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Events listings 1937/38–1958/59
  • Calendar of Events, Emmanuel College, 1937/38

  • Coming Events, Victoria University, 1952

  • Social Calendar and Directory, Victoria College, 1958/59

Athletics Dinners 1923–1969
  • Programme, Dean’s Dinner in honour of The Tennis Team, The Basketball Team, The Hockey Team, The Basketball Team, 1923

  • Programme, Dinner in honour of the Six Interfaculty Championship Teams, 1927/28

  • Programmes, Mulock Cup Dinners, 1959, 1961–1964, 1966, 1967, 1968

  • Invitation, Mulock Cup dinner, 1966-1969

  • See also, Student groups—Athletic Union and Student groups—Women’s Athletic Association/Union for the Annual Athletic Banquet programmes

Christmas/holiday 1939–2017, n.d.
  • Song sheet, Carol Singing, Wymilwood, 1939

  • Programme, Emmanuel College Christmas Musical, "Joy to the World," 1950

  • Programme, Christmas Dinner, Burwash Hall, 1982

  • Notice, Administrative Staff Christmas Luncheon, 1997

  • Notice, Festive Dinner, Annesley Hall and Rowell Jackman Hall, 2004, 2012

  • Invitations, President’s Christmas Tea, 1987, 1988, 1989,1992-1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2010, 2011, 2016, 2017, n.d.

  • Registrar's Office Christmas Party Inviation, 1990-1994, 1996, 1997, n.d.

  • Chirstmas Cards from Administration, n.d, n.d.

  • Invitations, Victoria Christmas Tea, 1998-99

  • Programme, "A Christmas Celebration A Service of readings and Carols," 1994, 1995

  • Programme, "An Advent Celebration of Readings and Carols," 1996

Christmas/holiday cards 1915–2011, n.d.
  • Christmas cards, 1915, 1932, 1935–1937, 1938, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011, n.d.

  • Christmas cards sent to the Library

Junior–Senior Dinner 1925–1935
  • Programme, 1925, 1929, 1930, 1933–1935

Retirement Tea and Events 1930-2015
  • Invitation, programme, address, dinner for Rev. Bowles retirement, 1930

  • Invitation, garden party for Goldwin French retirement, 1987

  • Invitation, retirement tea, 1995, 1997-1999

  • Programme, retirement tea, 2007

  • Various retirement tea handouts, speeches, etc.

  • Invitation, menu, donor card, programme and song sheet for Paul Gooch's retirement celebration, 2015

  • Menu, Dinner for William J. Callahan's retirement, 1999

  • Invitation, Reception for Kenneth R. Thompson, n.d.

  • Invitation, Reception for Larry Kurtz, Bursar from 1985-2003, 2003

Special Dinners, Luncheons and Receptions [n.d.]
  • Notice, tea Invitation, luncheon in honour of the Visiting members of the American Library Association

  • Invitation, reception to meet Professor Henry Schofield

  • Invitation, dinner in honour of the Board of Governors of the West China Union University

  • Notice, Sir Joseph and Lady Flavelle At Home

  • Invitation, for David W. Smith on occasion of his election to Royal Society of Canada, n.d.

  • Invitation, dinner to Rev. H. Haigh, President-Elect of the British Methodist Conference, n.d.

  • Blank invitation, tea with President Brown, n.d.

  • Reception, in honour of Miss Kathleen H. Coburn, n.d.

  • Notice, tea to meet the Governor General of Canada, n.d.

  • Reception in Emmanuel College to meet Dr. and Mrs. Albright, n.d.

Special Dinners, Luncheons and Receptions 1887-1894
  • Menu, Dunham House, Cobourg, 1887

  • Programme, annual dinner, Class ’90 U.V.C., 1888

  • Programme, complementary dinner to the faculty and students of Victoria by E. Jackson Sanford in Faraday Hall, 1890

  • Invitation, to meet the members of the Toronto Conference, 1893

  • Invitation, reception of their excellencies the Governor General and the Countess of Aberdeen, 1894

  • Invitation to meet professors of Union Theological College and Victoria University Faculty of Theology, n.d.

Special Dinners, Luncheons and Receptions 1900–1909
  • Programme, Annual Banquet of Conference Theology Class, 1903

  • Invitation, Reception to meet the Faculty of Arts of the University of Toronto and of the Federated Colleges, 1905

Special Dinners, Luncheons and Receptions 1910–1919
  • Invitation, programme/menu, Luncheon in honour of the Rev. Nathanael Burwash, 1913

  • Programme, dinner for students of Victoria Overseas with his Majesty’s Forces, 1919

Special Dinners, Luncheons and Receptions 1920–1929
  • Programme, Victoria College luncheon to classes ’55–’81, 1921

  • Invitation, Reception for missionaries on furlough, 1927

  • Notice, programme, Victoria College Dinner given by the faculty, Alumnae association and Alumni Association, in honour of students awarded medals, scholarships and prizes, 1928

Special Dinners, Luncheons and Receptions 1930–1939
  • Invitation, dinner to meet Rev. George W. Richards, 1930

  • Invitation, Miss Addison At Home, 1931

  • Invitation, reception for Pres. R.C. Wallace of University of Alberta, 1932

  • Invitation, programme, diner in honour of Dr. R. Gordon Agnew and Mrs. Agnew of the Faculty of Dentistry, West China Union University

  • Invitation, teachers dinner, 1937

  • Tickets, Royal Procession, May 22, 1939

  • Invitation, tea, 1930s

  • Invitation, Reception in Honour of the Chancellor Elect Rev. Edward Wilson Wallace, 1930

Special Dinners, Luncheons and Receptions 1940–1949
  • Notice, Dinner at Wymilwood in honour of Professor Land and Mrs. Lane, Professor Ford and Mrs. Ford, Professor Lasserre and Mrs. Lasserre, 1940

  • Invitation, presentation of a triptych by Dr. Currely and unveiling of portrait of Principal Davidson, 1944

  • Invitation, First Class Honours Dinner, 1944, 1947

  • Invitation, dinner for Sir Richard Livingstone, [1945]

  • Invitation, dinner in honour of Major-General A.C. Spencer, 1945

  • Invitation, reception for Hon. L.B. Pearson 1945

  • Invitation, dinner for L.B. Pearson, 1945

  • Invitation, dinner in Burwash Hall with Rev. Lynn Harold Hough, speaker, [ca. 1947]

  • Invitation, tea

  • Invitation, dinner for alumnae and alumni workers in Victoria University Campaign

  • Invitation, tea in honour of Dr. Brown and Mrs. Brown, [1949]

  • Invitation, reception in Emmanuel College to meet Dr. and Mrs. Albright, 1949

  • Programme/menu for the Faculty Dinner to the Graduating Class in Arts, 1945

Special Dinners, Luncheons and Receptions 1950–1959
  • Invitation, reception for Mr. and Mrs. Moore, 1950

  • Invitation, dinner for Sir Benegal Rau, 1951

  • Invitation, dinner in honour of E.J. Pratt, 1953

  • Invitation, dinner for Rev. J.S. Thomson, 1955

  • Invitation, luncheon, 1955

  • Invitation, buffet dinner in Wymilwood, 1956

Special Dinners, Luncheons and Receptions 1960–1969
  • Programme, dinner in honour of Hartley Grant Robertson and William Ewart Staples, 1960

  • Invitation, dinner at the Ballroom at the Granite Club, 1961

  • Invitation, programme, Charter Day Dinner, 1965

Special Dinners, Luncheons and Receptions 1970–1979
  • Programme, Victoria University Farewell to Dr. and Mrs. A.B.B. Moore, 1970

  • Initiations, first class honours dinner, 1972, 1973

Special Dinners, Luncheons and Receptions 1980–1989
  • Invitation, reception and dinner, for Northrop Frye, 1982

  • Invitation, dinner for first year class, 1985

  • Reception celebrating launch of Northrop Frye’s No Uncertain Sounds, 1988

Special Dinners, Luncheons and Receptions 1990–1999
  • Invitation, 80th birthday of Laure Riese, 1990

  • Invitation, unveiling and dedication of Katie McTavish memorial sundial, 1994

  • Menu, Banquet in Honour of Participants in the World Leadership Programme, 1995

  • Invitation, Dinner to Honour Principal Alexandra F. Johnston, 1991

Special Dinners, Luncheons and Receptions 2000–2009
  • Programme, The Board of Regents Honours president Roseann Runte, 2001

  • Programme, Gentlemen's Dining-In, 2002

  • Invitation, programme, The Board of Regents Honours Larry R. Kurtz, 2003

  • Invitation, programme, celebration dinner and week-end of festivities in honour of Dr. Kenneth D. Taylor and Dr. Patricia Taylor, 2004

  • Invitation, dinner for Elizabeth Gail Brimbecom, Eva Milada Kushner and John Steven Mighton, honorary degree recipients, 2006

  • Invitation, Chancellor’s Council Luncheon 2007

  • Invitation, dinner for Grafton Antone and Roger Charles Hutchinson, honorary degree recipients, 2007

  • Invitation, dinner with John Bemrose, 2007

  • Invitation, Distinguished alumni Award Dinner for Catherine Bates, 2007

  • Invitation, dinner for Isabel Crook, honorary degree recipient, 2008

  • Invitation, dinner for Peter Wyatt, ending his term as Principal of Emmanuel College, 2008

  • Invitation, dinner and presentation on Theological Education and Congregational Leadership by Rev. Peter Wyatt, May 2007

Special Dinners, Luncheons and Receptions 2010–2016, 2018
  • Programme and poster, Chancellor’s Council and Charter Day Luncheon, 2009

  • Programme, Chancellor’s Council and Charter Day Luncheon, 2010

  • Invitation, dinner to celebrate Norman F. Jewison, 2010

  • Reception, Rev. Douglas Jay, Emeritus Principal of Emmanuel College, 2010

  • Invitation and programme, a dinner honouring Margaret Atwood, 2011

  • Invitation and menu, dinner in honour of Helen Vari and Steven Hillel Paikin, 2011

  • Programme, Charter Day Luncheon and Chancellor's Council, 2011

  • Invitation and menu, dinner in honour of Henry Newton Rowell Jackman, 2011

  • Programme, A Luncheon to Honour Thain Wendell Macdowell, 2011

  • Programme, Distinguished Alumni Award Dinner in honour of Anne (Weldon) Tait Vic 5T4, 2012

  • Invitation, Luncheon in honour of Adromache Karakatatsanis and Carole Taylor, 2012

  • Invitation to dinner in honour of Ursula Martius Franklin and James Alexander Kirkwood, n.d.

  • Invitation, Concert and Reception as an expression of gratitude Paul Gooch and Pauline Thompson, 2015

  • Programme, Vic One Year End Dinner, 2016

  • Invitation to dinner in honour of Cassim Degani and Stanley John McKay, honorary degree recipients, 2018

Concerts and Performances 1931-2003
  • Programme, Burwash Hall Sunday Evening Musicale, 1931

  • Programme, Victoria University Orchestra Twelfth Annual Concert, 1932

  • Programme, Gala Opening of The Isabel Bader Theatre, "The Chemistry of Love," 2001

  • Programme, Measha Brueggergosman in concert at the Isabel Bader Theatre, 2005

  • Programme, Organ Recital in The Chapel of Emmanual College by Mr. Douglas Cambpell assisted by the Emmanuel College Choir, n.d.

  • Ticket, "The Jessie Macpherson Commemorative Concert Series: William Wright Concert," 1987

  • Programme, Victoria College Wymilwood Concert, 1977

Graduation Banquets/Receptions/Celebrations 1945-1985
  • Graduation Banquet Programme/menu, 1985

  • Graduation Dinner Programme/menu, 1960

  • Graduation reception invitation, 1945, 1950, 1960, 1985

  • Invitation, semi-formal graduation dinner, 1950

Victoria College Fellows Book Launch 2015
  • Programme, 2015

Portrait Unveiling
  • Invitation, portrait of C. Douglas Jay, 1990