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Title: Professional files
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60 cm of textual records
11 maps
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Series consists of A.P. Coleman’s geological notes and field notebooks, notes for lectures and slide shows, letters-to-the-editor, 9 maps highlighting the geology and topography of Toronto and Ontario, a map of Mt. Robson in British Columbia, and a geological map of the Southern Transvaal in South Africa.

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The series is stored in 10 boxes.

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Box 1
Field notebooks
110Alberta, British Columbia1888

Including Donald, Yale, Vancouver, Victoria, Washington, Oregon. 1888.

111Alberta (Banff); Germany.1888, 1891
112Rocky Mountains and British Columbia coast1892

Includes list of Cree words. 1892.

113Rocky Mountains and British Columbia coast1892

Rocky Mountains. 1892.

114Rocky Mountains and Kootenay region1893
115Rocky Mountains and Kootenay region1893

Alberta and British Columbia (Red Deer, the Rocky Mountains, Clearwater, Kootenay Plains). 1893.

116Rocky Mountains and Kootenay region1893

Athabasca region. 1893.

117Rocky Mountains and Kootenay region1893
118Rocky Mountains and Kootenay region1893
119Ontario (Rainy Lake)1894
120Ontario (Rainy Lake)1894

Upper Manitou Lake, Brule Portage. 1894.

121Ontario (Shoal Lake, Sand Point, Lac des Milles Lacs)1895
122Ontario (Shoal Lake, Sand Point, Lac des Milles Lacs)1895

Savanne, Windsor. 1895.

Box 2
223Ontario (Windsor, Yellow Girl Bay)1896
224Ontario (Windsor, Yellow Girl Bay)1896

Ontario (Rat Portage, Fort William). 1896.

225Ontario (Rat Portage, Lake of the Woods, Manitou, Shoal Lake, Fort William, Missanabie)1897
226Ontario (Shoal Lake, Collingwood, Bruce Mines)1898
227Ontario (Shoal Lake, Collingwood, Bruce Mines)1898

Heron Bay, Pucaswa. 1898

228Ontario (Fort William, Thunder Bay, Parry Sound), Michigan, Minnesota1899
229Ontario (Sudbury, Meteor Lake, Clear Lake, Helen Mine, Owen Sound)1900
230France, Ontario (Brighton, Trenton, Rideau, Scarborough, Helen Mine, Michipicoton Harbour)1900
231Ontario (Helen Mine, Lake Eleanor, Algoma, Port Coldwell, Slate Islands)1901
232Ontario (Helen Mine, Lake Eleanor, Algoma, Port Coldwell, Slate Islands)1901

Ontario (Kamimistiquia, Sturgeon Lake, Port Colborne), Yukon (DawsonCity), Washington (Seattle). 1901.

233Ontario (Sudbury)1902
234Ontario (Sudbury)1902

Sudbury, Rat Portage. 1902.

235Ontario (Sudbury)1902

Manitoba, Alberta (Calgary, Rocky Mountains), British Columbia (Vancouver, Victoria, Rivers Inlet, Skeena River Kootenay region), Ontario (Lake Superior). 1902.

236Ontario (Sudbury)1903
237Ontario (Sudbury)1903


238Ontario (Sudbury)1904
239Ontario (North Bay, Michipicoton)1905
240Ontario (North Bay, Michipicoton)1905

Michpicotion. 1905.

241Ontario (Lake Nipigon, Standing Stone Lake)1906
242Ontario (Lake Nipigon, Standing Stone Lake)1906

Ontario (Standing Stone Lake, Sturgeon), United States (Ticonderoga, Mineville), Ontario (Kingston, Tweed, Lancaster, Haliburton), Mexico. 1906.

243Ontario (Lake Nipigon, Standing Stone Lake)1906

Mexico, Ontario (Keewatin, Ingersol, Stouffville, Lemonville, St. Thomas, Temagami, Nipigon). 1906–07

Box 3
344Ontario (Lake Nipigon, Standing Stone Lake)1907

Nipigon, Ombabika Post. 1907.

345Ontario (Lake Nipigon, Standing Stone Lake)1907

Ontario (Ombabika, Lake Nipigon), Alberta and British Columbia (Banff, Grand Forks). 1907.

346Ontario (Little Long Lake, Port Arthur, Black Sturgeon River)1908
347Ontario (Little Long Lake, Port Arthur, Black Sturgeon River)1908

Ontario (Black Sturgeon Lake), Alberta (Edmonton, Mount Robson). 1908

348Britain, Italy1909

[Some entries by Helena Coleman?] 1909–10.

349England, Sweden, Germany, France, Italy; local field trips (Toronto area); Norway, England, New York; Ontario (Larchwood, Sudbury)1910-1911
350Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Quebec, Idaho, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Ontario (local field trips), New York, South America (Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Santa Maria, Montevideo, Buenos Aries)1916-1917
351Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Quebec, Idaho, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Ontario (local field trips), New York, South America (Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Santa Maria, Montevideo, Buenos Aries)1917

South America (Buenos Aries, San Juan, Santiago, La Paz), Panama, New York. 1917.

352Ontario-Manitoba border1921
353Adirondack Mountains1924
354 Ontario (Sudbury), Quebec, New York (Lake Placid), New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland1924
355New York (Lake Placid), Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland1924-1925
356New York (Lake Placid), Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland1925-1926

Newfoundland, Ontario (“Pinehurst”), New York, Spain, France. 1925–26.

357Quebec (Montreal, Magog, Quebec City, Eastern Townships), Ontario (Kingston, Morrisburg, Chesterville, Prescott, “Pinehurst,” local field trips, Hamilton), New York (Plattsburg, eastern coast), Newfoundland, Illinois (Chicago)1926-1927
358Ontario (local field trips, Sudbury, Hamilton, Owen Sound, Georgian Bay, “Pinehurst”), Manitoba (Winnipeg), Michigan, Wisconsin,...1928-1929

...Minnesota, Alberta (Calgary, Banff), Quebec (Montreal), England, Spain, southern Africa (Cape Town, Kimberley, Johannesburg, Pretoria). 1928–29

359Continuation of Box 3, No. 581929-1930

Southern Africa, England, Ontario (local field trips, North Bay, Owen Sound), Manitoba, Alberta (Edmonton, Jasper). 1929–30.

360Ontario (Trenton, Kingston, local field trips), New York, Cuba1933-1934
361Ontario (Trenton, Kingston, local field trips), New York, Cuba1934

Cuba, Panama, Guatemala, California (San Francisco), Connecticut, Ontario (local field trips, Niagara River). 1934.

362Ontario (local field trips), New York, Jamaica, Cristobel, Cartagena, San Antonio, San Miguel1934-1935
363Ontario (local field trips), New York, Jamaica, Cristobel, Cartagena, San Antonio, San Miguel1935-1936

San Miguel, San Antonio, New York, Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, Quebec, Britain, Illinois, California, Mexico, Ontario (Sudbury, Cobolt, Timmins), Alberta and British Columbia (Edmonton, Jasper, Vancouver, Victoria, Banff). 1935–36.

364Ontario (local field trips), Pennsylvania, Central and South America, Georgia, Quebec, Montana, Nevada, Florida, eastern coast of United States1936-1938
Notes for lectures and slide shows
365Including speech notes relating to travels on several continents, some notes for slide shows
Box 4
Notes, geological
46Notes, geological, copied1934

ts., “copied from original by Bob Dyson”

419bOn work done [by whom?] north of Latitude 79
419cOn available books about the Arctic
Notes for lectures and slide shows
419gNotes for slide shows on ice ages
Box 8
8 b.6Geological map of the Southern Transvaal / by Frederick H. Hatch1903

Scale 1:3.5, where 1 inch is 3.5 miles.

1 map : col. mounted on linen ; 70 x 105 cm

Includes an inscription to Coleman on the front of the map.

8 b.7Mt. Robson: n.d.n.d.

Scale 1:1, where 1 inch is 1 mile.

1 map : hand col. ; 28 x 36.5 cm

A hand drawn map on card paper of Mt. Robson in British Columbia.

Transferred from Box 5.

Box 9
9a.1Of Nature
9c.2Of Economic Geology1920
Box 22
Field notebooks
221Toronto, Scarboro, Hoggs Hollow, Don. McGown1894
222Toronto, Whirlpool, Niagara, Hamilton, Bowmanville1895
223Niagara, Toronto1896
224Vermillion, Wahmapitac, Red Deer1897
225London, Cornwall, Toronto, Mica Mines1898
226Parry Sound, Copper, St. Lawrence, Toronto1899
227Eastern Ontario, Hamilton, northern New York1902-1903
228Eastern Ontario, Hamilton, St. Catharines, Toronto, Missouri, Sudbury region1903-1904
229Sudbury Township, St. Lawrence1904
2210Grand Forks, Temagami, Toronto1907
2211Toronto, New Mexico, Crean Hill, Echo Bay1907
2212Elbow River, Calgary, Lake Ojibwa, Toronto, Alexo Mines, Copper Cliff1908-1909
2213Sudbury, Cobalt, Porcupine, Toronto1909
2214Norway, Sudbury1911
2215Sudbury, Buckingham, Toronto, Niagara, Hamilton1911-1912
2216Sudbury, Whiskey Lake, Long and Penage Lakes, Sillwood1912
2217Sudbury region, Scarboro Township, Toronto, Porcupine, Yukon, Alaska, Don1912-1913
2218Rome, Swizerland, Red Sea–Aden, Colombo, Freemantle, New Zealand, north Australia, Singapore1914
2219Malacca, Penang, Rangoon, Calcutta, Darjeeling, Nagpur, Bombay, Madras, Colombo, Kandy, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canton, Shanghai, Japan, Honolulu, San Francisco, Toronto1914
2220Toronto, Labrador, Port aux Basques, Battle Creek, Kamaktorvik1915
2222Port aux Basques, Nakvak1915-1916
2223 1916
2224St. Louis, Mont Jolie, Magdalan Islands, Ste. Anne des Monts, Shickshock (Mountains)1917-1918
2225Shickshock (Mountains)1918
2226Toronto, Los Angeles, Yosemite, Rouge River, Montreal, New Glasgow1918-1919
2227Ste. Anne, Tabletop, Cascapedia Lake, Madeleine, Mechine, Matano1919
2228Cascapedia, Lake Placid, Winnipeg, Lethbridge, Kamloops1919-1920
2229. cBritish Columbia, Atlin, Ontario, Quebec1920-1922
2230Scotland, England, Belgium, Sudbury, Yellowstone, Pacific Coast1922-1923
Box 1
11No. 3 Mine Property1910

Scale 1:500, where 1 inch is 500 feet.

1 map on 2 sheets : positive blueprint, hand col., mounted on linen ; 85 x 96 cm

A hand coloured, positive blueprint map divided into 2 sheets denoting geology and topography of the No. 3 Mine Property.

12No. 3 Mine D.D. Section "E" / The Canadian Copper Co.[n.d.]

Scale 1:50, where 1 inch is 50 feet.

1 map : blueprint ; 74 x 44 cm

A blueprint showing diamond drilling holes and the location of ore within each one.

13Plan Vermillion Mine1909

Scale 1:10, where 1 inch is 10 feet.

1 map : hand drawn, paper ; 28 x 47 cm / 1 map : hand drawn, linen ; 14 x 20 cm

2 copies of a hand drawn map of the Vermillion Mines. One copy was drawn on paper, the other was drawn on linen.

14Vermilion Mine Maps / Prof. A.P. Coleman[n.d.]

Scale indeterminable.

1 map : hand col. ; 48 x 61 cm / 1 map : hand col., linen ; 53 x 62 cm / 1 map : hand col. ; 50.5 x 40.5 cm

3 copies of a hand drawn topographic map of the Vermilion Mines with contour lines denoting elevation and markings highlighting drilling locations. One copy drawn on linen.

Box 2
21Plan shewing [sic] top of cliff in front of Lot 19, Con C and Lots 20-23, Con B Tp. [Township] of Scarboro; also position of top of cliff September 18911891

Scale 1:200, where 1 inch is 200 feet.

1 map : blueprint ; 78 x 104 cm

2 copies of a map, one copy in blueprint and the other in negative Vandyke print.

22Map of Toronto and vicinity / Geology by A.P. Coleman and H.L. Kerr[n.d.]

Scale 1:1, where 1 inch is 1 mile.

1 map : blueprint, mounted on linen ; 39 x 55 cm

23Geological Map based upon surface exposures and diamond drilling / Porcupine Watborn G.M. Ltd.[n.d.]

Scale 1:300

1 map : hand col. ; 26 x 36 cm

A hand drawn, hand coloured map of Porcupine Reef in Northern Ontario denoting rock types.

24Plan of part of Tp. [Township] of Scarborough shewing [sic] measurements to top of cliff / Prof. A.P. Coleman, Chemistry and Mining Bldg [Building], University of Torontoca. 1900

Scale indeterminable.

1 map : diazo ; 55 x 82 cm / 1 map : blueprint ; 55 x 82 cm / 1 map : negative Vandyke print ; 55 x 82 cm

3 copies of a map of the Township of Scarborough highlighting parts of Con A, Con B, Con C and Con D, extending from the Township of York to the Township of Pickering. Copy one is a diazo, copy two is a blueprint, copy three is a negative Vandyke print.

Box 3
3Map of northern parts of the Districts of Algoma and Nipissing, Province of Ontario / to accompany report of J.M. Bell ; 13th Report Bureau of Mines ; Director Thos. W. Gibson1904

Scale 1:8, where 1 inch is 8 miles.

1 map : diazo, mounted on linen ; 65 x 70 cm, folded to 25 x 14 cm

A map of the northern parts of Algoma and Nipissing highlighting the topography and geology of the area.