Records relating to Sky Works documentary

Title: Records relating to Sky Works documentary
Dates of Material:
93 cm of textual records
9 photographs
1 audio cassette
Scope and content

Series consists of working files relating to Sky Works’ documentary “Mary Rowell Jackman: A Person in Her Own Right,” 2005. Includes transcripts of calendars, day planners, and appointment books, 1926–1988. Includes transcripts and photocopies of incoming and outgoing personal correspondence with family, friends, artists such as Charles Comfort and Will Oligivie, and others re religion, philanthropy, politics, the women's movement, travel, art and literature, and other subjects, as well as correspondence between and received by other family members, 1919–1994. Includes transcripts of diaries recounting her travels and other events, 1922–1981, and a diary written by her mother Nellie Rowell, 1901. Includes transcripts of interviews with Mary Jackman and with her friends and family, as well as other records relating to the interviews such as lists of questions to ask and thank–you letters, 1976–2005. Includes transcripts of records relating to significant events in her life such as the deaths of her brother and mother, biographical information, and records relating broadly to topics of art, education, friendship, politics, and religion, as well as records relating to the process of creating the documentary such as edits of the narration script, excerpts, subject treatment, photograph list, timeline, and tape and document log, and other records, 1919–2005.

General notes

Many pages in this series are out of order or missing.

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Motion pictures – Production and direction

2011.02, Box 29
291Calendar 1926-1930, 1939-1945
292Calendar 1946-1952
293Calendar 1953-1959
294Calendar 1960-1968
295Calendar 1969-1974
296Calendar 1975-1988
297Y.W.C.A diary 1928
298Various n.d.
Family correspondence 
299From grandchildren 1970-1988
2910To/from Harry 1929-1940
2911To/from Newton and Nellie Rowell 1924-1926
2912To/from Newton and Nellie Rowell 1927-1937, 1954, 1958, n.d.
2913To/from Nancy Ruth 1954, 1962- June 1963
2914To/from Nancy Ruth and Rae Carroll (Battle Creek Health Center) 1964
2915To/from Nancy Ruth and Rae Carroll (Battle Creek Health Center) July 1964-1972
2011.02, Box 30
301To/from Nancy Ruth and Rae Carroll (Battle Creek Health Center) 1973-1975
302To/from Nancy Ruth and Rae Carroll (Battle Creek Health Center) 1976-1985
303To/from Frederick Rowell 1941-1942, 1955-1976
304To/from Frederick Rowell 1977-1983
305To/from Frederick Rowell 1984-1992, n.d.
306Nellie Rowell to Frederick Rowell (son) Aug.-Dec. 1940
307Nellie Rowell to Frederick Rowell (son) (photocopied) 1940
308Nellie Rowell to Frederick Rowell (son) (photocopied) 1941
309Nellie Rowell to Frederick Rowell (son) (transcribed) 1941
3010Nellie Rowell to Frederick Rowell (son) 1951, 1953-1955
3011Nellie Rowell to Frederick Rowell (son) 1956
3012Various 1952-1994, n.d.
2011.02, Box 31
Various correspondence 
311“Bertha” (to Harry Jackman) 1970s
312Betty Bernhard (to Harry Jackman) 1967-1978
313Ruth Porter Case 1923-1929, 1935, 1976, n.d.
314Marie-Jeanne and John Coleman 1972-1973
315Charles and Louise Comfort 1949-1963
316Charles and Louise Comfort 1964-1971
317Charles and Louise Comfort 1972-1981
318Bobby Dyde 1953-1975
319Ken and Sara MacLean 1949-1985, n.d.
3110Will and Sheelah Oglivie 1927, 1953-1968
3111Will and Sheelah Oglivie 1969-1981
3112Eleanor Sanderson 1973-1980, 1994
311321st Birthday cards 1925
3114Christmas cards and lists 1919-1929, 1993
3115Graduation letters and notes 1925
3116Various 1919-1923
2011.02, Box 32
321Various 1927
322Various1928-1930, 1933
323Various1970s-1994, n.d.
324Nellie Rowell's "Bridal Trip" diary 1901
325Graduation trip 1925
326UK trip 1937
327“Round the World trip”1954
328Canada and UK trip 1956
329Travels diary 1958-1959, 1964-1965
3210“Around the World trip”1964-1965
3211Mexico trip 1967
3212China and Australia trip 1974
3213Bermuda trip 1977
3214Algoma trip 1981
3215Various 1922, n.d.
3216Aba Bayefsky 
3217Robert Brandeis 
3218Marie-Jeanne and A.J. Coleman 
3219Ann Duff 
3220Louise Comfort 
3221Gwen Griffith and Johanna Selles 
3222Mary Lue Hinds 
3223Edward Jackman 
3224Frederic Jackman 
3225Hal Jackman 
3226Maruja Jackman (Hal's wife) 
3227Mary Jackman 1976
3228Mary Jackman and Nancy Ruth1980

Audio cassette included.

3229Nancy Ruth Jackman 
3230Tara Nolan Jackman 
3231Doris McCarthy 
3232Rosario Onanad (caregiver) 
2011.02, Box 33
Subject files 
3381920s identity search 1920
3310Biography ("Mary Rowell Jackman: The beginnings of a biography) 1994
3311Cottage log 1950s
3312Emails re: documentary 2005
3313Excerpts (editor's copy) 
3315Harry Jackman's biography 1974
3316Jackman family 
3317Jackman family cont
3318Langford's death 1923
3319Narration script 
331Lila Laasko 
332Alida Starr Martin 
333Margaret Prang 
334Eleanor Sanderson and Beth Robinson 
335Irene Spry 
336Isabel Uren 
2011.02, Box 34
3418Documentary, "Mary Coyne Rowell Jackman : A Person in Her Own Right"2005

2 copies of DVD  

Subject files 
341Nancy Ruth's birth 1942
342Nancy Ruth's schooling 
343Nellie Rowell's death 1968
344Permilla Rowena Rich Langford memoir 1930
345.P1MRJ with Charles Comfort and unidentified others at family cottage[195-?]

Photograph b&w


345.P2 Douglas Duncan in front of painting1961

Photograph b&w (Ralph Greenhill) 

345.P3 MRJ with Lila Laasko and two unidentified women[198-?]

Photograph b&w 

345.P4MRJ at formal event[197-?]

Photograph b&w 


345.P5Kemble Women's Institute around the turn of the century[190-?]

Photograph b&w (Ontario Archives) 


345.P6Class in Surgery, 1890, Kingston Women's Medical College1890

Photograph b&w (National Archives) 


345.P7–9Historical photographs of working class Toronto[190-?]-[193-?]

Photographs b&w (Toronto Archives) 


346Photograph list 
347Politics and CIIA 
348Religion and social justice 
349Rowell family 
3410Subject treatment (editior's copy) 
3411Stock shots (editor's copy) 
3412Tape and document log 
3413Timeline (editor's copy) 
3414Victoria University 
3415Virginia Woolf 
3417Various cont