Records relating to writing, teaching and research

Title: Records relating to writing, teaching and research
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Series consists of dissertation on Evelyn Waugh, 1971; research material, including “Evelyn Waugh Newsletter And Studies”, 1967–1993; manuscript/typescript and published articles re Waugh, 1973–1985; records re academic career, 1973–1996.


Waugh, Evelyn, 1903–1966

Box 10
106Dissertation “Evelyn Waugh and the Comic Macabre”1971
Box 11
111 Photocopy of Waugh manuscript of “Ninety-two days”1969
112 “Evelyn Waugh Newsletter”1967-1978
113 “Evelyn Waugh Newsletter”1979-1989
114 “Evelyn Waugh Newsletter And Studies”1990-1993
115 Manuscript and typescript articles re Waugh1973-1975
116 Published articles re Waugh1974-1985
117 Records re academic career1973-1996
Box 3
Dissertation "Evelyn Waugh and the Comic Macabre", 1971
36Notes and photocopies1968-1971
37Notes and photocopies 1968-1971
38Notes and photocopies 1968-1971
Box 4
41Notes and photocopies1968-1971
42Notes and photocopies1968-1971
43Notes and photocopies1968-1971
46Incoming correspondence 1968-1972
Year's Work in Waugh Studies
47Year's Work in Waugh Studies for 1974 1974
48Year's Work in Waugh Studies for 19751975-1976
Box 5
51Year's Work in Waugh Studies for 1976 1976
52Year's Work in Waugh Studies for 1977, including corres. with Paul Doyle1977
53Year's Work in Waugh Studies for 1978, including corres. with Paul Doyle1978
Various correspondence, notes and research
54Notes on material at the Humanities Research Center Library (HRCL), The University of Texas at Austin [1970s]
55Notes on material at HRCL, The University of Texas at Austin [1970s]
56Notes on Waugh's MS letters and on the changes to the War Trilogy taken at the HRCL, The University of Texas at Austin [1970s]
57"The Waugh-Carew Correspondence," accepted by HRC Library Chronicle in 1973 and rejected in 1979, including correspondence with David Farmer, James Bragg, A.D. Peters [1970s]
58Waugh's divorce papers, Will, Death Certificate, and ephemera re "The Waugh Diaries"1967, 1982, n.d.
59"The Waugh Diaries," published in The ObserverApril-May 1973
Box 6
61N. Cohen broadcast and assorted research 1966, 1981, n.d.
62Notes for Waugh's Decline and Fall in Manuscript, 1974 [ca. 1974]
63"Waugh and Rossetti" and "A Revolution in Film Art" for Evelyn Waugh Newsletter and unpublished articles: "Waugh's Work Suspended", "Brideshed in Manuscript", and "The Lush Places"1976, 1977, n.d.
64Photocopies of Waugh illustrations 1980, n.d.
65"Intellect, Appetite, and Example in the Novels of Evelyn Waugh", published in English Studies in Canada, March 1985 1982-1985
66Notes, correspondence, and interview "Lunch with Mrs WaughL an interview by Jeffrey Heath", 19691969, 1979, 1987-1989
67Misc. correspondence and reseach1968-1991
68Satire reading list and notes n.d.
Box 1
Various correspondence, notes and research
14Material relating to "Intellect and Appetite in the Novels of Evelyn Waugh" and thesis outline ca. 1985

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