wayne Chapman, Lia Giachero, Frances Partridge, Robert J.N. Tod, James King, Alice Lagerowitz, Liselotte B. Stern, Hussein Majeed, Joanne Trautmann Banks, Hope C. Spater, Ernest Samuels, Hugh Lee, Michael Meredith, Michael Groden, Kenneth Blackwell, Walda Metcalf)

27 Elizabeth Richardson1977-1983
28 Panthea (Boughton) Reid re her Virginia Woolf biography1986-1990
29 James King SSHRCC proposal for Virginia Woolf biography[ca. 1990]
210 Diane Gillespie re The Sisters’ Arts1982-1989
Box 6
61 Quentin Bell1966-1973
62 Angelica Garnett1978-1998
63 George Moore1968-1969
64 Various correspondence1968-1997
65 Various correspondence1969-1994
Box 1
11 Olivier Bell 2002-2011
12Bloomsbury related correspondence 2001-2006
13Richard Garnett 1989-2003
14John Maynard Keynes (about - includes Robert Skidelsky) 1976
15Leonard Woolf (about - inludes letter from S.P.R. to Woolf) 1966, 1987-1992

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