Tip Sheets

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The Records Management program uses Tip Sheets, short, informal documents, to provide guidance on common Records Management issues.

Currently Available

Archival Transfer - Electronic Records [Updated January 2020]

Archival Transfer - Paper Records [Updated December 2023]

Digital Signatures [Updated January 2021]

Email: Keep or Delete? [Updated September 2022]

Naming Conventions [Updated November 2019]
*Print on legal sized paper for full size.

Records Destruction [Updated July 2019]
*Print on legal sized paper for full size.

Transitory Records [Updated March 2019]

Work from Home-Temporary Guidance [Updated April 2020]


Please download and share! If there is a topic that you would like to see turned into a tip sheet, please contact the Records Manager.

Last updated: December 19, 2023