Box/File List

Frederic Newton Gisborne

Box 1
Correspondence and professional papers
11Record of Building Telegraph line across Newfoundland for first Atlantic cable, by F.N. Gisborne1850-1856; 1990

Holograph notebook that includes lists of tools and provisions; copies of agreements with labourers and superintendents; extracts from work reports; memoranda; lists of labourers, carpenters, skippers, cooks, superintendents, telegraph operators and other personnel; and measurements of distances; includes leather notebook case.

Also includes microfilm copy of notebook; microfilmed February, 1990.

12Gisborne's Journal of an Electric Telegraph Survey in Newfoundland1851; 1852

Holograph journal kept by Gisborne while conducting a survey in Newfoundland from October to December 1851.

Includes a copy of American Telegraph Magazine 1, no. 1, (New York, October, 1852), 32 p., appendix 16 p., which has the article "Submarine Telegraphs in America-Proposed Newfoundland Route-Shortening the Time of Communication between Europe and America," p. 9; the appendix contains a memorial of Henry O'Rielly and accompanying documents proposing a system of telegraphic and letter-mail communication between the Atlantic and Pacific.

Includes photocopy of journal, which should be consulted as opposed to the original journal.

19Letter copybook1856-1861

Contains copies of letter sent by Gisborne, between 1859 and 1861; includes copy of patent statement for telegraphic system devised by F.N. Gisborne and Francis O.J. Smith, with sketches.

Includes copies of carbon-ink paper used by Gisborne to create copies; held in original leather case.

Fragile, handle with care.

Material about Gisborne and the history of the first trans-Atlantic cable -- Notes
110Clippings regarding Gisborne and the first Trans-Atlantic telegraph cable[18--], [19--], 1904

Various newspaper and magazine clippings, and photocopies of clippings containing biographical information on Gisborne and the Trans-Atlanic telegraph line.

Also includes: The Empire Cables: Circular Letter from the Board of Trade of the City of Ottawa, Canada (Ottawa: 1904), 10 p.; fragile, handle with care. 

Material about Gisborne and the history of the first trans-Atlantic cable -- Serials
13Correspondence on the subject of a submarine telegraph between the western coast of Canada, on the Pacific Ocean, and the telegraph system of Asia1880

Transcriptions of correspondence between Sandford Fleming, Engineer-in-Chief, Canadian Pacific Railway, and F.N. Gisborne, Superintendent, Telegraph and Signal Service, Dominion of Canada, dated June 11, 1879 and June 13, 1879; printed in [British Columbia. Legislative Assembly.] Sessional papers. No. 123, Appendix No. 24 (Victoria: 1880), 3 p.

Fragile, handle with care.

14Report on the Telegraph and Signal Service of the Dominion of Canada, Giving an Historical Account of its Establishment, Cost of Maintenance, &c., by F.N. Gisborne, Superintendent1883

Contains report made by Gisborne in Ottawa, 15th December, 1882; printed in [British Columbia. Legislative Assembly.] Sessional papers. No. 10, Appendix No. 28 only (Victoria: 1883), 6 p.

Fragile, handle with care.

15Report on Government Telegraph Lines, for the fiscal Year ended 30th June, 1884, by F.N. Gisborne, Superintendent1885

Contains report made by Gisborne in Ottawa, 15th July, 1884; printed in [British Columbia. Legislative Assembly.] Sessional papers. No. 10, Appendix No. 22 only (Victoria: 1885), 18 p. 

Also includes: "Statements Showing 1st - Contracts Let by the Department. 2nd - Property Purchased by the Department. 3rd - Property Leased by or to the Department, during fiscal year ended 30th June, 1884" by A. Gobeil, Law Clerk; printed in [British Columbia. Legislative Assembly.] Sessional papers. No. 10, Appendix No. 23 only (Victoria: 1885), 9 p.; includes copy of covering letter and detailed lists of legal transactions.

Fragile, handle with care.

16Return: To an Address of the House of Commons, dated the 29th of May, 1899, for copies of all Orders in Council and correspondence connected with and relating to the offer of the Government of British Columbia, made in 1899, respecting the Pacific cable1899

Contains copies of correspondence between Sir Wilfred Laurier and F. Cotton-Carter, Minister of Finance, all dated 1899, collected and published by R.W. Scott, Secretary of State; printed in [British Columbia. Legislative Assembly.] Sessional papers. No. 51B (Victoria: 1899), 3p.

Also includes: "Return: To An Address of the House of Commons dated 30th March, 1898, for copies of all papers and correspondence respecting the enforcement of Coasting Laws of Canada on the Pacific or Atlantic coasts" [by] R.W. Scott, Secretary of State; printed in [British Columbia. Legislative Assembly.] Sessional papers. No. 52 (Victoria: 1899), 62 p.; contains correspondence between several persons, dated 1887-1898.

Fragile, handle with care.

18Letters from Hon. P. Fortin, M.P., on the Telegraph and Signal Service System in the Gulf of the St. Lawrence, and also on the Norwegian Telegraph System, showing its importance in connection with the development of the sea fisheries of Norway1883

Contains letters between P. Fortin and other persons, dated 1881, and reports from telegraph stations, including names of personnel, dated 1881-1882; printed in [British Columbia. Legislative Assembly.] Sessional papers. No. 10, Appendix No. 29 (Victoria: 1883), 26 p. 

Also includes "Tabulated Profiles in Memoranda: inland navigation of Canada, ocean routes thence to foreign countries, Canadian land routes to the seaboard, government railways, railway mail routes of Canada, also the principal overland mail routes and lines of railway and water communication in Manitoba, the North-West Territories and British Columbia" by G.F. Baillairgé; printed in [British Columbia. Legislative Assembly.] Sessional papers. No. 10, Appendix No. 30 (Victoria: 1883), 1 p.; contains covering letter from G.F. Baillairgé to Hector L. Langevin, dated 1883.

Fragile, handle with care.

Other material
17Photographs of F.N. Gisborne and Samuel Morse[18--], [19--]

One (1) early sepia copy of a photograph of Samuel Morse [possibly gelatin process? of albumen original?], annotation on verso: "original photograph of Samuel Morse, Inventory of Television"; one (1) sepia photograph of F.N. Gisborne [albumen print, produced by William Notman, but photographer may have been "Topley"; annotation on his portrait were made by F.N. Gisborne and removed by his son, Francis H. Gisborne; one (1) undated col. slide of a plaque commemorating the first submarine telegraph line in America, note in acquisition file states: "Of plaque erected at Government Buildings, Charlottetown, to F.N. Gisborne."

2 photographs : sepia; 2 photographs : b&w; 1 photograph : 35 mm col. slide ; 2 photographs : 35 mm b&w negatives.

Includes one (1) undated postcard, which marks the spot of the Gisborne commemorative plaque on the Government Buildings; annotation on verso: "Tablet on the Provincial Building, Charlottetown, P.E.I. marking Mr. F.N. Gisborne's achievement in laying teh first undersea cable from Carlton Head, P.E.I. to Cape Tourmentine, N.B."

(Photos P1-5)
111Miscellaneous mateiral relating to Gisborne and the first Trans-Atlantic telegraph cable1858, [1867?], 1930-1958

Various newspaper and magazine clippings regarding F.N. Gisborne and the first Trans-Atlanic telegraph line; "Testimonials to F.N. Gisborne, Esq., Engineer and Electrician, London", printed 1858; One (1) lithograph print: "Telegraph House Trinity Bay, Newfoundland, Interior of "Mess Room" 1858", lithograph by G. McCullock from a drawing by R. Dudley, London: Day & Son Limited, Lith, [1867?].

Material is fragile, handle with care.

112Map No. 4 (Western Section) Dominion of Canada Telegraph & Signal Service Sir Hector L. Langevin, Minister of Public Works F.N. Gisborne, Superintendent, T. & S. Service, 18831883

Projected by F.N. Gisborne Drawn by Gust. Smith. G.E. Desbarats & Co., Lith., Montreal  

(Currently in conservation, April 4, 2017).

113Notes on F.N. Gisborne[19--?]

Undated holograph research notes, created by an unknown person, pertaining to F.N. Gisborne, which include biographical information and research.

114Early British Columbia telephone, telegraph and Mounted Police map with Gisborne correspondence1888

Early B.C. telephone, telegraph, and Mounted Police Map, with holograph inscription at bottom: "telegraph line recommended Golden City to "The Fort"' to accompany a report of Supt. S.B. Steele; includes holograph letter from Gisborne to Mr. White, dated December 29, 1888, and a typescript reply to Gisborne's letter dated December 31st.

Fragile, handle with care.

Box 2
2Sections of cable[between 1850 and 1870]

Two (2) sections of a transatlantic telegraph cable, one wrapped in protective casing of hemp, steel, and probably tar.

Fragile, handle with care.