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Yvonne McKague Housser

Box 1
Journals and correspondence
11 Journal and correspondence with Frederick Housser1931-1937
12 Correspondence with Frederick Housser1934
13 Married Life; letters to Fred1935-1937
14 Fred’s death and funeral service1936
15 Poetry and correspondence from Fred [Housser]1933-1936
16 Correspondence with Fred1934-1936
17 Correspondence to Arthur Lismer1937
18 Journal1937-1938
19 Journal1937-1939
110 War years at the shack / teaching.
111 War years at the shack1940, 1946-1952
112 Excerpts from journal relating to Art1942-1949
113 Journal, notes1953-1957
114 Personal journal1964-1980
115 Notes from journal relating to Theosophy [1953–1980]
116 Journal pageFebruary 19, 1981
Lectures, book reviews, stories
117 Notes, book reviews, lectures1944-1979
118 Book reviews; lectures, notes and reviews of exhibitions1940-1965
119 Stories, sketches, country living1938-1956
120 Stories and verses: notes and sketches 1944
121 Stories, notes; reviews of exhibitions; book reviews1933-1938
122 Address for Art Gallery of Peterborough: “Sketching Trips” (Gowganda, Cobalt: North Shore of Lake Superior.)
123 Notes for lecture [1980] on three sketching trips with correspondence1934
124 Notes for talks on three sketching trips.1980
125 Talk at Arts & Letters Club on A.Y. [Jackson’s] 90th birthday.
126 Lecture, Beaver Hall Group.
127 Lecture, Lawren Harris.
128 Radio interview May 23, 1948
129 Canadian Arts Council: Report of Exhibition Committee.
Documents and drawings pertaining to travels and sketching trips
130 Report of Paris and Vienna summer course1930
131 Paris and Vienna1930
132 Gaspé, Quebec—Percé trip1932-1933
133 Whitefish Falls; correspondence and notes1934-1936
134 England, Wedding Trip.1935
135 Problems in Dynamic Symmetry1939

(Taos) [with sketches in text].

136 Taos and Santa Fe1939
137 Grand Canyon1939
138 Saguenay, Quebec (Wartime sketching trip.)1942
139 Travel and sketching trips, Texas/California.
140 Ireland; excerpts from letters (April 2 and 4).1958
141 Majorca, Spain and Italy1958
142 From Majorca to EnglandMay 23, 1958(?)
143 Travelling, June 1, 1958; Chaldon Herring, Dorset.June 1, 1958
144 Mexico1961, 1962, 1975
145 Printed letter titled “To My Friends” by Blodwen Davies, 13 August, 1966; verse by Davies to Yvonne Housser.13 August, 1966
146 Flyer advertising “Silk Screens for War Amps.”
147 Book plate design, documents on the subject of Art.1916-1917
148 Obituary and biographical information.
149 Correspondence from Emily Carr (6 letters, 1 postcard)1936-1940, 1993

Includes accompanying note from Freda Gough, 1993

Box 1
11Conversation with Lora Senechal Carney[198-]

Audio cassette tape featuring a recorded conversation between Yvonne McKague Housser and Lora Senechal Carney. The conversation was recorded in the home of artist Kim Ondaatje, who can briefly be heard in the beginning of the recording.