Personal Materials

Title: Personal Materials
Dates of Material:
2.07 m of textual records
23 photographs: b&w
99 photographs: col.
4 photographs: sepia
20 photographs: 35 mm col. negatives
6 albums (84 photographs: b&w; 22 photographs: col.; ca. 5735 postage stamps; 7 postcards)
1 ink drawing
1 pencil drawing
2 medals
1 audio cassette
Scope and content

Series consists of Claire Pratt’s correspondence, photographs and other records and publications on a variety of subjects related to her activities and interests, including correspondence with other artists, diaries and journals, and stamp collections. The series also includes personal records regarding her life and medical conditions.

Source of supplied title

Title based on contents of the series.


The series is contained in 23 boxes.

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Box 3
Collected materials
33 Intra Muros, St. Clement’s School1931, 1936, 1940

Copies of Intra Muros, published by St. Clement's School, Toronto.

34 Vic Report1973, 1978, 1983, 1984, 1984-1985

Copies of Vic Report, including: Vol. 1, no. 4 (March 1973), "Woodcuts by Claire Pratt"; Vol 1, no. 3 (Summer 1978), "Special: E.J. Pratt, A Poet and a Legend"; Vol. 11, no. 3 (Summer 1983), which includes article "A Spring of Memories for Mrs. E.J. Pratt" (pp. 9); Vol. 12, no. 2 (Winter 1984), which includes an article on Viola Pratt (pp. 3-5); Vol. 13, no. 2 (Winter 1984-85), which includes article "Remembering Viola Pratt" (pp. 16-17).

Box 7
71 Poetry collected by Mildred Claire Pratt[197?-198?]

Notebook of poetry collected by Claire Pratt, predominately newspaper and magazine cuttings.

Box 8
Correspondence and greeting cards
82 Greeting cards and letters (A–G)1981-1993

Greeting cards and letters from friends; the majority are from 1984 regarding the death of Claire's mother, Viola Pratt.

83-4Greeting cards and letters (H-N)1960, 1983-1994

Greeting cards, correspondence, postcards, and letters from friends; includes newspaper articles and exhibition pamphlets possibly related to, or included with, the correspondence; File 3 includes essay by Kathleen Coburn titled "Poet into Public Servant" (Ottawa: The Royal Society of Canada, 1960).

85Greeting cards and letters (O–Y)1984

Greeting cards and letters from friends.

Life and personal records
81 Passport and Certificate of vaccination1971, March 21, 1977

Claire Pratt's Canadian passport issued on March 21, 1977 and expired March 21, 1982; International Certificates of Vaccination dated 1971 and 1975.

Box 9
Correspondence and greeting cards
91 Pratt, Eleanor M.1976

Two (2) holograph letters to Claire from Eleanor (E.M.) Pratt.

92 Pratt, Christopher[before 1984]

Two (2) letters, one a Christmas card, to Claire from her cousin Christopher Pratt (also a noted Canadian artist).

93 Incoming correspondence to Claire Pratt1949-1973

Holograph letters written to Claire from: Ollie Geendie? or Geordie? & Glenn & Dennis, Christina Rossetti, Eleanor K Roce? Olive & Garys? & Ivan.

94 Symons, Scott1965–1966

Typescript; incoming correspondence to Claire Pratt from Scott Symons, Assistant-Curator-in-Charge, Canadiana Collections, ROM.

95 Correspondence to Claire Pratt from Dorothy1980

Holograph; incoming correspondence to Claire Pratt from Dorothy; one undated.

96 Incoming correspondence to Claire Pratt1961-1980

Holograph letters written to Claire from: Lydia, Margaret Harvey Wilton, Elizabeth Burton, Carol, Nora, Ron Everson, Alan (her godson), Glea, Kametano Yagi, Cey D., Mary, Marjorie Pulling, Julia, J.G. McClelland, Moffatt Woodside, Mary, Mary James, Margaret Graves, Rabbi, Watson, Florence Pratt [Floss, Crazy Floss], Grace, Shirley, Delza, Dorothy, Uncle Hasen?, Margaret Laurence, Katharine, Birdie, Bill, and others; some undated.

Box 10
Collected materials
108 Articles by Viola Whitney (Pratt)October 1912, March 1915

Photocopied articles by Viola Whitney (Pratt) from Acta Victoriana, including: "A Bundle of Uncertainties and a Sunset" (Vol. 37, No. 1, October 1912) and “Marjorie Pickthall” (Vol. 39, No. 6, March 1915).

See Viola Leone Whitney Pratt fonds, Box 1, File 11 for original copies.

1013 Memorabilia[before 1995]

Memorabilia: keepsakes, encapsulated leaves with poetry, cards, poems, etc.  Includes keepsakes, clippings of art, encapsulated leaves with poetry, cards (predominantly from Dorothy), and poems.

1015 Materials from Berta R. Golahny [Birdie]1981-1990

Includes: an article by Golahny, "How I Came to Paint the Crab Nebula: The Development of Cosmic Themes in My Oil Paintings" (Leonardo, Vol. 23, No. 4, pp. 363-365, 1990); a summary of a trip to Florida; gallery notes; Bentley College Gallery gallery announcement for gallery of Berta R. Golahny paintings; and an ink drawing to Viola Pratt dated June 28, '81.

1016 Collected cards, poems, and art[198-?]

Includes: Christmas card from Commissioner and Mrs. Will Pratt, 1986; poems and art; greeting card from Ruth B.; invitation for art exhibition opening for Mary Pratt, May 4, 1985.

Correspondence and greeting cards
101 Sommerkamp, Dr. Sabine1988-1989

Correspondence between Claire Pratt and Dr. Sabine Sommerkamp and related materials including: and article in German; poems and haiku in German; copies of the poem "Zwölf Tanka" or "Twelve Tanka" in both English and German; and two (2) copies of typed manuscript for "Die Sonnensuche" by Dr. Sommerkamp.

102 Poole, Bill1992-1993

Correspondence between Claire Pratt and William [Bill] Poole and related material including: haiku Claire sent to Bill; and a letter to Claire Pratt from Gregory Smith.

104 Correspondence re. Claire Pratt’s poetry1966-1979

Correspondence to Claire Pratt regarding her poetry from friends and colleagues including: Margaret, Daisetsu T. Suzuki, Carol Coates, Sabine Sommerkamp, Vicki, Frank and Hazel Ankenbrand, Alan Bern, Jaye Giammarino, Fred Cogswell, M? Wilson, Leroy Kanterman, Eric W. Amann, William J. Higginson, Kametaro Yagi, Jean Calkins, Evie, Jim Bull, Virginia Grady, Young, Gerald Hawkes, and Irma Wassall.

107 Cards to keep1976-1994

Collection of cards and letters titled "Cards to keep" ; many undated; includes a partial manuscript for "On Literature, Theology, and Psychology: The Selected Prose of E.J. Pratt" edited by Susan Gingell with attached correspondence.

1017 Pitt, David G.[1986]

Correspondence between Claire Pratt and David G. Pitt regarding the manuscript for E.J. Pratt: The Master Years, including notes for corrections.

1018 Correspondence to Claire Pratt 1980, 1993-1995

Letters written to Claire from: Désirée, Elizabeth, Betty, Carol Coates, and others.

Life and personal records
106 Royal Ontario Museum donation information and receiptMay 29, 1992
1011 Claire Pratt–Chronology of illnesses[1972?], 1991

Includes a typed chronology of Claire's illnesses, written by Claire, and a photocopied letter from a physician relating Claire's illnesses to her family doctor.

1012 Photographs of Claire Pratt, and her friends and family[1926?], [1964 or 1968], 1982, 1991-1994

Includes: 6 photographs: b&w; 28 photographs: col.; 1 photograph: sepia; individuals in photographs include: Gwen Young, Stuart McLaren Claire Pratt and friends, Viola Pratt, E.J. Pratt, Dr. Leonard Brockington, Dr. Sabine Sommerkamp, and others; also includes a photocopied letter from Norman and Phyllis dated 1994, a poem "Christmas Wish" by Elizabeth Searle Lamb, a letter to Viola Pratt from Peter McArthur, and a list of names.

Box 11
Collected materials
111 Mother’s Book, unused original material[before 1984]

Typed and annotated unpublished essays and original materials by Viola Pratt: "Towards the Last Spike", "Canadian Women Novelists", and "The Bible in the World Today"; all undated.

118 Poems by various people1929-1981

Original poems collected by, or given to, Claire Pratt by various artists including: George Johnston, Paxye, Stephen Kennedy, Janice Kulyk Keefer, John Howland Beaumont, Joseph F. Girzone, Dorothy Shahoff, Margaret Furness MacLeod, Alice Ann Dorey, Margaret Harvey Wilton, d.r.s., David McCord, Angelika ?, Bee Wallace, Isabel F. Conant, Mary Passmore, Hazel Collister Hutchinson, Carol Coates, Mary Ellen, Joy Shieman, Tsurayuki, Ono No Komachi, Delza Longman, A.M. Sayers, Morris Bishop, Max Ehrmann, Jeffery Collum, Howard Engel, E.S.L.; many are undated; includes 16 photographs: 35 mm col. negatives.

119 University Women’s Club of Toronto's 50th anniversary1953-1970

Materials related to the University Women’s Club of Toronto and the club's 50th anniversary including: newspaper clippings, which include photos of Viola Pratt; correspondence; club bulletins; reception invitation; Fiftieth Anniversary programme; the club's constitution and by-laws (1965); and 1 photograph: sepia, possibly of 50th anniversary celebration, with Viola and Claire Pratt.

Correspondence and greeting cards
114 Correspondence to and from Claire Pratt1987-1989

Letters written to Claire and from Claire to friends and colleagues including: Wendy Thomas, Clara, and Norrie (Northrop Frye).

115 Coates, Carol1951-1979

Letters to Claire and Viola Pratt from Carol Coates; poetry by Carol Coates; typed booklet, “Meditations” by Rudolf Steiner.

1110 Correspondence re. Silent Ancestors1963, 1970-1971

Correspondence between Claire and colleagues and family as well as related materials regarding Claire Pratt's book The Silent Ancestors: the forebears of E. J. Pratt (Toronto : McClelland and Stewart, 1971) including: maps; Pratt family tree diagram, compiled 1963; promotional materials; correspondence with Raymond S., Christopher Pratt, Norrie [Northrop Frye], Miss J. Jerman (of McClelland and Stewart), and Mary; and publishers agreement.

1111 Correspondence re. Pratt family history and descendants1966-1982

Letters to and from Claire Pratt regarding Pratt family descendants and related materials including: photocopied consensus records, maps, photocopied death certificates. photocopied family trees; lists of cousins; newspaper clippings; and 2 photographs: b&w.

1112 Correspondence to and from Claire Pratt1964-1984

Letters written to and from Claire to publishers and to friends and colleagues including:  Dr. R.V.V. Nicholls (President, Canadian Railroad Historical Association); Calvert Pratt; and Sandra Djwa.

Life and personal records
1113 RRUniversity of Toronto Marks List May 1941, May 1943, May 1944

Restricted as it contains records for other individuals.

Box 12
Correspondence and greeting cards
125 Miscellaneous letters1928-1985

Miscellaneous letters written to Claire Pratt from friends and colleagues including: Margaret Bridle?, Dorothy Wood, Margaret Imrie, Frances, Margaret M., Margaret Stock, Joy, Birdie (Berta R. Golahny), Katarina, Katharine, Margaret Laurence, Katharine A. Wells, Eleanore Earing?, Lorna and Ron, Mrs. E.J. [Viola] Pratt, Ralph Gustafson, Geraldine, Mary, and others.

Box 13
Collected materials
137Haiku Canada: Members’ Anthology, 1989–901960, 1989-1990

Copy of Haiku Canada: Members’ Anthology, 1989–90, inscribed to Claire Pratt as well as autographs from various poets; includes folded card of haiku; also includes a letter from Viola (April 10, 1960) and a letter from Gerry Hallowell (August 17, 1989).

Correspondence and greeting cards
131 Aikins, Suezan and Anson-Cartwright, Hugh1985-1989

Letters to Claire Pratt from Suezan Aikins (1985-1989) and Hugh Anson-Cartwright (1985); includes short biography of Suezan Aikins.

132-3Incoming correspondence to Claire Pratt1985-1994

Correspondence to Claire Pratt from friends and colleagues including: Ehsan H. Faroqi, Mavis K. Edwards, Barbara, Elizabeth Burton, Gene, D. Pratt, W.H. Whitney, Alice, Phyllis, Betty, Winnie, J.M. Putnam, Joanne, Mary, Hiromi Oguchi, Sylvia Hahn, Rose, Olive J. Dean, Betty and Ralph, Bill and Helen Sewell, Birdie (Berta R. Golahny), Norma and Miller, Barbara K., Helen, Ruth Bentley, Jayce, Katharine, Dan and Lois Walker, Delza, David and Margaret, Bee and John C., M.P. Skeet, M.W. Stubbs, Diana. Betty Drevniok, John and Elizabeth, and others; includes undated poems: "The So Sombre House (For Emily Bronte)," "The Irish Priest" by Burnsider, "Brother Botolph and the Birds" by Burnsider"; includes essay "A Literary Interpretation of Life"; includes copy of The Beacon, Vol. 51, No. 12 (Nov/Dec. 1986); also includes 4 photographs: col. of Hiromi Oguchi.

Files 2 and 3 originally combined in one folder.

134Incoming correspondence to Claire Pratt 1987-1994

Letters and cards to Claire Pratt from friends and colleagues including: Dorothy, Marion, Dan and Lois Walker, Ruth and Don, D. Morris, J. McWilliam-Bourke, Mary Pratt, Roy and Margaret, Ann, Penelope Skeet, Gene, and Dorothy and Bill.

135Frye, Northrop [Norrie] to Mrs. E.J. PrattSeptember 30, 1968, March 30, 1971

Two (2) letters to Viola Pratt from Norrie [Northrop Frye].

136Correspondence to Claire Pratt with related materials1985-1994, 1994

Correspondence to Claire Pratt from friends including: Birdie (Berta R. Golahny), Ralph and Betty Gustafson, and Colleen; photocopy of undated manuscript of Puzzle Pieces by Emily Kopley; photocopy of The Kids Magazine, May-June 1994; 2 photographs: col. of Emily and Gabriel in studio.

138Christmas greetings to Claire Pratt1985, 1987

Two (2) Christmas cards to Claire, one from Barbara and the other from Tome and Euphosque?

139Correspondence to Claire Pratt1966-1993

Letters to Claire Pratt from friends and colleagues including: M?, Elizabeth and Bruce Too, Paxye Lucas, Elizabeth Lamb, and Delza Longman.

1310Correspondence to Claire Pratt 1946-1991

Letters to Claire Pratt from friends and family including: Katherine Stewart, E.J. Pratt, Viola Pratt, John N. Mappin, and R.C. Meech.

1311Claire's letters from France1947–1993, [1994?]

Envelope containing letters from Claire Pratt to her mother, Viola Whitney Pratt, from France in 1977; envelope includes other postcards and correspondence from Claire to Viola; includes letters to Claire Pratt from friends, David, and Kath and Will; also includes a handwritten note dated 1994(?).

1312Correspondence from Malcolm[between 1967 and 1982]

Undated letters to Claire, possibly from Malcolm Ross, professor at Department of English, Dalhousie University

1313Correspondence to Claire Pratt1981-1992

Letters to Claire Pratt from friends including: Penelope (M.P.) and Derek Skeet, Dr. Sabine Sommerkamp, Rae, and Dorothy; includes 1 photograph: col. of Sabine.

1314Correspondence to Claire Pratt 1986-1994

Letters to Claire Pratt from friends including: Margaret, Mary, Clara, and Carol.

1315Correspondence to Claire Pratt 1948-1995, 1988, 1993

Letters and postcards to and from Claire including: Mary, Delza [Longman], Jeanne Agrly?, Kath and Will, Dorothy, and Euphosque?; includes poems: “Thoughts of Spring” by Betty Drevnoik, 1993, inscribed to Claire; “Poems” by Désirée Grotrian, 1988, with letters from Desiree to Claire and an obituary to Elizabeth Burton written by Désirée Grotrian.

1316Correspondence to Delza LongmanJanuary 19, 1966, December 16, 1985

Two (2) letters from Claire Pratt to Delza Longman.

1317Correspondence re. genealogical research 1970-1971

Correspondence between Claire Pratt and possible family members, largely relating to genealogical research.

Originally in the Viola Leone Whitney Pratt fond, Box 39, file 7.

Box 14
Collected materials
141 Amnesty International bulletins and pamphletsJune 1980, 1986,

Two (2) copies of Amnesty International Bulletin, Vol. 13, No. 3, April, 1986, and Vol. 13, No. 4, June 1986; Mail to Amnesty newsletter; pamphlet of Universal Declaration of Human Rights; and Amnesty International Canada Letter Writing Guide.


143 Children’s Christmas and birthday party games[before 1995]
Correspondence and greeting cards
142 Postcards and photographs1988-1993, 1945-[1995?]

Postcards (1988-1993) written to Claire Pratt from friends including: Mary, Margaret, Birdie [Berta R. Golahny], Yvonne, Kath and Will, Bee, and others; also includes 2 photographs: b&w, 25 photographs: col., and 4 photographs: 35 mm col. negatives.

(Photos P1-4)
144 Correspondence re. Silent Ancestors 1970-1973

Correspondence between Claire and colleagues and family regarding Claire Pratt's book The Silent Ancestors: the forebears of E. J. Pratt (Toronto : McClelland and Stewart, 1971) including: Lunella?, A Pratt, Watson Kirkconnell, Margaret Foster, George Hancocks, Elsie, Chris, D.W. Pratt, B.J.A. Pratt, Roy D., Richard D. Pierce, Stuart Fraser Myers, Lorna and Ron Everson, Clara, Margaret F. MacLeod, Sallie, Eula C. Lapp, Carol, Calvert, and others.

145 Letters to Mother1915-1980

Letters to Viola Pratt, collected by Claire, from friends and colleagues including: Charlotte M. Francis, Frederick Philip Grove, J. Wilson K?, Harry Osborne, S. Morgan-Powell, John H? George Johnston, Ron, Helena Coleman, Camille Sanderson, Leo Cox, A.M. Sullivan, Charles G.D. Roberts, Healey William, Mrs. Abbott, Peter Buitenhuis, Margaret, Mrs. Grieoremont?, Mago, Clara, Wilder Penfield, A.P. Scott, William B. Wiegand, Henry W. Wells, and Bill [William Arthur Deacon], and others.

148 Correspondence and postcards to and from Claire Pratt 1969-1988

Letters and postcards to and from Claire including: Jesamine, Gladys, D. Nicholls, Lisa Barham, Era Rea, Mary and Ken Langford, C.J. Fox, Dorothy, Birdie [Berta R. Golahny], Ray and Lila, J. Kirk, Joyce and Gordon, Mary Slater, and others. ; includes a pencil drawing of Ned; includes 5 photographs: col.

1410 Correspondence re. Canadian literature1992-1993

Letter to Claire Pratt regarding Canadian literature from friends and colleagues including: Sandra Djwa and Susan Gingell.

1412 Correspondence re. art work1969-1986

Letters to Claire and Viola Pratt regarding artwork donations and loans, particularly on Portrait Sketch by F.H. Varley; includes donation agreements.

1414 Correspondence re. Viola Pratt books1983-1992

Letters and related materials regarding books on Viola Pratt edited by Claire Pratt, Viola Whitney Pratt: papers and speeches and Viola Whitney Pratt: a testament of love.

1415 Letters to Mother, uncertain destinationMay 14, 1917, 1960-1983

Letters to Viola Pratt, collected by Claire, from friends and colleagues including: Ruth Jenking, Ernestine, Emma Moffat, Dr. A.E. Hughes, Elma? at Aurora, Dode Stanley, Margaret Bateman, Aetaline? Clara Thomas, Wm. Whitney (Grandpa's last letter [to daughter, Viola Pratt]), Pauline and Don Gibbon, Katherine Daykin?, Grace Prescott, Elizabeth Burton, Mrs. Wallace, Mary Curelly W.E. Swinton, Sadie Bush, Shirley Freshman, Bessie McCamus, Rose, and Campbell McInnis; includes list of correspondents.

1417 Sommerkamp, Dr. Sabine [between 1985 and 1987]

Correspondence between Claire Pratt and Dr. Sabine Sommerkamp and related materials including: German to English translations of words; "Timeless Time"; and possibly Claire's translation of Search for the Sun.

147 Photographs of friends and family1945-1992, 1990

Photographs of friends and family; 2 photographs: b&w, 10 photographs: col.; includes two postcards.

(Photos P1-2)
Box 15
Collected materials
151 Collected materials1977-[198-?]

"Looking Ahead"; note from Lila Laakso; photocopies of poems "The Deed" and "In Memoriam" by E.J. Pratt; "The Current of Time" by Roy Daniells (1981); page 18 from a personal journal [copied from] Disc 5, August 22, 1928 Toronto; convocation address of Alive Willard Turner, June 9, 1977.

153 Writings and poems by various people1982

Writings and poems by various people collected by Claire Pratt; includes a postcard to Viola Pratt.

Correspondence and greeting cards
155 Letters of congratulations to V. Pratt re. Doctor of Sacred Letters honorary degree1956

Letters collected by Claire Pratt; includes list of all correspondents.

157 Invitation to E.J. Pratt plaque commemoration1978

Letters inviting Claire and Viola Pratt to attend an E.J. Pratt plaque commemoration ceremony in Western Bay, Newfoundland; includes programme of the ceremony and newspaper clipping announcing the event.

1510 Correspondence to Viola Pratt1972-1980

Letters to Viola Pratt, collected by Claire, from publishers including Dana F. Kellerman, from Encyclopaedia Britannica, and Elizabeth Waterson, from Canadian Children's Literature journal; includes note typed by Viola Pratt.

1511 Wells, Henry1945-1979

Letters and postcards to Claire, E.J., and Viola Pratt from Henry Wells and related materials including newspaper clippings; also includes letters from Katharine [Mrs. Henry W. Wells] and Peggy [Margaret] Ray; one letter dated 1937, but probably written 1973.

1517 Pitt, David G.1965-1989

Correspondence between Davide G. Pitt and Claire Pratt, some regarding the manuscript for E.J. Pratt: The Master Years, including notes for corrections.

1518 Correspondence to Claire Pratt1946, 1982-1984

Correspondence to and from Claire Pratt regarding books on E.J. Pratt by scholars including: David G. Pitt and Sandra Djwa; includes newspaper clippings related to the works; postcard possibly from Ned [E.J. Pratt] dated 1946.

1519 Correspondence re. E.J. Pratt collection1964-1980

Correspondence to Claire Pratt regarding E.J. Pratt collection at Memorial University, Newfoundland; includes correspondence from others regarding the collection.

Life and personal records
1514 RRClaire Pratt funeral notes1992-1993

Records and materials Claire Pratt created in advance of her death for funeral arrangements including a notebook; death notice; expression of appreciation; excerpts from poems; and letters planning prearranged funeral services.

Restricted for 30 years after Claire Pratt's death.

1515 RRClaire Pratt's Will1995

Restricted for 30 years after Claire Pratt's death.

1520Biographical notes on Claire Pratt[19--?]

mimeographed notes on Claire Pratt's life.

Originally in Viola Pratt fonds, Box 7, file 8.

Box 16
Diaries and Journals
161 Diaries and Journals1932-1936

Four (4) diaries and journals.

162 A Traveller's Journal, 1921–19561921-1980

Journal entries date up to 1980; contains loose photographs originally part of entries.

163 Travel diary, trip to Montréal, Bermuda, Nassau, and Jamaica1937

Travel diary for trip from May 26, 1937 to June 21, 1937, where she travelled to Montal, Bermuda, Nassau, and Jamaica.

164 Diaries and memo calendar1945, 1946, 1947

Memo Calendar, 1945; two (2) diaries, 1946 and 1947.

165 Diaries and Journals1949, 1948-1952, 1953-1957, [1955?]

Four (4) diaries and journals: July 31, 1949-August 6, 1949; 1948–1952; 1953–1957; 1955–1956.

Box 17
171 Claire Pratt Five Year Diary1958-1962
172 Trip to Gaspé - 1959August 22-30, 1959

Journal recounting trip to Gaspé, Québec.

173 Claire Pratt Five Year Diary 1963–1967
174 Travel diaries, trips to St. John's, NL and the U.K. 1964

Two (2) travel diaries: trip to St. John's, Newfoundland, from August 5-24, 1964; trip to U.K., from August 25 to October 3, 1964.

175 Claire Pratt Five Year Diary 1968–1972

Fragile, handle with care.

176 Travel diary, trip to the U.K.1968

Travel diary for trip to the U.K. from May 15 to June 17, 1968.

177 Diary of a Trip to the South Pacific1969

Typed copy of diary of titled "Diary of a Trip to the South Pacific **** January 17 to February 15, 1969; possibly written by Viola Pratt.

178 Travel diary, trip to Florence, Italy1972

Travel diary for trip to Florence, Italy from May 1-23, 1972.

179 Claire Pratt Five Year Diary 1973–1977
1710 Claire Pratt Five Year Diary 1978–1982
1711 Claire Pratt Five Year Diary 1983–1987
1712 Diaries and Journals 1988-1992, 1989, 1990

Three (3) diaries and journals: 1988-1992; 1989; 1990 (blank).

1713 Claire Pratt journal1993
1714 Claire Pratt "French Country Diary" 1994
1715 Memorandum Book [before 1995]

Undated journal; mentions Barnstable, Mass., Ellis Landing Beach, Brewster, Mass., and Lake Placid, NY.

1716 Journal[before 1995]


1717 Journal[before 1995]

Undated journal/memo book; documents trip to Amsterdam and France; notes on the trip, poem to Ray & Lila [Laakso], and additional notes detailing contents of 60 boxes.

Box 18
Collected materials
188Fragments of Gossamer, Olive Ottaway1975

Printed book that includes excerpts from her (Olive Ottaway) letters to Claire Pratt, 1948-1973; Poems with no signatures are those of Olive Ottaway. Others, whose authors are given, are among her favourites; published in Toronto.

1815Invitation to Mood, Volume II1967

Notebook of collected poetry with an inscription: "For Claire and Vi with my Love Carol, Cheltenham 1967"; originally kept in a small plastic binder.

1817Notebook of poetry[1975?]

Notebook of poetry collected by Claire Pratt; the last quote was entered March 1975.

Life and personal records
1811Our Baby's Book1921

Claire Pratt's birth and baby book kept by her parents.

Diaries and Journals
181 Commentary on dreams1976-1983

Loose papers part of a dream journal; includes notebook, "Dreams, Meditations & Exercises" with notes on dreams and sleep exercises.

Autograph books, address books, record books, and notebooks
183Claire's shell history[before 1995]

Notebook listing shells, possibly from a shell collection belonging to Claire; undated; includes a needlework of two shells; originally kept in a small binder.

184Shell book[1969?]

Notebook of drawings of shells and selected poetry.

185Claire Pratt's "Pig Book"1934-1935

Autograph book belonging to Claire Pratt; contains autographs from family members and family friends.

186Claire Pratt autograph book1934-1935

Autograph book belonging to Claire Pratt; contains autographs from family members and family friends.

187Schoolday Memories of Pat Robins, Class of Form II B1936

School class autograph book; messages signed to Margaret or Pat; includes photos, some loose.

189Favourite Poems1983

Inscription in the front of the notebook: "To Claire - with love. 1983 - Betty"

1810Claire Pratt's favourites[1983?]

Notebook of poems collected by Claire Pratt.

1813Scrapbook of collected materials[before 1995]

Scrapbook of various poems, pictures, stamps, newspaper clippings, and drawings, with captions, either compiled by Claire Pratt or for Claire Pratt.

1814Claire Pratt autograph book1931-1934

Autograph book belonging to Claire Pratt; contains autographs from family members and family friends.

Fragile, handle with care.

1816Claire Pratt autograph book1934

Autograph book belonging to Claire Pratt; contains autographs from family members and family friends.

1818Record Index[before 1995]

Index of records compiled by Claire Pratt; includes loose notes titled "Claire's Library of Records (78 r.p.m.)"

Box 21
Correspondence and greeting cards
213 Publication correspondence1989-1991

Correspondence between Claire Pratt and Lugus Publications, including publication notices and contract, regarding Viola Whitney Pratt: Papers and Speeches and Viola Pratt: A Testament of Love.

Box 25
Collected materials
253 Collected materials on haiku1980-1994

Correspondence regarding Claire's haiku and other writer's works; programmes; copies of Haiku Canada Newsletter; publication contracts; 1 photograph: col.

Correspondence and greeting cards
252 Christmas greeting cards[196-?-1995?]

Booklet: Haiku by C. Pratt; Christmas greeting cards to Ann Foster signed by Pratt

Christmas greeting cards from Pratt family, one to Ann Foster from Claire Pratt; includes booklet of haiku "Black Heather" by Claire Pratt.

254 Correspondence re. The Undertow1993-1994

Correspondence to Claire Pratt regarding her haiku The Undertow; includes list of individuals receiving a copy of The Undertow.

257 Christmas cards and letters1961-1992

Christmas cards and letters to Claire and Viola Pratt; includes letters regarding Claire's haiku; many undated.

258 Letter from Betty DrevniokJuly 23, 1994

Letter to Claire Pratt from Betty Drevniok; includes accompanying haiku.

Life and personal records
2510 Diplomas1974-1984, 1981, 1983

Diplomas from: Centro Studi e Scambi Internazionali Accademia "Leonardo da Vinci" (1974-1984) and Diploma of Honour from International Order of Volunteers for Peace; newsletter from Centro Studi e Scambi Internazionali Accademia "Leonardo da Vinci".

Box 27
Collected materials
2715Books given to Claire Pratt1960-1990

Eleven (11) books given to Claire Pratt, mainly on haiku; all inscribed to her; some in German and Japanese.

2716Haiku pamphlets 1965-1988

Pamphlets of haiku by various writers produced by Haiku Canada.

Box 28
282 The Littlest Book of Kittens edited by Jonathan Roth, illustrated by Ida Bohatta1984

Small book.

283 Irish Writers1989

Small book.

284 Audubon’s Birds1992

Small book; greeting card in back from Dorothy.

285 All Things Bright and Beautiful by Cecil Frances Alexander, illustrated by Alice Ann Biggerstaff1975

Small book.

286 The Mutability of Literature by Washington Irving1982

Small book; inscribed to Claire from Shirley.

287 39 Blossoms by Elizabeth Searle Lamb1982

Small booklet; inscribed to Claire from author.

288 Kate Greenaway’s Alphabet[19--]

Small booklet.

289 Lilliput Maori Place Names1962

Miniature book.

2810 Reeds’ Lilliput Dictionary, Maori-English1960

Miniature book.

2811 The Little Webster Dictionary, 18,000 Words[1933]

Miniature book.

2812 Your Bible Companion[1965?]

Miniature book.

2814 A Little Bit of History About Very Small Books[19--]

Miniature booklet.

2816 Bibliography of REM Miniatures, 1962–1978, Copy III1978

Miniature book.

2817 Fireflies by Frank Ankenbrand, Jr.1965

Miniature book; inscribed to Claire from the author.

2818 R.E.M. Ego Extra 19781978

Miniature booklet.

2820 Small Rain Upon the Tender Herb[18--]

Miniature book; housed in decorative box.

Fragile, handle with care.

2821 Haiku Broadsides edited by Frank Ankenbrand, Jr. 1967

Five (5) Miniature fold-out booklets, no. 1-5; set 48; housed in box.

2822 Haiku Broadsides edited by Frank Ankenbrand, Jr. 1968

Five (5) Miniature fold-out booklets, no. 6-10; set 27; housed in box.

2823 Scroll of Birthday Haiku for Robert Massman's Natal Celebration by Frank Ankenbrand, Jr.1967

Miniature scroll.

Life and personal records
281 Victoria University gold medal coins for Viola Whitney and Claire Pratt[1913?], 1944

Two (2) gold medal coins.

Autograph books, address books, record books, and notebooks
2815 Agenda 19821982

Miniature book; appears to be blank.

Box 29
Correspondence and greeting cards
2912 Letters to Claire Pratt1921-1973

Letters to Claire Pratt, occasionally to Viola and E.J. as well, from friends and family members; some undated.

2921 Letters to Claire Pratt from foster child1952-1956
Life and personal records
2916 Claire's St. Clement's School Reports to 1940[ca. 1940]
Box 36
Collected materials
369 Material re. The Silent Ancestors[1970-1970], 1983

PR material for The Silent Ancestors: the forebears of E. J. Pratt (Toronto : McClelland and Stewart, 1971) including: order form, pamphlet of publications, and biographical information on Claire Pratt; includes notes on corrections and additions to the book; includes promotional pamphlet on E.J. Pratt commemorative stamp designed by Claire Pratt.

Correspondence and greeting cards
361 Correspondence re. Silent Ancestors1965-1968

Correspondence between to and from Claire Pratt regarding her book The Silent Ancestors: the forebears of E. J. Pratt (Toronto : McClelland and Stewart, 1971); predominantly letters from Ada S. Ball.

Life and personal records
3611Miss Claire Pratt funeral serviceApril 12, 1995

Copy of Claire Pratt's funeral service; 1 audio cassette.

Box 37
Collected materials
374Watson Kirkconnell to Miss PomeroyNovember 24, 1944

Letter from Watson Kirkconnell to Miss Pomeroy.

Originally filed with two prints by Malte Sterne in Box 37.

378E.J. Pratt Commemorative stamp launch souvenir for Claire Pratt1983

Contains loose sheets of stamps; invitations to the Commemorative stamp launch ceremony; correspondence from attendees of the ceremony; pamphlet about the stamp; and two business cards of two Government of Canada employees.

Originally housed in a vinyl and plastic folder with a red suede exterior with the coat of arms of Canada stamped in it.

379E.J. Pratt stamp related material1984

Includes 1 photograph: col. of the E.J. Pratt stamp; an envelope with the E.J. Pratt stamp; a framed stamp; and material related to a history of the post office and postal service in Toronto titled "Postmark: Toronto".

Correspondence and greeting cards
3710Correspondence re. E.J. Pratt Commemorative stamp1982-1983

Correspondence between Claire Pratt, Canada Post, and other philatelists regarding development of E.J. Pratt Commemorative stamp.

Stamp albums and related materials
371Binder of international stamps1954-1977

Stamps depict various art periods and artists; front cover is loose and held together with twill tape; some stamps loose.

 1 album (1357 postage stamps, 6 postcards).

372Binder of stamps depicting seashells1970-1981

1 album (163 postage stamps).

373Binder of international stamps1860-1979

Stamps organized by country; contains loose stamps.

1 album (1502 postage stamps, 1 post card).

3713Binder of miscellaneous stamps[19--]

Binder of stamps with papers relating to stamps; 1 album (ca. 1000 postage stamps).

Archivist attributed stamp album to Claire Pratt but it could belong to Viola Pratt.

Fragile. Contains loose stamps and fragile papers.

3714Binder of seashell stamps and poetry1966-1984

Stamps arranged around poetry about seashells; includes the 1984 Collectors Pack of British Mint Stamps; 2 Albums (193 postage stamps).

Box 38
Collected materials
384 Memorabilia1973-1991

Material collected by Claire Pratt including: Claire's membership cards for Centro Studi e Scambi Internazionali, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1977, 1979; pamphlets for art exhibitions; greeting card from Elizabeth; and Vic Report, Vol. 19, No. 3, 1991.

3829Photograph of seagulls with poetry[195-?]

Photograph of seagulls in frame with handwritten quote from "Gulls and the Sea" signed E.J. Pratt; 1 photograph: col.

Correspondence and greeting cards
383 Correspondence re. medical conditionAugust 23, 1954

Letter sent from one doctor to another regarding Miss Claire Pratt's medical condition.

385 Various correspondence1982-1992

Letters to Claire Pratt from individuals including: Cara McEachern, Registration at the ROM; Will Pratt; and W.D. Walker.

Life and personal records
382 University transcripts1944

Transcripts of Claire Pratt's marks from University of Toronto and Columbia University; Certificate of Award for A Regents' Scholarship.

387 Mailing list[before 1995]

Claire's revised mailing list, set two; undated.

388 Photographs of Claire Pratt[193-?]-1971

5 photographs: b&w; 1 photograph: sepia; duplicate of P2 in Box 31, File 14.

(Photos P1-6)
389 Claire Pratt with others[192-]-[198-]

2 photographs: b&w; 1 photograph: col.

(Photos P1-3)
3810 Claire Pratt as a young girl[192–]

4 photographs: b&w.

(Photos P1-4)
3811 Claire Pratt - University Years[1940?]–1965

Photo album of Claire Pratt's University classmates and friends; 1 album (84 photographs: b&w; 8 photographs: col.).

Very fragile, photos falling out and breaking paper. Handle with care.

3813 Claire Pratt with others1985

20 photographs: col.

(Photos P1-20)
3814 Claire Pratt birthday celebrationsApril 3, 1991

Photo album of birthday celebrations for Claire Pratt; 1 album (14 photographs: col.); contains some loose photographs.

Autograph books, address books, record books, and notebooks
386 Calendar of daily activities[before 1995]

Loose leaves from a calendar; undated.

Box 46
Correspondence and greeting cards
4617 Correspondence re. permission to publish materials1984-1994

Correspondence to and from Claire Pratt regarding permission to reprint E.J. Pratt poems, Claire's haiku, and quotes from Claire's letters in publications; includes notes by Claire about reprinting requests.

Box 47
Life and personal records
47 /OS2 Bachelor of Arts diplomaJune 9, 1944

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) received from Victoria College, University of Toronto

47 /OS1 Graduating Class, Victoria College 19441944

1 photograph: sepia.