Published literary articles

Title: Published literary articles
Dates of Material:
13 v. of published material
Scope and content

Series consists of printed copies of Rosenbaum’s published literary articles in various academic journals.

General notes

Some of Rosenbaum’s articles are contained within an entire journal, while others have been removed and stand as self-contained items.

Box 7
71 “Two Henry James Letters on The American Watch and Ward,” American Literature, XXX January 1959
72 “Yeat’s Among School Children”, The Explicator, XXIIIOctober, 1964
73 “Henry James and Creativity: ‘The Logic of the particular Case’”, Criticism, VIII Winter 1966
74 “G.E. Moore’s The Elements of Ethics”, University of Toronto Quarterly, XXXVIIIApril, 1969
75 “CANLIT: the Canada Goose and the U.S. Gander”, (with Henry Beissel), The Canadian ForumMarch, 1972
76 “Bertrand Russell: the Logic of a Literary Symbol”, University of Toronto Quarterly, XLIISummer, 1973

Summer, 1973

77 “Conversation with Julian Fry”, Modernist Studies, III1980
78 “Bloomsbury Letters”, Centrum, IFall, 1981

Fall, 1981

79 “The Intellectual Origins of the Bloomsbury Group”, The Times Higher Education Supplement29 October, 1982
710 “The First Book of Bloomsbury”, Twentieth Century Literature, 30Winter 1984
711 “Towards a Literary History of Monteriano”, Twentieth Century Literature, 31Summer/Fall 1985
712 “Virginia Woolf: a Dialogue Upon Mount Pentelicus”, Times Literary Supplement11–17 Sept. 1987
713 “Wittgenstein in Bloomsbury”, The British Tradition in 20th Century Philosophy: Proceedings of the 17th International Wittgenstein Symposium, ed. JaakkoHintakka and Klaus Puhl (Vienna: Verlag-Holder-Pichler-Tempsky, 1995)1995
714 “Gaudier-Brzeska’s Posthumous Sculpture for Roger Fry”, The Charleston Magazine Spring/Summer 1997