Title: Correspondence
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17.35 cm of textual records
Scope and content

The series includes correspondence with family, including with her brothers Arthur Philemon Coleman (1900–35) and Albert Evander Coleman (1907–34), friends, fans, fellow authors, and publishers. It includes correspondence about a donation of more than 300 paintings by Arthur Philemon Coleman to Victoria University Library.

Source of supplied title

Title based on contents of series.


The series is stored in 6 boxes.

Location of originals

The Marjorie Pickthall fonds contains originals of letters sent by Marjorie Pickthall to Helena Coleman. These were transferred to Victoria University Library by May Glen in 1954.

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File list available (see below).

Box 4
Correspondence, general
4118N.d., 1880–1908: from family, fans, friends, publishersn.d., 1880-1908

Correspondents include: W.J. Alexander; W. T. Allison; Pelham Edgar; Florence W. Lang. Includes biographical sketch of Helena Coleman by Edith Laurie: holograph, 1904

41191909–1924: from family, fans, fellow authors, friends, publishers1909-1924
41201925–1949: from an anthologist, family, friends1925-1949

Correspondents include F. Louis Barber (of Victoria University Library) re: exhibition of paintings of A.P. Coleman, 1942

4121N.d., 1899: from an editor (of The National), family, fans, friendsn.d., 1899
Correspondence, by individual correspondent
4115The Express

rejection slip relating to Jacob

4115Withers, Francis (of Hazen Library, Bon Ami, Virginia): 1 in, 19201920
4116Northwest Magazine (St. Paul, Minnesota)1893

correspondence re: payment for In the Shadow of the White Eagle, 1893

4118Edgar, Pelham: 1 in, 19071907
4122Coleman, A.P.: 22 in, 1900–19351900-1935
4123Betts, C.L.: 26 in, 19341934

Includes drafts of poem by Betts.

4125Edgar, Pelham: 1 in, 19071907
4126Burwash, Nathanael: 1 in, 19071907
4127Hammond, M.O. (editor, The Globe, Toronto): 2 in, 19071907
Box 5
Correspondence, general
5143N.d., 1941: 10 letters relating to donation of over 300 paintings and sketches by A.P. Coleman to Victoria University Library, and to their exhibitionn.d., 1941

Includes: 3 letters (original) to F. Louis Barber, 1941; 3 letters (copies) from F. Louis Barber, 1941; 1 letter from Walter C. Brown, 1941; 1 letter (copy) from Barber to W.J. Little, 1941; 1 letter (copy) from Barber to C.T. Currelly (of Royal Ontario Museum), 1941; 1 memorandum from “M.R.” [Margaret V. Ray] to Barber, undated; plus a list of watercolour paintings by A.P. Coleman loaned to the University of Western Ontario, 1945

5144N.d., 1931, 1950: Christmas greetings; Correspondents include: Lord and Lady Aberdeen, 1931; Henry Chandlee Forman and Caroline Lippincott, 1950; Josette Ledoux, n.d.; and Misses MacMurchy, n.dn.d., 1931, 1950
5145N.d., 1885–1920: letters and fragments of letters, from family, friends, some unidentified correspondentsn.d., 1885-1920

Correspondents include: Mary Electa Adams, Anna, Carol, Anne Embree, E.H.C., Daisy, Evelyn, G.W.H., Margaret, and Thorn. File also includes copy of a letter from Helena Coleman, ts., cc., unaddressed, 1937

Correspondence, by individual correspondent
5128Stubbs, S.J. (General Editor of Textbooks, Department of Education, Province of Ontario): 1 in, 19241924
5129Caswell, Edward S. (Secretary-Treasurer, Public Library of Toronto): 1 in, 1910; Reference made to possible meeting between Helena Coleman and “Mrs. McClung”1910

[Nellie L. McClung?]

5130Reynolds, Amelia and Paul Revere: 25 in, including 24 letters from Amelia, n.d., 1905–08, and 1 from Paul, 19041904, 1905-1908
5134Adams, Augusta M. and Mary Electa: 51 letters in, n.d., 1872–1907 (7 from Augusta and 44 from Mary)1872-1907

Letter of September 9, 1883 includes note to A.P. Coleman. Photocopies of the correspondence are held in Box 5, File 134a.

5134aAdams, M.E. and A.M. - Xerox copies

Contains photocopies of correspondence in Box 5, File 134.

5136Coleman, Lucius: 7 in, n.d., 1906–1934n.d., 1906-1934

[1 letter signed “E.A.” Coleman: same as Lucius Coleman?]

5137Coleman, Rufus A.: 12 in, 1886–19361886-1936
5138Coleman, Francis: 1 in, 18841884
5139Coleman, Albert E.: 3 in, 1907–19341907-1934
5140Norton, Sarah: 3 in, 19341934

Includes telegram relating to the death of Albert Coleman, plus related legal document, 1934 (citation re: last will and testament of Albert Coleman).

5141Ray, Margaret V. (Librarian, Victoria University): 3 out (originals), n.d., 1943n.d., 1943
5142Daisy (correspondence sent from Friends’ School, Brooklyn, New York): 3 in, n.d., 1906 n.d., 1906
5146L.O.A. [member of the Adams family?]: 5 in, 1922–411922-1941
Box 6
6152Machar, Agnes Maule: 1 in, 19091909
Box 7
7157Edgar, Pelham: 1 in, 19071907
Box 9
92Daisy: 1 in, 19061906
93Allen, Annie and Jessie: 1 out, 19071907
93Allen, Jessie: 1 out, 19401940
93Allen, Maria Orme: 1 out [postcard; original], 19061906

Photograph on post card taken by A.P. Coleman.

93Allen, Miss: 1 out, 19071907
93Allen, Richard and Marian (original letters from Helena Coleman)n.d., 1927-1940; n.d., 1934-1935; n.d, 1929-1943

7 addressed to Marian, n.d., 1927–40; 13 to Richard (“Dick”), n.d., 1934–35; 10 to Marian and Richard, n.d, 1929–43. File includes a postcard of Mt. Coleman.

93Allen, Richard O.: 4 out [originals], [1928]–1931[1928]-1931
Box 10
Correspondence, general
102N.d., 1917: correspondence and fragments of correspondence with friends, some unidentifiedn.d., 1917

Correspondents include: Alice F. (1 in); and W. (1 out). File includes material relating to “G.B. Lancaster” (pseudonym of Australian author Edith Joan Lyttleton).

1010Photocopy from a letter from Helena Coleman in Edith Lyttleton’s hand, 30 May 191030 May, 1910

Includes a sample of Edith Lyttleton’s handwriting

Correspondence, by individual correspondent
104Carol: 1 in, 19451945
107Thorn: 1 in, n.d.n.d.
1010Lyttleton, W.R.: 5 out, 1945–19481945-1948