We would like to introduce ourselves, the Friends of Victoria
University Library, and what we would like to accomplish as we enter
the world of blogging.

We started twenty-one years ago as a very small band of volunteers
whose goal was to raise the library’s profile, and to raise funds for
the library, and for scholarships and bursaries.

The sale has been for many, many years the largest volunteer event on
campus, and it has raised over one and a half million dollars for the
Vic’s library system.

Over a hundred and fifty people volunteer every year, including
students, alumni, faculty and the general public.

Friendships have been forged, and a great community spirit has
developed. New volunteers are always most welcome, and they
immediately become part of the community.

Books that are given by many generous donors range far and wide, in
all subjects. These include works that range from rare and valuable to
new and old. In an age where the physical book is seemingly under
siege, this is a great place to stock up on this “old” (and still
fabulous) technology!

Over the next ten weeks, we will showcase rare books and other
treasures from the donation box, various curiosities that we
occasionally discover between the pages of the donated items, featured
titles and volunteer picks, as well as assorted book sale trivia, so
please join us as we chronicle the “behind the scenes” organization of
the annual Victoria College Book Sale!