Box/File List

Duncan Grant

Box 1
112 letters from Duncan Grant to Lady Aberconway
123 letters between Lady Aberconway and the British Library
133 letters between Lady Aberconway and the Cambridge University Librarian
1436 letters/postcards from Duncan Grant to Philip Gibbons1945-1959

(primarily re paintings by Grant, as well as his travels, mother’s death and other matters)


Box 1
Correspondence to Simon Watney
114 postcards/2 notes[between 1969 and 1977]
122 letters/1 postcard1969
131 letter/3 postcards/1 invitation 1970
141 letter/1 postcard/1 invitation 1971
151 letter/1 postcard 1972
167 letters/3 postcards 1973
173 letters/3 postcards 1974
182 letters/4 postcards1975
191 letter/6 postcards 1976
110 1 letter/1 postcard1977
Box 1
11Letter in Italian from director of gallery in Florence, Italy, 1905/three sketches of a woman (Sarah Bernhardt?) on verso1905
12Letter from Bernard E. Ward of St. John’s Wood Art Schools re fees, 1906/ two sketches of men by Grant on verso1906


P1 Grant as a young man Photograph: b&w
P2 Ethel Grant Photograph: b&w
P3 Marion Hayward Photograph: b&w
P4-8 Antique furniture and art in Charleston home 5 Photographs: b&w
P9-10 Mock-up of mural done for Lincoln Cathedral 4 Photographs: b&w, [ca. 1958]
P11 Mural in Lincoln Cathedral Photograph: b&w, [ca. 1958]


14Letter from MP Beamish re interned aliens/two sketches by Grant on verso 1940
15Letter by Grant re Japanese artist
16Letter from unknown writer (mentions Keynes and James [Strachey])
17Letter from Allan Gwynne—Jones re upcoming show
18Monte Carlo Casino ticket signed by Grant
19Note by Grant to Gas Company 1921
110 Note re Grant paintings and prices
111 Postcard/receipt/notes re models
Box 1
11Postcard from Virginia Woolf with clipping “Steer and Spencer” pasted on 1929