Box/File List

Stanford Patrick Rosenbaum

Box 1
Series: 1: Correspondence
11 Various correspondence1923, 1957-1966

(includes letter from Clive Bell to F.A. Simpson, Cambridge historian, 1923; letters from E.M. Forster, Duncan Grant, Leonard Woolf, Bertrand Russell, James Strachey, I.A. Richards, W.JH. Sprott, William Empson, Raymond Mortimer, David Garnett, Iris Murdoch, and F.R. Leavis)

Box 2
Series: 1: Correspondence
21 Quentin Bell1966-1996
22 Michael Holyrod1968-1992
23 Various Bloomsbury related correspondence1964-1977

(includes Nigel Nicolson, Charmaine Henthorn, Joanne Trautmann, Kathleen Coburn, Mary Jackman, John Graham, P.F. Brind, Carol McAfee, Colin Haycraft, Carolyn Heilbrun, J. Howard Woolmer, Leon Edel, Hilary Weston, Elizabeth F. Boyd, Jane Syrge, Arthur Efron, Pamela Diamond, Katharine Jordan, Leila Luedeking, Louise Campbell, Alan Wilkinson, Ian Lumsden, Jane Collin, Ian Montagnes, Lucio Ruotolo, Frank Hallman, Daphne Sanger, P.N. Furbank, Geneva Warner, Noel Annan, R.B. Braithwaite, Issaiah Berlin, A.N.L. Munby, Valerie Eliot, Geoffrey Keynes, E.L. Norton, Michael MacCarthy, Paul Levy, Raphael Demos, Frederick R. Karl, Arthur Mizener, Wilfred Stone, Donald Gallup, Harry T. Moore)

24 Various Bloomsbury related correspondence1977-1980

(includes Paul Levy, Michael Edmonds, Mary Lago, Ted Bishop, Joanne Trautmann Banks, Paul Delany, Robert Skidelsky, Sue Allison, Karen L. Levenbeck, Gary Jason, J. Howard Woolmer, Frances Spalding, Henrietta Garnett, Robert J.N. Tod, Ann Thwaite, Bruce Harkness, John Ferns, Michael Sidnell, P.N. Furbank, Jane Syrge, William T. Stafford, Mary Jackman, Charles Truman, Monica Reed, Frederick P.W. McDowell, Caroline Cuthbert, Fred Licht, Richard Morphet, Kathy Hill, B.J. Kirkpatrick, Leon Edel, Valerie Eliot, Robertson Davies, Alina Gildiner, Pamela Diamond, Charles Whaley, Milo Keynes, Duncan Wilson)

25 Various Bloomsbury related correspondence1982-1994

(includes Leila Luedeking, Michael Edmonds, Prudence Tracy, Peter Stansky, Thelma Gelfond, George Lucas, Rod O’Donnell, Susan Squier, Margaret Olsen, Carolyn Heilbrun, Alice Lagerowitz, Chris Baldick, Joseph H. Gardner, Eleanor McNees, Lia Giachero, Wayne Chapman, Marilyn Manson)

26 Various Bloomsbury related correspondence1987-1991

(includes J. Howard Woolmer, Barry Spurr, Frances Spalding, Claude Summers, Matthew J. Bruccoli, Karen Wilson, Paul Berry, Wayne Chapman, Lia Giachero, Frances Partridge, Robert J.N. Tod, James King, Alice Lagerowitz, Liselotte B. Stern, Hussein Majeed, Joanne Trautmann Banks, Hope C. Spater, Ernest Samuels, Hugh Lee, Michael Meredith, Michael Groden, Kenneth Blackwell, Walda Metcalf)

27 Elizabeth Richardson1977-1983
28 Panthea (Boughton) Reid re her Virginia Woolf biography1986-1990
29 James King SSHRCC proposal for Virginia Woolf biography[ca. 1990]
210 Diane Gillespie re The Sisters’ Arts1982-1989
Series: 2: Records relating to literary and lecture activities
2a /OS1-2The Bloomsbury Group: a collection of memoirs and commentary (1995) 1995

typescript and proofs

211 The Bloomsbury Group: a collection of memoirs and commentary (1995) 1995

marked and cut up copy

212Victorian Bloomsbury (1987) 1987

proof copy

213Typescript: "The Bloomsbury Group: a collection of memoirs and commentary" pp.1-351995


Box 3
Series: 2: Records relating to literary and lecture activities
31 Women and Fiction by Virginia Woolf

photocopy of manuscript

32 A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf

photocopy of typescript

33 English Literature and British Philosophy (1971) correspondence1969-1972
34 English Literature and British Philosophy (1971) royalty statements1971-1988
35 Proposals for Bloomsbury Studies and assessments1982-1985
36 The Bloomsbury Group: A Collection of Memoirs, Commentary and Criticism (1975) contract and royalty records1970-1993
37 The Bloomsbury Group: A Collection of Memoirs, Commentary and Criticism (1975) permissions correspondence1973-1974
38 E.M. Forster’s Other Kingdom (1968) by Denis Godfrey1968

(includes S.P.R. annotations)

Series: 4: Book reviews
39 Globe and Mail reviews1965-1969
310 Globe and Mail reviews1971-1972
311 Globe and Mail reviews1975-1984
312 Various reviews1962-1986
Box 4
Series: 2: Records relating to literary and lecture activities
41 Edwardian Bloomsbury (1993) penultimate typescript and final copy-edited version1993

Note cards on the interrelations of English literature and British philosophy

Box 5
Series: 2: Records relating to literary and lecture activities
51 Aspects of Bloomsbury: Studies in the Literary and Intellectual History of the Bloomsbury Group (1998) 1998

copy edited typescript

52 Aspects of Bloomsbury (1998) 1998

computer typescript

53 Aspects of Bloomsbury (1998) 1998

revised proofs

Box 6
Series: 1: Correspondence
61 Quentin Bell1966-1973
62 Angelica Garnett1978-1998
63 George Moore1968-1969
64 Various correspondence1968-1997
65 Various correspondence1969-1994
Series: 2: Records relating to literary and lecture activities
66 Bertrand Russell article1966-1973
67 “Philosophy and Virginia Woolf”1969

first draft

68 Various talks and lectures1971-1992
69 Various talks and lectures1973-1999
610 “Conversation with Julian Fry”1976-1980
611 Various articles and lectures1979-1994
612 “The Eclectic Vision of E.M. Forster’s Aspects of the Novel”[ca. 1982]
613 “An Early Unpublished Story by Virginia Woolf” introduction1987
614 Women and Fiction Lecture[199?]
615 “Virginia Woolf on John Maynard Keynes” introduction1994
616 Hogarth Press1995-1998
617 “Les albums de la Pleide” talk1996
618 New Dictionary of National Biography (Strachey, Leonard Woolf, Desmond and Molly MacCarthy)1996-2000
619 Clark Lectures1999-2000
620 Georgian Bloomsbury: the Early History of Bloomsbury Group (2003) 2003

revised draft

621 Georgian Bloomsbury (2003) 2003

revised draft

Box 7
Series: 3: Published literary articles
71 “Two Henry James Letters on The American Watch and Ward,” American Literature, XXX January 1959
72 “Yeat’s Among School Children”, The Explicator, XXIIIOctober, 1964
73 “Henry James and Creativity: ‘The Logic of the particular Case’”, Criticism, VIII Winter 1966
74 “G.E. Moore’s The Elements of Ethics”, University of Toronto Quarterly, XXXVIIIApril, 1969
75 “CANLIT: the Canada Goose and the U.S. Gander”, (with Henry Beissel), The Canadian ForumMarch, 1972
76 “Bertrand Russell: the Logic of a Literary Symbol”, University of Toronto Quarterly, XLIISummer, 1973

Summer, 1973

77 “Conversation with Julian Fry”, Modernist Studies, III1980
78 “Bloomsbury Letters”, Centrum, IFall, 1981

Fall, 1981

79 “The Intellectual Origins of the Bloomsbury Group”, The Times Higher Education Supplement29 October, 1982
710 “The First Book of Bloomsbury”, Twentieth Century Literature, 30Winter 1984
711 “Towards a Literary History of Monteriano”, Twentieth Century Literature, 31Summer/Fall 1985
712 “Virginia Woolf: a Dialogue Upon Mount Pentelicus”, Times Literary Supplement11–17 Sept. 1987
713 “Wittgenstein in Bloomsbury”, The British Tradition in 20th Century Philosophy: Proceedings of the 17th International Wittgenstein Symposium, ed. JaakkoHintakka and Klaus Puhl (Vienna: Verlag-Holder-Pichler-Tempsky, 1995)1995
714 “Gaudier-Brzeska’s Posthumous Sculpture for Roger Fry”, The Charleston Magazine Spring/Summer 1997
Box 1
Series: 2: Records relating to literary and lecture activities
The platform of time : memoirs of family and friends, by Virginia Woolf , edited by S.P Rosenbaum
11 Memoir of Julien Bell
12 Memoir Notes by Vanessa Bell
13 Leslie Stephen
14 Caroline Emelia Stephen
15 Anne Thackeray Ritchie
16 Julia Margaret Cameron
17 Rupert Brooke
18 Jane Maria Strachey
19 Janet Case
110 Ottoline Morrell
111 The Women's Co-operative Guild
112 The Dreadnought Hoax
113 The Cook
114 One of Our Great Men
115 JMK
The platform of time : memoirs of family and friends, by Virginia Woolf , edited by S.P Rosenbaum -- First Edition, pub. 2007
116 Correspondence and other records
117 Edited Copy
Box 2
Series: 2: Records relating to literary and lecture activities
21 Last Proofs
The platform of time : memoirs of family and friends, by Virginia Woolf , edited by S.P Rosenbaum -- Expanded Edition, pub. 2008
22 Correspondence
23 Introductions
24 Editing
25 Changes
26 Revision, April
27 Proofs
Box 3
Series: 2: Records relating to literary and lecture activities
31“Studies for a definitive edition of Henry James’s ‘The Spoils of Poynton’, vol. I and II”—Ph.D. thesis by S.P. Rosenbaum for Cornell University1960
32The Ambassador, by Henry James—revised edition edited by Rosenbaum
33Edwardian Bloomsbury: the early history of the Bloomsbury Group, vol. 2, by S.P. Rosenbaum—corrected edition1994
Books annotated by/ascribed to Rosenbaum
34James Joyce, by Richard Ellmann
35Marianne Thornton, by E.M. Forster
36Alexandria: A History and a Guide, by E.M. Forster
Box 1
Series: 1: Correspondence
11 Olivier Bell 2002-2011
12Bloomsbury related correspondence 2001-2006
13Richard Garnett 1989-2003
14John Maynard Keynes (about - includes Robert Skidelsky) 1976
15Leonard Woolf (about - inludes letter from S.P.R. to Woolf) 1966, 1987-1992
Series: 2: Records relating to literary and lecture activities
Books annotated by/ascribed to Rosenbaum
17Art records 1976-2003
18B.B.C. _ Bloomsbury broadcasts 1980-1987
19Bell, Clive - "Art" and other post-Impressionist writings 1968-1999
110Bell, Julian 1997-2011
111Bell, Quentin 1982-1996
112Bell, Quentin - Letters to Mary Hutchinson 1995
113Bell, Quentin - Writings/Notes 1978-1996
114Bell, Vanessa 1993-2003
115Bloomsbury - Aesthetics/Art/Criticism 1970-1997
116Bloomsbury - Biography 1971-1973
117Bloomsbury - Chronology 1981
118Bloomsbury - Groups and Group Theory 1974-1980
119Bloomsbury - Ideas for writings 1975
120Bloomsbury - India 1996-1997
121Bloomsbury - Literary and Philosophical Study 1964-1994
122Bloomsbury - Reproductions of paintings 1978-1982
123Bloomsbury Workshop (includes letter from Julian Bell) 1974-2009
124British Library 2003-2008
125Carroll, Lewis 1967-1970
126Cary, Joyce 1969
127Chinese translations (of S.P.R.publication) 2004-2006
128Dreadnought Hoax 1996-2010
129"Edwardian Bloomsbury" (published 1994) 1992-1996
Box 2
Series: 2: Records relating to literary and lecture activities
22Frost, Robert 1966
23Fry, Julian - "Conversation with..." 1999-2005
24Fry, Roger 1976
25"Georgian Bloomsbury" (published 2004) 1987-2004
26Grant, Duncan 1966-2007
28Hogarth Press Russian publications n.d.
29Huxley, Aldous [ca. 1964]
211James, Henry - "The Ambassadors" (edited by S.P.R.) 1974, 1989-1994
212James, Henry - Notes on fiction 1959-1964
213James, Henry - "The Turn of the Screw/Daisy Miller" 1960-1965
214Keynes, J.M. - Biographical essays and other reocrds 1970-1972
215"Keynes, Lawrence, and Cambridge Revisited" 1981-1983
216King's College Archives 1978-2010
217Memoir Club 2001-2011
218Ritchie, Anne Thackeray 2004
219Stephen, Adrian and Karen 1977-2007
220Stephen, Leslie 1977-2004
221Stephen, Toby 1968
222Strachey family n.d.
Box 3
Series: 2: Records relating to literary and lecture activities
31Strachey, Lady 2007
32Student papers (written by S.P.R.) 1953, 1954
33Tate Gallery 1984-2007
34Various library collections 1976-2003
35Victoria University Library records 1997-2002
36"Victorian Bloomsbury" - Reviews/reactions 1986-1988
37Woolf, Leonard - Notes on works 1969-2002
38Woolf, Leonard -Notes on works/life 1976-2009
39Woolf, Virginia - "Diaries" 1971-1986
310Woolf, Virginia - "Letters" 1966-1988
311Woolf, Virginia - "Mrs. Dalloway" 1966-1996
312Woolf, Virginia - "Orlando" 1967-1997
313Woolf, Virgina - "Platform of Time" (edited by S.P.R.) 2006-2007
314Woolf, Virginia - "A Room of One's Own" 1990-2005
315Woolf, Virginia - Stories 1978
316Woolf, Virginia - "Three Guineas" 1967
317Woolf, Virginia - "The Voyage Out" 1978-1987
318Woolf, Virginia - "The Waves" 1977-1994
319"The Bloomsbury Group: a Series of Lectures for Later Life Learning" (University of Toronto) 1993
320"Bloomsbury: Remembering Things Past" (Cornell University) 2009
321"Bloomsbury Vision & Design" (Duke University) 2009
322"Modern Memoirs and Bloomsbury's Memoir Club" Victoria University, Friends of the Library) 2010

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