Buildings and Grounds

Title Date Range contents
General n.d., 1994
  • Blank form, requisition form for repairs, furniture, supplies and work, n.d.

  • Information sheet, Victoria University Campus [map], 1994

Annesley Hall
  • See Residences-Annesley Hall—construction and building commemoration

Bader Theatre 2001
  • Programme, Gala Opening, 2001

Birge—Carnegie Building
  • See Library and Archives—Archives building

  • And Library and Archives—Library building

Burwash Hall
  • See Residences-Burwash Hall—Building construction and anniversaries

E.J. Pratt Library
  • See Library and Archives—Library building

Emmanuel College Building 1930–1931, n.d.
  • Invitation, programme, laying of the Corner Stone, 1930

  • List of contents deposited in the corner stone of Emmanuel College, 1930

  • Invitation, programme, luncheon following the dedication, 1931

  • Invitation/announcement, programme, order of service, dedication of new buildings, 1931

  • Ticket, programme, Convocation in divinity to celebration the official opening, 1931

  • Notice for official delegate at public opening and dedication, 1931

  • Invitation, formal handing over of the New Academic building for Emmanuel College, n.d.

Goldring Student Centre 2011, 2013
  • Invitation, programme, 2013

  • Booklet, "Goldring Student Centre, For Community and College Life," n.d.

  • Donations Promotional Booklet, "Sometimes to find your place..." n.d.

  • Donations Card, Letter and Envalope

Lester B. Pearson Garden for Peace and Understanding 2000
  • Brochure, programme,

Margaret Addison Hall
  • See Residences—Margaret Addison Hall—Building construction and anniversaries

Northrop Frye Hall/New Academic Building 1966
  • Invitation to opening, programme, 1966

Skating Rink 1925-1933, n.d.
  • Programme, 1925/26

  • Rink cards, n.d.

  • Rink Student Ticket, 1932-1933

  • Christmas Greeting, 1931

Victoria College Building 1892
  • Invitation, programme, 1892

Wymilwood/Victoria College Union 1926–1952, n.d.
  • Programme, dedication service of Wymilwood, 1926

  • Invitation, laying of corner stone of Victoria College Union, 1951

  • Invitations, Opening of Wymilwood, 1952

  • Brochure, “Your Campus Centre” n.d.