Box/File List

David Sinclair

Box 1
11 A copy of “Metamorphosis and Mimesis” in Sidney’s Arcadia 1966

(M.A.Thesis, 1966)

12 A copy of Nineteenth-Century Narrative Poems(1972)
13 A copy of The New World Journal of Alexander Dunlop(1976)
14 Personal and Introductory
15 Correspondence to 19711971
16 Correspondence1971
17 Correspondence1972
18 Sinclair/Warkentin correspondence (G. Warkentin’s personal file, with a few later letters from DS’s parents)1966-1974
19 Sinclair/Malcolm Ross Correspondence (with some letters from Pamela Frye, editor at McClelland and Stewart)1969-1971
110 G. Warkentin; Correspondence dealing with controversy over Borealis Press edition of Nineteenth Century Narrative Poems1989-1990
111 Notes on typography
112 Teaching notes on 19th Century Canadian Poetry
113 Notes on Isabella Valancy Crawford
114 Notes on Alexander McLachlan
115 Notes on Joseph Howe
116 Notes on George Arthur Hammond
117 Notes on Oliver Goldsmith (Canadian poet)
118 Notes on Charles Sangster
119 Notes for “The First Pirated Edition of Tennyson’s Poems”
120 Further notes on Tennyson editions
121 Draft, & “William Kirby and the Production of The U.E.”
122 Draft, & “English-Canadian Literary Criticism”

student essay?

123 Course materials, Lambton College1969
Box 2
21 Canadian Bibliography, Imprints, Booklists, etc.
22 TS on library organization (a comparison of the British Museum and Bibliothèque Nationale)

student essay, with historical notes


23 Notes on A.P. Coleman, plus F.D. Adams’s & “Memorial”
24 Two russet & “Chartwell” bound quarto notebooks, containing notes on nineteenth-century English and Canadian literature and publishing

some loose items inserted at the end of Book I


25 File of seven book jackets (Canadian)
26 Notes on James Dykes Campbell
27 Notes on Chewett and Co.
28 Notes on William Cameron Chewett
29 Notes on Elbert Hubbard
210 Notes on John Camden Hotten
211 Notes on early books

(probably prepared for Centre for Renaissance and Reformation Studies)

212 Nineteenth-Century Narrative Poems: draft introduction, research notes.
213 Green & “Blick” student’s quarto notebook, containing research notes on early Canadian book history
214 Richard H. Shepherd, & “Three Months in Newfoundland”; photocopy of manuscript, provenance not indicated1861
215 Research notes, Bentley and Son
216 Research notes, Miscellaneous A.
217 Research notes, Miscellaneous B

(photocopies and notes on nineteenth century Canadian and American publishing, including legal materials)

218 Clerk of Penicuik Papers (G.E. Clerk), Scottish Record Office; photocopies and correspondence
Box 3
31 Research notes, miscellaneous C.: Canadian literature and publishing
32 Notes on Haliburton
33 Notes on G.S. Gordon, & “Anglo-American Literary Relations,”1931

(lecture 1931.)

34 Research notes: nineteenth century printing and publishing
35 Research notes, U.S. publishing
36 Lochhead bibliography

review article by D.S.

37 Research notes, Scotland
38 Research notes, copyright
39 Richardson, The Monk Knight of St. John

photocopies and correspondence

310 Richardson, Frascati’s, or Scenes in Paris, photocopies, research notes, and essay


311 Joseph Abbott, Emigrant to North America, research notes, photocopies, and essay


312 Miscellaneous notes
313 Article on James Reaney