Box/File List

A. E. Coleman

Literary manuscripts -- Articles and stories
a.1An Arctic Romance, or A Polar Love Story

holograph. Incomplete.

a.2An Arctic Romance: story of an Esquimau halfbreed

tss. and tss., cc.
Two copies; both incomplete. Inside title: An Arctic Romance, or A polar Love Story.

a.3The Bayou Belle: a Mississippi River steamboat story


a.4Daring Deeds of Charley Carter, an American boy scout during the Great War

ts., cc.
Inside title: Charley Carter, the boy scout at the front.

a.5How Stella Saved her Lover: a true story from South Africa

tss., annotated and tss., cc.
Two copies; both incomplete

a.6The Maid of Marsala: brief summary of a moving picture scenario

holograph and ts.
Two drafts; one incomplete

a.7Romantic Incident in Cecil Rhodes’s Life

ts. and ts., cc. One copy incomplete

a.8Story of a Hopeless Love with a Happy Ending

ts., annotated and ts., cc., annotated.
Two copies.

a.9Early in April, 1793...


b.2Kate Jones’ Devotion: a story of the Revolutionary War on Long Island1907

tear-sheet, 1907