Box/File List

John Bemrose

2012.10, Box 1
Typescript and drafts
11 Prologue and chapters 1-2
12 Chapter 3
13Chapters 4-5
14Chapters 6-7
15Chapters 8-10
16Chapters 11-14
17Chapters 15-18
2012.10, Box 2
21Chapters 19-21
22Chapters 22-24
23Chapters 25-27
24Chapters 28-32
25Chapters 33-36
26Chapters 37-40
27Chapters 41-44
28Chapters 45-46
2012.10, Box 3
31Chapters 47-49
32Chapters 50-52
33Chapters 53-58
34Chapters 59-64
35Chapters 65-69
36Bound draft sold to McClelland & StewartSummer 2002
37Bound draftDecember 2002
38Drafts at various stages (6 floppy disks) February 2002, n.d.
2012.10, Box 4
41Formatted drafts (2 CD-Rs)April 2002; July 27, 2002
42Formatted drafts (2 CD-Rs)October 26, 2002
43Published text (published by John Murray) 2004
Correspondence, reviews, and other records
44Westwood Creative Agency correspondenceJuly 2002-Aug. 2007

North American Agent: Hilary McMahon International: Nicole Winstanley

45Canadian offers (bidding wars)Sept. 2002
46Ellen Seligman correspondence (originating editor at McClelland & Stewart)May 2003-Aug. 2004
47Canadian editions (McClelland & Stewart) cataloguesFall 2003, 2004
48Correspondence re U.S. edition2002-2005

Editors: Sara Bershstel (Metropolitan hardback editor) and Amber Qureshi (Picador paperback editor)

49Correspondence re British hardback and paperback editions (published by John Murray)2003-2006

Editor: Anya Serota (and Derek Johns, agent)

410Canadian reviews2003-2004
411American reviews2003-2004
412British reviews2004-2005
413Australian reviews2004
414Incoming correspondence from readers and other writers2003-2009

(including Guy Vanderhaeghe, Don Coles, and David Adams Richards)


415Giller Prize correspondence and ephemera 2003
416Author profiles and ephemera 2002-2004(Photos P1)
2012.10, Box 5
51Writers' festivals: correspondence re readings, book tours, and book clubs2003-2005
52Biographical introduction to the novel2004
53Kathryn Carter, Professor at Laurier University, correspondence Spring 2006

(re academic paper she's writing on The Island Walkers)

54Map of Attawandaron (drawn by Bemrose)n.d.
55Two interviews with John Bemrose2004
56Synopsis for film sales2002
57Study Guide: corrrespondence between Ellen Seligman, Sandra Martin, and John Bemrose2004
58Man Booker nomination (Long list)2004
59Italian edition: correspondence (translator Gaja Cenciarelli)2005
5102003 First Novel Award nomination, Amazon Books in Canada2003



511Film script by New York filmmaker John Harkridger who optioned the book in 2006 (the film was never made) and correspondence
512CBC Broadcast (VHS tape) 10 October 2003