Box/File List

Raymond Knister

Box 1
Series: 1: Correspondence
11Letters from Knister1924-1931

Letters sent to:

Baumgarten, Bernice (of Brandt and Brandt). 1 sent 1927 (photocopied)

Deacon, Mr. 1 sent n.d.

De la Roche, Mazo. 1 sent 1925

Edgar, Pelham. 5 sent 1925-1931. Some letters addressed "Dear Professor."

Frankfurth, Miss. 1 sent 1924 ; 4 sent 1925

Winston, Martha. 1 sent 1931 (photocopied)

"My darling". 1 sent 1926

12Letters to Knister1927-1931

Letters received from:

De la Roche, Mazo. 1 received May 19, no year

Jenkins, Arthur. 1 received 1927. Photocopied from verso of White Narcissus, p. 168

Roberts, Charles G.D. 1 received 1928

Scott, Duncan Campbell. 1 received 1928

Walpole, Hugh. 1 received 1928; 1 received 1931

13Grove correspondence related to Knister

Photocopies of 14 letters from Grove to Knister and 3 letters relating to Knister

14Transcriptions of Knister correspondence1924-1931


15De la Roche, Mazo[n.d.]


16Edgar, Pelham[n.d.]


17Roberts, Charles G.D.1932

Original - to Myrtle Knister re: death of Raymond

18"This Quarter"1925


Series: 2.1: Novels
19-20My Star Predominant: a portrait of John Keats[ca. 1930]

ts., annotated.

Box 2
Series: 2.1: Novels
21-9My Star Predominant: a portrait of John Keats; a novel[ca. 1931]

ts., cc., annotated. Some pages missing.

210-12My Star Predominant: notes and research material

Holograph and ts., annotated.

213My Star Predominant: notebook

Holograph and ts., annotated.

214-22Soil in Smoke; a novel[ca. 1931-1932]

Unpublished; ts., annotated. Also available on microfilm (see Box 5).  

Box 3
Series: 2.1: Novels
31-9Turning Loam1925-1926

Unpublished; ts., annotated. Also available on microfilm (see Box 5).

310-14White Narcissus; a novel[ca. 1926]

ts., annotated.

315-20White Narcissus; a novel, holograph1927

Holograph, draft. Also available on microfilm (see Box 5).

Box 4
Series: 2.1: Novels
430[Foreword to a work of fiction, 1924, pp. ii-iii] 1924

ts., cc.

Series: 2.2: Short Stories
41The First Day of Spring[1931-1932]

ts., annotated.


ts., annotated.

43Hackman's Night[1928-1932]


44The Happy Family[before 1925]

Holograph and ts.; ts., photocopied. Incomplete. Early version of Turning Loam. Holograph pages and one typescript page written on verso of carbon copy of letter to Miss Frankfurth, 1925.

45Harvest Home1925

ts., cc., annotated.

46Horace the Haymow[1925-1930]

ts., cc., annotated.

47Indian Summer[1924-1925]

ts., annotated.

48-10Innocent Man[ca. 1932]

ts., cc., annotated.

411Lilacs for First Love[192-]

ts., cc., annotated.

412-13Peaches, Peaches[1931-1932]

ts., annotated. 

414The Ring1926

Fragment: ts., photocopied. From verso of letter addressed to "My darling", 1926.

Series: 2.3: Essays, Reviews, Other non-fiction
415Canadian Letter1925-1926

ts., cc., annotated.  

416The Canadian Short Story1923

ts., cc., annotated.

417The Canadian Short Story, Introduction to an Anthologyca. 1928

tss., annotated. Title page, dedication page, acknowledgements, introduction, quotes from critics.

418Typed copy of "The Young Ravens that Call upon Him" by Charles G.D. Roberts1923

Typed by Knister for inclusion in Canadian short stories, ed. Raymond Knister.

419"The Complete Poems of Tom MacInnes" by Tom MacInnes [review]1923

ts., cc., annotated.

420"Henry James; Man and Author" by Pelham Edgar [review]1927


421"Jalna" by Mazo de la Roche [review]1927

ts., cc., annotated.

422Katherine Mansfield1922-1924

ts., cc., annotated.

423Lew Sarett: a Wilderness Poet1925

ts., cc., annotated.

424The Poems of Drummond1926-1927

ts., cc., annotated.

425The Poetical Works of Francis Thompson

ts., cc., annotated.

426A Shropshire Lad

ts., cc., annotated.

427Sidewalks of Toronto

tss., annotated. Also available on microfilm (see Box 5).

428Wealth of Books from All Parts of the World

ts., annotated.

429"To All of Us, the Wonderful Thing in Life is Our Hope..."


Series: 2.4: Contributions
431Issues of "The Midland" containing contributions by Knister1921-1925


Box 5
Series: 2.4: Contributions
51Issues of "This Quarter" containing contributions by Knister


52Excerpted articles, bound


"Long Point, Lake Erie". Excerpted article from Canadian Geographical Journal; tear-sheet, bound. 

"Pelee Island". Excerpted article from Canadian Geographical Journal; tear-sheet, bound.

"The Poetry of Archibald Lampman". Excerpted article from The Dalhousie Review; offprint, bound.

53Clippings of excerpted articles


Series: 2.5: Poetry
54Speculation in a Flower-market[n.d.]

ts., mounted on a drawing by Myrtle Gamble [Knister].

55March Wind[n.d.]

ts., annotated. Anonymous gift.

Series: 3: Graphic Material
56Portraits of Raymond Knister[192-?]


(Photos P1-2)
57Pencil drawings of Raymond Knister[192-?]

5 pencil drawings, one signed: M.B.G. [Myrtle Gamble Knister]. [Remaining drawings also by Knister?]

Series: 4: Material about Raymond Knister


59Clippings re: Knister's death1932


Box 6
Series: 2.4: Contributions
6 /OS1-2Articles and clippings from periodicals1923-1929

Includes excerpts of articles and reviews featured in The Canadian Bookman, Saturday Night, The Canadian Magazine, The Canadian Nation, The New Outlook and The Canadian Forum.

6 /OS3Clippings in scrapbook


Series: 3: Graphic Material
6 /OS4Photo of Raymond Knister with his daughter Imogen[192-]


(Photos P1)
6 /OS5Pencil drawing of Raymond Knister[192-?]