Material relating to Peter Jones

Title: Material relating to Peter Jones
Dates of Material:
Inclusive: 1825–1902; Predominant: 1825–1856
53 cm of textual records
1 photograph: b&w
1 mezzotint
Scope and content

Peter Jones’s records include correspondence; autobiographical material; hymns in translation (1877); histories of the Ojibwa Indians; (notes for) sermons and other professional material; diaries (1829), journals, photographs and other personal material; miniature portraits of Peter Jones and Eliza Field; material about Jones including leaflets and clippings; and other material including petitions from natives (1826–44).

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The series is stored in 5 boxes.

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Box 1
Other material
19Petitions from natives, 1826–18441826-1844

1 original, handwritten copies of 3 others (with photographs of a handwritten copy); 1 addressed to William Case, 1 addressed to Queen Victoria, 2 addressed to “our fathers and England”;

NOTE: This has been RELOCATED to Box 6, Part 2 (with the Portraits) due to physical size.

A transcript of the petition to Queen Victoria is available in Box 3 File 10.

Literary material -- Hymns in translation
16A collection of Ojebway and English hymns for the use of the native Indians / translated by Peter Jones1877

printed, 1877

Literary material -- History
11History of the Ojebway Indians

holograph. In notebook; some pages removed.

12History of the Ojebway Indians

copy, written in another hand; fragment. Attached to one page handwritten by Jones. File also includes one page of a similar text, handwritten by Jones.

Professional material
17Lists of natives baptized by William Case, Peter Jones and John Ryerson, 1828–311828-1831

holograph. Includes lists of baptisms at: “Camp meeting,” 1829; Credit River, 1828, 1830, 1831; Lake Simcoe, 1828, 1829, 1830; Mud Lake, 1830; Waterloo, 1830

18 Licenses for marriages solemnized by Peter Jones, 1835–18541835-1854

7 licenses

Licenses granted at: Ancaster, 1835 (for Edward Milward and Mary [Goldring?]); Kingston, 1841 (for Joseph Borris and Henrietta Dingman); Montreal, 1849 (for William Graham and Margarett McKellan; marriage solemnized at Lower Muncey); Quebec, 1854 (for William Wright and Susannah Lee); Toronto, 1836 (for Hiram Clark and Catherine Dixon), 1840 (for James Polley and Mary Cavan; George Cossway and Elizabeth Howell).

18Record of marriage solemnized by Peter Jones: 18541854

Marriage of William Wright and Susan Lee, both residents of Brantford.

Professional material -- Notes for addresses on North American Indians


Personal material -- Journal
15 Anecdote book collected by Peter Jones

Includes notes on North American Indians, list of “Oo-je-bway names given by Kahkewaqwenaby,” and descriptions of: his childhood; his missionary work, including many anecdotes relating to Indians; other subjects. Persons noted include: Rev. E. Adams; Chief John Asans; Margaret B.; Dr. Bangs; Beaver; Peter Beaver; Captain William Beaver; George [Blaken?]; Mr. Blanchard; Captain Joseph Brant; Lucy Brant; John Bullfrog; John Caleb; Rev. W. Case; John Chief; John Clark; Joseph Craig; Chief Crane; Chief J. Crane; John Crane; Mrs. Crane; Billy Dawson; James Evans; Polly Fish; Rev. E. Fraser; Billy George; W.H. (Indian Missionary); Bishop Hall; Happy Henry; Chief Abram Hill; Rev. M. Holtby; William Jackson; Jeekib; Captain Jim; Captain Joe; Captain John/Chief Wageeghegome; Captain Johnson; Jones family; George Kahbooway; Chief Kanooding; Keche-jeemon; Tom Keezhegoo; Chief Kegedoon; George Killsnake; Thomas Magee; M. Magill; John McGreggor; Rev. J. Messmore; Nageezhik; Nawuch; Pashegezhegwashkum; Rev. A. [Prinkle or Prindle?]; Chief Quenebenaw; Joseph Quenebenaw; Rev. J. R.; John Raccoon; John Riley; Rolow; Polly Rychman; Rev. W. Ryerson; D. Sawyer; David Sawyer; Chief J. Sawyer; Chief Joseph Sawyer; Mrs. Joseph Sawyer; Rev. Joseph Sawyer; Shegwuhmag; Dr. Schofield; Old Shawney; Old Big Shilling; Rev. B. Slight; Mrs. Small; John Snake; John Sunday; Polly Sunegoo; Chief Tunekoo; Tunewah; Rufus Turkey; Wahbuhdik; Chief Wageeghegome/Captain John; Waindegooqua; Rev. S. Waldran; P. Wampegoosh; Widow Wanbunosay; Wapoose; William Wilson; Magistrate Wrong; Yankee Jim; Chief Yellowhead; James York; Jas. Young.

holograph. Notebook.

Available on microfilm and in PDF format.

(pdf, 113MB)

Material about Jones -- Clippings
11bPhotograph of portrait of Jones

Acquired from George Laidler.

11bPhotograph of portrait of Jones

Acquired from George Laidler.

Literary material -- Address
14Address to the Christian public of Great Britain and Ireland in behalf of the Indian youth in Upper Canada, 18441844


Box 2
Professional material -- Sermons/notes for sermons (including notes on sermons given by other Methodist preachers)
21Holograph, [1825–57?]; 1825-1857
22Holograph, 1829–55; 1829-1855

On verso of a page of notes is 1 letter to Peter Jones from [O.?] Hammond, [1835?].

23Holograph, n.d.; n.d.
24Holograph, n.d.; n.d.
25Holograph, n.d., [ca. 1832–48];n.d., [ca. 1832-1848]


Professional material -- Questions on scripture

In handwriting of Eliza Jones.

Box 3
32Digby, Alfred: 1 in, 18501850
34 Jones, Eliza: letterbook containing copies of correspondence from Peter Jones to Eliza Jones, 1833–481833-1848

holograph, copied and annotated by Eliza Jones. Acquired from George Laidler. Available on microfilm. Transcripts, ts. and ts., cc., held in Box 3, File 5

(pdf, 296MB)

36Jones, Eliza: 7 in, 1842–461842-1846


37Brandon, Rev. A.: 2 out, 1831, 18321831, 1832


37Case, Mrs.: 1 out, 18551855

Original; incomplete.

37Crampton, Judge: 1 out, 18311831


37Givins, James: 1 out, 18291829
37Jones, John: 4 out, 1829–321829-1832

[2 originals?; 2 copies?]

37Stanley, Lord: 1 out, 18451845


37Wood, E.: 1 out, 18491849


37[?], Miss: 1 out, [1855 or 1856?][1855 or 1856?]
39Boulton, Henry: 1 in, 18301830
39Bryant, Clement/Dahgistahgarna: 2 in, 18541854

Transcript available in Box 3 File 10.

39Case, Eliza: 1 in, 18551855

Addressed to Peter and Eliza Jones.

39Case, William: 2 in, 1831, 18321831, 1832
39Creighton, Kennedy: 1 in, 18561856
39D'Este, Augustus: 1 out, 1838 1838

(includes partial transcript). Transcript available in Box 3 File 10.

39D’Este, Augustus: 3 in, n.d., 1838, 1839n.d., 1838, 1839

2 letters; 1 fragment. Transcript available in Box 3 File 10.

39Field, Emma: 1 in, 18391839


39Field, Mary: 1 in, 18321832
39Glenelg, Lord: 1 in, 18381838

Transcript available in Box 3 File 10.

39Jones, Augustus: 2 in, 1826, 18321826, 1832

Transcript available in Box 3 File 10.

39Jones, John?: 1 in, n.dn.d.


39McKay, Thomas: letter from McKay, David Sawyer and James Young, n.d.n.d.

Fragment. Transcript available in Box 3 File 10.

39Sawyer, David: letter from Sawyer, Thomas McKay and James Young, n.d.n.d.

Fragment. Transcript available in Box 3 File 10.

39Wood, Enoch: 1 in, 18491849

Transcript available in Box 3 File 10.

39Wood, James: 1 in, 18311831

Transcript available in Box 3 File 10.

39Young, James: letter from Young, Thomas McKay and David Sawyer, n.d., includes a note on the different Ojibwa dialects spoken between groups located at the East and West ends of Lake Ontario.n.d.

Fragment. Transcript available in Box 3 File 10.

310Transcripts of correspondence, excluding correspondence in letterbook held in Box 3, File 4:., 1825–1902. Includes correspondence of several persons, primarily Peter Jones and Eliza Jones.1825-1902

ts. and ts., cc. Includes extracts from diaries, journals and other documents.

311Jackson, Mr.: 1 out, 18321832

Original, written in Eliza's hand three weeks before Peter's audience with King William IV and Queen Adelaide at Windsor Castle.

Personal material
34Certificate of marriage: of Peter Jones and Elizabeth Field, 18331833

In letterbook. Available on microfilm and in PDF format.

Available Online
34Certificates of appointment: as exhorter, 1825, 1826; as preacher, 1827; as deacon, 1830; as elder, 1832; as minister, 18331825, 1826, 1827, 1830, 1832, 1833

In letterbook. Available on microfilm and in PDF format.

Available Online
38Certificate relating to appointment as minister, 18341834
310See typed transcripts of correspondence

Includes extracts from some diary and journal entries.

Other material
32Other material
34Reply of Eliza Jones to Indian chiefs at Muncey[1856]

copy, [1856]. In letterbook. Available on microfilm and in PDF format.

Available Online
39Letter to Miss Jones from Mrs. Van Sittat, 18521852
Professional material -- Sermons/notes for sermons (including notes on sermons given by other Methodist preachers)
32Printed, 18311831
Personal material -- Diaries
33 Holograph, 1827–28; 1827-1828

3 notebooks. Available on microfilm.

(pdf, 200MB)

Material about Jones
32Correspondence and notes about Jones, 18311831

Includes copy, holograph, of notes by Mrs. Wood,

32Poems inspired by Jones
34Colborne, John: letter of testimony

In letterbook. Available on microfilm and in PDF format.

Available Online
34Letters of introduction and testimonials;

In letterbook. Available on microfilm and in PDF format.

Available Online
38Letters of introduction

Includes letter from William Case.

Material about Jones -- Leaflets
31Articles about Peter Jones and Eliza Jones by Donald Smith
32Leaflet advertising an appearance, 18451845
32Leaflet advertising an appearance, 18461846

3 copies.

38Extract from records of the Synod of Glasgow and Ayr, 1845, relating to Jones1845
38Extracts from proceedings of the General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland, 1845, relating to Jones1845
38Leaflet containing testimonials, ca. 1845ca. 1845
Material about Jones -- Clippings
32Miscellaneous clippings
34Miscellaneous clippings

In letterbook. Available on microfilm and in PDF format.

Available Online
Box 6
Personal material
6 Portraits (miniature; oil) of Peter Jones and Eliza Field: painted by Matilda Jones in London, England, in 1832 and ca. 1831–32 respectively.1832 and ca. 1831-1832

Available online:

Peter Jones portrait
Eliza Field portrait

With two colour photographs of each portrait.

NOTE: This Box also includes the contents of Box 1, File 9 which was relocated due to size.

Box 8
Literary material -- Autobiography
82Brief account of Kahkewaquonaby

Includes descriptions of: his childhood; his family and native community; his schooling; his baptism and later conversion; the conversion of other members of the Jones family; his early Methodist work; the building of the first Methodist Indian Church at Davisville. Persons noted include: E. Bunnell; William Case; Seth Crawford; Thomas Davis; G. Ferguson; Henry Aaron Hill; George Hughes; Jones family; Dr. Ralph Leeming; Mr. Matthews; Reynolds; Chief Joseph Sawyer; E. Stoney; Mrs. Thomas; Rev. A. Torry; Wahbunosay; Rev. T. Whitehead.

holograph. Fragment (26 pages).

83Brief account of Kahkewaquonaby1837

Includes descriptions of: his childhood; his family and native community; his schooling; his baptism; his work among several native groups in both Ontario and the United States; the arrival of “Miss Field” in New York; his continued missionary work; his trip to Britain in 1837–38; his failing health. Persons noted include: Brother Adams; Mrs. Adams; Thomas Asance; Peter Beaver; Rev. Bethune; Thomas Biggs; Rev. Boswell; Chief Henry Brant; Chief Caleb; John Campbell; John Carey; Mrs. N. Carroll; Brother [William?] Case; Miss Chettle; Alexander Chief; John Chief; S. Chubb; Rev. Clement; Mr. Clench (Indian Agent); Brother James Currie; Chief Thomas Davis; Brother Dolson; Widow Dolson; Rev. Douse; Brother J. Evans; Rev. Ferguson; Miss [Eliza] Field; Rev. W. Fisk; Francis; Brother T. Fraser; Mr. Girty; Brother Hall; Rev. Haman; E. Harris; George Henry; William Herkimer; Henry Aaron Hill; Mr. Howell; George Hughes; Mr. Ironside (Indian Agent, Malden); Rev. J. Jackson; Rev. W. Jackson; William Jackson; Jones family; Francis; Kahzhuhgans; Chief Kanootong; Brother Keagy; Chief Kegedoons; Jas. Kezhegoo; Mr. Kirkland; Dr. Ralph Leeming; Rev. Lukenbaugh; Thomas Magee; Rev. George Marsden; Mrs. H. Moore; John Mundway; Mr. Murdock; Mr. Murphy; Oduhmekoo/Otomekoo; Chief Pazhekezhikquashkum; Mr. Peacock; Miss Pocock; Miss Piney; Mr. Reed; Brother R.; Brother Richardson; Brother Robinson; Dr. Rolph; Rev. Rose; Rev. G. Ryerson; Brother R. Ryerson; W. Ryerson; Rev. W. Ryerson; D. Sawyer; David Sawyer; Thomas Smith; Captain Snake; Rev. Spicer; Mr. Stafford; Rev. Jos. Stinson; Rev. E. Stoney; Brother John Sunday; Rev. A. Torry; Chief Tumeko; George Turkey; Rufus Turkey; Brother S. Vanderburgh; Wagemahka; Wahbunosay; Chief Wawanosh; Chief Westbrook; John Wilson; Lawyer Wood; Miss Wood; Mrs. Wood; Rev. Wood.

ts. Consists of extracts from the original manuscript (fragment) held in Box 8, File 2, along with extracts of further portions of the original manuscript [location not known] and/or diaries.

Personal material -- Diaries
81Holograph, 1829; Contains religious meditations. Some pages missing. : 1829

Subjects: William Case; Brother Huntington; George Ryerson.

Material about Jones -- Clippings
84From Canadian and British newspapers, 1827–561827-1856

Describing Jones’s missionary work in Canada; his trips to Britain; his final days and his funeral. Other persons noted: Dr. Bovel; Dr. Bangs; William Case; Rev. J. Emory; Dr. Griffin; Rev. Dr. Hannah; Rev. I. B. Howard; Dr. Lillie; Rev. A. Nelles; Mrs. Palmer; David Sawyer; John Sunday; Rev. Dr. Ryerson; Rev. John Ryerson; S. Waldron.

Box 1
11Portrait of Peter Jones [mezzotint]ca. 1835

1 rare mezzotint of a portrait of Peter Jones with facsimile signatures. Portrait painted by Matilda Jones and engraved by T.A. Dean. Original portrait is in Box 6.