Box/File List

F. David Hoeniger

Box 1
1 1–8Shakespearean Romance1957-1983
1 9–10Pericles1966-1981
1 11–14Shakespeare and Medicine1989-1992
115 Various publications and other subjects1958-1989
Lectures & Papers
116 “Anticipations of Shakespeare’s Romances in his earlier Work”1976
117 “The Elizabethan Zoo”, (Victoria University Public Lecture)1966
118 Hamlet1996-1997
119 “How Modern Zoology and Botany began: Konrad Gesner (1516–65)”1976
120 “How Plants and Animals were studied in the mid-sixteenth century, shortly before Shakespeare”1978
Box 2
28“Shakespeare: From Romantic Comedy to Romance: one line of Shakespeare’s Development”1964-1965

Texas lecture adjusted into paper for May 15, 1964 Renaissance Society (Toronto) and for Prague, May 1965

29“Foucault and Varieties of Madness”1990

For University of Windsor, October 26, 1990

210Madness Project re Windsor lecture 1990

Includes correspondence and reading lists.

Other Academic Work
211Correspondence from Northrop Frye and other writers1951-1979
212Correspondence to and from T.S. Eliot re his poem “Marina”1958
213Correspondence to and from Frank Brownlow1979
214Correspondence from Walter Pagel1980
219 Graduate course on Renaissance Biology1975
220Alumni Bookshop 1984-2008

Includes copies of Vic Report articles about the Bookshop, Albert memos, notes, etc.

Elizabethan Drama and Medicine Project, 1979
215King Lear 1 - Medical passages and preliminary conclusions1979


216King Lear 1B - Interviews with Walther Pagel 1979


217Lear 9B - Epilepsy1979


218Music as Cure (Lear, Pericles,etc.) For B51979


220Photographs and negatives of Illustrations used in essay "Science and the Arts in the Renaissance."
Lectures & Papers -- Conference papers and public lectures on Renaissance Medicine and Shakespeare (aspects including Madness)
22General public lecture - "Shakespeare and the medicine of his age."1982-1983


24Yale lecture April 86 - "Some Aspects of Medicine in the Later Renaissance."1986


25Lecture Series on Madness and Civilization, University of Windsor - "King Lear in the Renaissance Context of Madness."1990


26Public lecture adapted for U.C. Toronto, Jan 91 - "The Madness of King Lear in a Renaissance Context."1991


27Conference at University of California at San Francisco - "What can Shakespeareans learn from Renaissance Medicine."1993


21 Halifax paper, June 81 - "Musical cures of melancholy and mania in Shakespeare" and Glendon Lecture 2 (Toronto) 831981-1983

Note on original folder - Halifax lecture also used in Vancouver in June 1983.

23Hiram College Lecture - "Shakespeare and Renaissance Medicine"1990