Title: Photographs
Dates of Material:
1861–[ca. 1926]
68 photographs ; b&w, col. and sepia toned
3 drawings
Scope and content

Series consists of portraits of Pratesi as a young, middle-aged, and older man, 1861–[ca. 1912]; a portrait of his dog, Speranza; and portraits of various Italian artists, intellectuals and prominent individuals, [ca. 1875]–[ca. 1926]

General notes

The name and place of the studio are identified on some of the photographs.

Box 5
57 Photographs : b&w1861–[ca. 1875]

P1–6 Portraits of Pratesi as a young man

58 Photographs : b&w[ca. 1884]–[ca. 1890]

P1–9 Portraits of Pratesi in middle age

59 Photographs : b&w[ca. 1900]–[ca. 1912]

P1–18 Portraits of Pratesi as an older man

510 Photograph : b&w

P1 Portrait of Pratesi’s dog, Speranza 

Box 1
Various Persons
11Photograph : b&;w

P5 Giosue Carducci 

11Photograph : b&w

P3 Postcard of V. Ceccherini, to Gino Bandini (autographed) 

11Photograph : b&w

P4 Alessandro Gherardi 

11Photograph : b&w

P6 Adelaide Maraini with daughter Mimi Moris 

11Photograph : sepia toned1891

P1 Jessie Hillebrand

11Photograph : sepia toned1902

P2 Carlo Guerrieri Gonzaga

12Drawing: b&w

P1 Unidentified woman 

12Photograph : b&w

P6 Gino Bandini (second in right hand row, with moustache) seated at dining table with group (some identified on verso)  

12Photograph : b&w1901

P2 Giosue Carducci (autographed)

12Photograph : sepia toned

P5 Gabriele D'Annunzio with other (identified) men 

12Photograph : sepia toned1892

P3 Giosue Carducci with walking stick amongst group, including Pratesi, outdoors (autograph caption by Pratesi)

12Photograph : sepia toned (Pagliano & Ricordi, Milan)1884

P4 Giuseppe Verdi (autographed)

13Drawing : b&w

P5 Percy B. Shelley 

13Photograph : b&w1915

P6 Isidoro Del Lungo (autographed, 1915) 

13Photograph : col.

P7 Dante Pratesi in military uniform 

13Photograph : sepia toned

P3 General Cadorna in uniform (autographed) 

13Photograph : sepia toned1901

P2 Renato Fucini (autographed)

13Photograph : sepia toned1905

P4 Clemente Maraini

13Photograph : sepia toned, [ca1875]

P1 Seated man - probably Atto Vannucci

14Drawing : col.

P6 Cavour 

14Photograph : b&w

P4 Probably Giacomo Barzellotti 

14Photograph : b&w

P5 Alfonso Bertoldi (autographed) 

14Photograph : b&w1926

P7 Amelia Rey Colaco (autographed, 1926) 

14Photograph : sepia toned

P1 Ernesto Nathan (autographed) 

14Photograph : sepia toned

P2 Gerolamo Rovetta 

14Photograph : sepia toned

P3 Guido Mazzoni (autographed) 

14Photograph : sepia toned

P8 Amelia Rey Colaco holding young girl (autographed)