Box/File List

Anne Tait

Box 1
Series: 1: Records relating to casting direction
11 Personal clippings 1959-2000

Photograph: b&w, [2000?]
P1 Anne Tait in Anne Tait Productions boardroom

12Photograph: b&w1961

P1 CBC Drama—“Live” Television Shoot… (includes Anne Weldon (Tait))

13“Anne Of Green Gables—The Sequel”1986
14“Road To Avonlea”1989-1996
15 “Road To Avonlea” clippings1990-1996
16“The Power Of One”1991
17 “Lights, Camera, Action” (book)1993-1998
18 “Handel’s Last Chance” photographs1996

Photographs : col., 1996
P1-4 On set activities in Europe

19“Margaret’s Museum”1992-1996
110 “Little Men”1998
111 “The Artists’ Specials” (Cassatt/Degas/Homer/Goya titles)1998

Photograph : col., 1998
P1 Famous Degas painting recreated (includes Alison Pill)

112 Casting contracts/financial records1998-2003
113 “Toronto: City Of Dreams”1999-2000
114 “Sins Of The Father”2000-2001
Series: 2: Records relating to “Yeats in Love”
115 Letter of introduction for Anne Tait from Brian Crane to Mary Burke1960
116 Clippings of reviews1975, 1997
117 Grand Ontario Tour–Fergus1998
118 Grand Ontario Tour–London1998
119 Production history2001
120 June 19991999
121 October 20022002
122 March 20032003
123 January 20042004
Box 2
Series: 2: Records relating to “Yeats in Love”
21 May 20042004
22 July 20042004
23 October 20042004
Series: 3: Records relating to “Iron Road”
Opera Rights
25Chain of title agreements1998-2007
26Opera rights agreements1998-2007
27Option agreements2000-2007
Research, 2001–2005
29Chinese people/culture
210Canadian railroads
Box 3
Series: 3: Records relating to “Iron Road”
31Railways of Canada: a pictorial history
32Winners and losers, gamblers all: memories of historic British Columbia
33Historical photographs/photocopies
34 Maps–China/British Columbia
35Chinese in Canada
36Chinese film business
37Locations–British Columbia
Story Pitch/Financing/Development
39Telefilm Canada2000-2006
310First reading of “Iron Road: the Movie” at The Victory Café, Toronto2001
311Agreements among producers2001-2002
312 Story editor/consultant2001-2003
314Director search2002
Box 4
Series: 3: Records relating to “Iron Road”
41William Wong (first Chinese co-producer)2002
42 CBC development phases and commitment2002-2006
43Character sketches – Relic and Little Tiger[ca. 2002]
44Canadian Television Fund2002-2006
45Financing plans2002-2003
46Early pitch material2003
47Promotional booklet material2003-2006
48Story summaries (English/Chinese)2003
49COGECO funding2003-2004
410Financing (includes Hallmark pitch)2003-2005
411 Albert Yeung (investor)2003-2006
412 Asian Union Film & Entertainment2003
413 Translation contracts2003-2005
414 Cost reports–Phase 12003
415 Development schedules2003
416 Cost reports–Phase 22003-2005
417 Cost reports–Phases 3–52006-2007
418 Mainland Productions (B.C. Producer)2004
419 Shaw Rocket Fund2005-2006
Box 5
Series: 3: Records relating to “Iron Road”
51 Readers’ reports/memos re drafts/scene breakdowns/CBC issues2002-2006
52 Notes2002-2006
53 Part One – by Barry Pearson with Executive Producer’s Arnie Zipursky’s notes, Dec. 2003Dec. 2003
54 Part One–by Barry Pearson and Raymond Storey, Dec. 2005 (reprint)Dec. 2005
55 Part Two, Dec. 2005 (reprint)Dec. 2005
56 Part One (Chinese translation)–Barry Pearson and Raymond Storey, Jan. 2006jan. 2006
57 Part Two (Chinese translation, Jan. 2006Jan. 2006
58 Annotated draftApril, 2006
59 “The Movie”, Aug. 2006Aug. 2006
510 “The Miniseries Part I and II”–by Barry Pearson and Ray Storey, Aug. 2006Aug. 2006
511 Part Two–by Barry Pearson and Raymond Storey, Dec. 2006Dec. 2006
512 “Feature Draft”–by Barry Pearson and Raymond Storey, Jan. 2007Jan. 2007
513 Part One–by Barry Pearson and Raymond StoreyMarch, 2007
Box 6
Series: 3: Records relating to “Iron Road”
Casting, 2003–2007
61–4Commercial Chinese films used for casting research (16 dvds)
65 Casting–Male
66 Casting–Female
67 Casting–“Little Tiger”
68 Casting–O’Toole/Luke Macfarlane/Charlotte Sullivan/Ken Mitchell
69 Extras/Supporting
Box 7
Series: 3: Records relating to “Iron Road”
Filming, 2007
71 Script and revisions/one-liner/call sheets/crew list
72 Schedules
73 Storyboards
74 Production reports
75–7Rushes (digital video disks)
78–9Feature edits2008-2009
710 Poster2001-2009
711 Press2002-2009
712 Film festivals2008-2009
713 Focus group responses2007-2009
Box 1
Series: 2: Records relating to “Yeats in Love”
11 February 19981998
12 September 19981998
13 January 1999 with Cayle Chernin1999
14 April 14 with Cayle Chernin
15 April 18 1999 with Cayle Chernin1999
16 July 1999 with Cayle Chernin1999
Series: 3: Records relating to “Iron Road”
Opera Rights
17 Contracts with composer and librettist2000-2002
18 Memoranda of agreement2000-2006
Story Pitch/Financing/Development
113 Agreements2000-2002
114 Preliminary development2000-2003
115 Telefilm Canada/Canadian Television Fund, applications and funding2000-2003
116 Images2002
117 Cards/readers reports/first draft2000-2002
118 Promotional material

Photographs : col., November 2010
P1-2 Anne Tait accepting Gemini award for Sun Li  

19 “A History Of The Overseas Chinese In Canada” by Li Tung-hai
110 Research
Box 1
Series: 1: Records relating to casting direction
Auditions on videotape (lists of actors and roles and related notes are in files)
11"Galileo - On the Shoulders of Giants"/"Leonardo Da Vinci - A Dream of Flight"/"Einstein - Light to the Power of 2"/"Wind At My Back" 1996
12Edison show 1996
13Isaac Newton show "The Two Isaacs"/ Marie Curie show "More Than Meets the Eye" 1996
14Pre-screenings for Da Vinci and Newton shows 1996
15Newton and Curie shows/ New York auditions for Einstein show (2 video cassettes) 1997
16Calgary auditions for boys in Newton show/ "Desiree's Wish" (2 video cassettes) 1997
Series: 3: Records relating to “Iron Road”
17Congratulatory letters from Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Jason Kenney 2009