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James Evans

Box 1
Correspondence -- Correspondence of James Evans
13Evans family (parents of James Evans): 1 out, 1833; (Letter from James Evans to his parents.) 1833

Subjects: Clarissa Evans; Ephraim Evans (brother of James Evans); Mary Evans; George Marsden.

111Stinson, Joseph: 1 out, 1841;1841

With photocopy and typed transcript. Discussing his work developing a Cree syllabic alphabet, preparations for printing, and his plans for an upcoming trip to Saskatchewan and Alberta.

112Evans, Clarissa: 1 out, 1841;1841
118Evans, Ephraim: 1 in, 1839;1839

Subjects: Clarissa Evans; Mary Evans.

119Evans, Ephraim: 1 in, 1842; 1842

With typed transcript. Acquired from Egerton Young, who received it from Margaret Tindale in 1953.

Literary manuscripts -- Articles
15Wawanosh's second petition: written in Evans' hand;

See information in inventory.

17[On Cree language]: holograph;


17[On Cree language]: photocopy (of original held at University of WesternOntario);
18[On Cree language]: holograph;

With photocopy.

19[On Cree language]: holograph;

With photocopy.

114Christmas festival at Norway House: holograph;


117[Poems and hymns, in English]: holograph (ascribed to Evans);

See description in inventory.

Literary manuscripts -- Printed syllabics
121Examples (eight pages) of Evans' later Cree syllabic system, made on a press that arrived at Norway House in 1842;1842
Professional Material -- Report
115[On the mission at Norway House]

holograph. Incomplete. With typed transcript.

Professional Material -- Requisition Form
116To Wesleyan Missionary Society, 18451845

Partially glued to a tear-sheet.

Personal Material -- Diary
16aDiary "Of missionary expedition in Lake Huron and Lake Superior region, 1838"1838

Closed for conservation purposes. Please use microfiche in 6B.

Found among the Peter Jones papers, Victoria University Library, when they were being sorted in 1974. With holograph transcript [made ca. 1974?];

Written in school notebook belonging to his daughter.  Includes notes about: natural history, weather; native language; native people, Methodist missionaries, missionaries representing other denominations, Hudson's Bay Company officials, and other persons encountered. Persons noted include: Captain Anderson; Rev. Bingham; Brother Brockway; Mr. Clouston; Brother John Elliott; Mr. Fingleson; Brother Jacob Herkimer; Brother Thomas Hurlburt; Captain Hyndman; Brother Peter Jacobs; Sister Jacobs; Brother John James; Col. S. Jarvis (Superintendent of Indian Affairs); Mr. McCoy (Agent, Hudson's Bay Company); Mr. McDonald (Agent, Hudson's Bay Company); Brother Montgomery; William Nourse (Factor, Hudson's Bay Company); Rev. O'Neil; Shenguaqk; Chief Sengoung; Mr. [Shingwang?]; Chief [Shingwankoonse?]; Brother John Sunday; Uzigkenauk.

16bTranscript and microfiche of Diary

Transcript and microfiche of diary in 6A.

Personal Material -- Certificates
11Of appointment as Deacon, 18321832
12Of ordination as Minister, 18331833
Material Created by Evans, in Non-Textual Media -- Sketchbook
113Containing pencil sketches and poems1842

One sketch dated 1842.

Material Created by Evans, in Non-Textual Media -- Printing Type
110Three type slugs cast by Evans, ca. 18401840

See description in inventory.

Material About Evans
129.1Articles in The Bulletin relating to Evans


Other Material
14Silk marker given by James Evans to “Sarah.” Presented by Mrs. Ephraim Evans and Mary Ann Evans
120Printed copy of The Lord’s Prayer, in stylized English imitating Cree syllabic type
122Manuscript for a portion of the Book of Genesis, translated into Cree syllabics by John Sinclair
123Declaration by John Maclean on the authenticity of the manuscript of a portion of the Book of Genesis, translated by John SinclairMarch 23, 1891

Includes a transcript of the declaration.

123.1Letter from John Maclean to Professor McLaughlin, 18981898
124Letter from John Sinclair to a fellow missionary, 18691869
125Letter from Robert B. Steinhauer to John McNab, 19361936

Subjects: John Sinclair; Henry B. Steinhauer. With: declaration by Robert B. Steinhauer that James Evans was the inventor of the Cree syllabic system, that John Sinclair and Henry B. Steinhauer were translators, and that William Mason was not; File 27

126Copy of instructions from Robert Alder to William Mason, 18401840
127Baptismal certificate signed by Robert Terrill Rundle, written in Cree syllabic characters;

Acquired from J.P. Berry. Material relating to its provenance and contents in Box 1, File 28.

128Material relating to Baptismal certificate's provenance and contents

See Box 1, File 27 for the certificate.

131Book containing holograph copies by Egerton Ryerson Young of Cree hymns represented alphabetically, along with tear-sheets of each hymn represented in Cree syllabics

For more information, see inventory.


Box 2
21Journal of daily occurences at Hudson’s Bay Company fort at Port Ellice, Manitoba; copy made and annotated by George Pateman; other documents


22Manuscript for autobiography of F.G. Stevens

ts., cc. Annotated by G.B. King; With related notes by G.B. King and Mrs. F.G. Stevens. Another copy [original?] is held in United College Archives, Winnipeg.

23Letters from William Case to: John Bentham (1832); Egerton Ryerson (1828); George Ryerson (1828); plus letter from Mrs. William Case to William Case (1830); 1828, 1830, 1832


24Letter from Henry Corbier to John Corbier

Written in Ojibway?

25Photographs (includes portraits of Evans, Norway House, syllabics) and slides of documents in the Evans collection; clippings; other items
Box 3
36Photographs of printed pages relating to Indian languages, with photocopies of the photographs
Correspondence -- Correspondence of Hudson's Bay Company
31Card index with descriptions of individual letters;
32Photocopies of correspondence, July 30, 1839 – Dec. 2, 1844 ;1839-1844
33Photocopies of correspondence, May 12, 1845 – Dec. 3, 1845 ;1845
34Photocopies of correspondence, Dec. 26, 1845 – July 26, 1849 ;1845-1849
35Transcripts of correspondence. 1839 – 1849;1839-1849
36Photostats of various syllabariums of Indian languages used in Canadian West and Northwestn.d.


37Transcripts of correspondence, 1839-1849 (duplicates);1839-1849
37Typed transcripts and photocopies of 72 letters relating to Evans' tenure at Norway House, exchanged among the following: Robert Alder, George Barnley, James Evans, Mary Evans, Donald Ross, George Simpson, William Mason.1839-1849
Box 4
Correspondence -- Correspondence in other repositories and in publications
41Lists of Evans letters, 1829-1891, in University of Western Ontario and Hudson’s Bay archivesand in publications;1829-1891
42Typed transcripts of letters, addresses, journal entries and other records, 1829-1845;1829-1845
43Typed transcripts, 1829-1846, 1865, 1877;1829-1846, 1865, 1877
44Typed transcripts (duplicates), 1829-1846, 1877;1829-1846, 1877
45Typed transcripts (duplicates) 1840, 1841, 1846, 1877;1840, 1841, 1846, 1877
46Typed transcripts, 1833, 1838-1846;1833, 1838-1846
47Typed transcripts, 1830-1865;1830-1865
Box 5
51Photostats and typed transcripts, 1829-1837;1829-1837
52Photostats and typed transcripts, 1838-1842;1838-1842
53Photostats and typed transcripts, 1840-1841;1840-1841
54Photostats and typed transcripts, 1842-1846;1842-1846
55Photostats and typed transcripts, 1846, 1865-1877;1846, 1865-1877
56Photostats of letters and other records in Cree syllabics


Box 6
Material About Evans
62–3Correspondence, notes, offprints, printed articles, tear-sheets, and clippings relating to James Evans, Ephraim Evans and their contemporaries
64Photocopies of papers about James Evans
611–12Articles on Evans written by Victoria University Library staff
Other Material
61Manuscript account [by John Semmens] of the mission at Norway House

two copies, ts. and ts.,cc.

61Manuscript on John Semmens’s exoneration of Evans, by J.A. Lousley

ts., cc., with typed transcript. Related letter from Lousley to Dr. Arnup

65–10Correspondence relating to the Evans collection
613Notes on material relating to Evans held at the University of Western Ontario
Box 7
71“Spiritual Light” (Norway House periodical), 1955–19571955-1957
72Syllabic hymnaries, n.d., 1946n.d., 1946

Includes "Ap-ca-ko-uw aw-se-ya-si-iku" and "Ni-ka-mo-nay".

73Syllabic hymnbooks printed at Chengtu in the Hwa Miao language (3 copies), [ca. 1907][ca. 1907]
74Syllabic periodicals published by Canadian Government, 1960–1962, 19781960-1962, 1978


Inuktitut, January 1960 (syllabic)

Inuktitut, January 1960

Inuktitut, August 1960

Inuktitut, August 1961

Inuktitut, December 1961

Inuktitut, May 1962

Inuktitut, Spring 1978

Box 8
81–4James Evans Personal Papers: Lectures, Papers, Miscellaneous Notes1829-1846

Microfilm copies of personal papers (1829–1846) held at the University of Western Ontario.

Box 9
Material Created by Evans, in Non-Textual Media -- Printing Type
9 Fount of type for Evans’s later Cree syllabic system
Box 10
10Fount of type for Evans’s later Cree syllabic system


Box 11
Personal Material -- Diary
111Part Two of the diary published in Northward journal: a quarterly of northern arts, no. 45
Material About Evans
114Travels in the shining island: the story of James Evans and the invention of the Cree Syllabarry by Roger Burford Mason1996-1997

Includes research material, related correspondence and other records, 1996–1997.

Material Relating to the Evans Trial
112Photocopy of record of trial proceedings, Feb. 1846 Feb 1846

Original held in Archives of the British Wesleyan Missionary Society.

113Photocopy of letter from R.Adler to George Simpson, Dec. 1846Dec. 1846
Box 12
Literary manuscripts -- Book printed by Evans
12Three copies of the Cree syllabic hymnbook, printed in 18411841