Box/File List

Michael Bedard

Box 1
Woodsege and Other Tales (published 1979)
11 Drafts1978, n.d.
12Published text March 1979
Pipe and Pearls (published 1980)
14 Illustrations by Stan Zych n.d.
15Published text July 1980
A Darker Magic (published 1987)
16-7First draft Oct. 1982-May 1983
18-9Plot outline and second draftJune-Oct. 1983
110Draft submitted to publisher March 1984
Box 2
21Draft with magic show added April-Fall 1984
22Rejected Prologue and opening1985
23-4Development of magic show[ca. 1985]
25Pre-copyedited text Feb. 22, 1986
26Correspondence and reviews Sept. 1984-April 1989
The Lightning Bolt (published 1989)
27DraftNov. 28, 1988
28Correspondence and reviews/published text Sept. 1988-June 1990
Redwork (published 1990)
29Early drafts n.d.
210NotesNov. 1985-Nov. 1986
211Notes and drafts (4 notebooks) Nov. 1985
212Notes and drafts (8 notebooks) Sept. 1986-Summer 1987
213Mr. Magnus and partial plot outline Summer 1987
214ResearchJan. 1989, n.d.
Box 3
31Notes and drafts n.d.
32Second draft n.d.
33-4Third draft n.d.
35-6First manuscript sent to publisher Nov. 1988
37-8Revision Feb. 23, 1989
39CorrespondenceSept. 1988-Jan. 2000
310ReviewsAug. 1990
Box 4
41Governor General's Literary Award 1990
The Tinder Box (published 1990)
42DraftsSept. 1989, n.d.
43Correspondence and reviews Feb. 1989-Nov. 1990
The Nightingale (published 1991)
44DraftsNov. 1990, n.d.
45Correspondence and reviews Dec. 1989-Aug. 1993
46IODE Award acceptance speech n.d.
Emily (published 1992)
47Research and draftsNov. 1992, n.d.
48Correspondence and reviews March 1990-Aug. 1995
Painted Devil (published 1994)
49Research and notes Feb. 1988, n.d.
410Research, notes, and outline Jan. 1990-Feb. 1992
411First draftsNov. 1991, n.d.
412Conclusion notes n.d.
413First typed draftOct. -Nov. 1990
414First typed draft (cont.)Oct. 1990-Feb. 1991
415DraftMarch-April 1991
416Draft (cont.) April-June 1991
Box 5
51-2DraftJan.-Feb. 1992
53-4Final revision May 1992
55Correspondence and reviews Aug. 1990-Jan. 1994
The Divide (published 1997)
56Research and drafts1992, Feb. 1993, n.d.
57Page proofs n.d.
58Correspondence and reviews Dec. 1992-Aug. 1998
Glass Town (published 1997)
59Research and early draft 1993, n.d.
510Second draft Nov. 1993
511Third draft Nov.-Dec. 1993
512Draft sent to publisher Jan. 1996
513Page proofs (including artwork) 1997
514Correspondence and reviews Jan. 1994-June 1995
Box 6
The Clay Ladies (published 1999)
61Research and drafts Feb. 1991-Dec. 1994
62Page proofs March 1998
63Correspondence and reviews March 1991-March 1998
64IODE Book Award, Talking Book of the Year Award, and Mr. Christie's Book Award Oct. 2000, June 2000, n.d.
The Wolf of Gubbio (published 2000)
65Research and drafts Oct. 1996, n.d.
66Correspondence and reviews Nov. 1998-Feb. 2001
Stained Glass (published 2001)
67Thought books Dec. 1995-1997
68Theme and outline Jan. 1996-Dec. 1999
69History of the windows and Mr. Barclay 2000, n.d.
610Research on stained glass 1996, March 2000, n.d.
611AmbrielJan. 2000, n.d.
612Gran and curio cabinet n.d.
613Emily's room April 1994
614Memory and amnesia July 1996, n.d.
615Eliade: Myth and reality (myths of memory and forgetting)March 1998
616TimeApril 1997, Dec. 1998, n.d.
617Rejected opening Dec. 1995-April 1996, n.d.
618Second draft March-April 1993
Box 7
71Third draft (chapters 1-7) 1996-1999
72Third draft (chapters 8-14) 1996-1999
73Third draft (chapters 15-17) 1996-1999
74Third draft (chapters 18-22) 1996-1999
75Third draft (chapters 23-27) 1996-1999
76-7Final draft July 2000
78Copyedited text Jan. 2001
Box 8
81Copyedited text (cont.) Jan. 2001
82Correspondence and reviews April 1997-June 2002
83Permission for T.S. Eliot quote March-May 2001
The Painted Wall and Other Strange Tales (published 2003)
84Notes and research n.d.
85First draftsn.d.
86Draft submitted to publisher n.d.
87Copyedited text March 2003
88Proof March 2003
89Correspondence, reviews, and AESOP Award July 2000, 2003-2004
William Blake: The Gates of Paradise (published 2006)
810First idea--Blake picture book [ca. 1992-1995]
811Early notes Feb. 1994, 1995
812Notes on theme Oct. 1994
813Second and third drafts n.d., April 1995
815Draft submitted to publisher 2002
Box 9
91Bentley's edit2002
92Revision notes and research April 2003, n.d.
95Notes on fundamental principlesn.d.
96Drafts of Prologue (3 stages) Nov.-Dec. 2004
97The Artist and the Machinen.d.
98Jerusalem research n.d.
99Blake family and Moravians (Bentley letter) April 2004, n.d.
910Engraving research n.d.
911"Auguries of Innocence" n.d.
913Misc. research and notesn.d.
914Second revision with Bentley's corrections 2005
Box 10
101Revision 2005
102Revision with Bentley's corrections March 2006
103Page proofs 2006
104Bentley correspondence May 2002-Aug. 2009
105Correspondence with publisher Nov. 2005-March 2006
106Correspondence and information re images and permissions (Robert N. Essick, Victoria University Library, The William Blake Archive, Library of Congress) 2002-2006
Published texts
108A Darker Magic1987
109The Lightning Bolt1989
Box 11
112The Tinder Box 1990
113The Nightingale 1991
115Painted Devil 1994
116The Divide 1997
117Glass Town 1997
118The Clay Ladies 1999
119The Wolf of Gubbio 2000
1110Stained Glass 2001
1111The Painted Wall and Other Strange Tales 2003
1112The Green Man 2012
1113William Blake: The Gates of Paradise2006