George Whalley records

Title: George Whalley records
Dates of Material:
85 cm of textual records
Biographical sketch

George Whalley, 1915–1983, was born in Kingston, Ontario. He graduated with a B.A. in Classics from Bishop's University in 1935, earning a Rhodes scholarship that took him to Oriel College at Oxford, where he completed a B.A. (1939). After serving with distinction in the Royal Canadian Navy he taught at Bishop's, and also completed an M.A. there (1948), followed by a Ph.D. at the University of London (King's College), in 1950. That same year Whalley began a lengthy and distinguished career in the Department of English at Queen's University; when he retired in 1980 he had authored and edited many publications, as well as articles and essays. George Whalley was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and received several honorary doctorates.

Scope and content

Subseries consists of records created and accumulated by George Whalley in editing Marginalia volumes, predominantly vols. I and II. Includes research notes and notebooks, transcripts of letters and marginalia, and related correspondence, 1945–1982; research correspondence files to and from libraries, archives and booksellers, and Collected Works colleagues, 1946–1982; research material, including clippings, articles, photocopies and photographs of book pages, translations, publications, and related correspondence, [194–?]–1977; editing and publishing records of various volumes of Marginalia, including drafts, notes, proofs, statistics, lists, indexes, correspondence, and other records relating to the revision, layout, printing and distribution; arranged chronologically, [194–?]–1983.

Custodial history

Records were held at Kingston; after Whalley’s death they were transferred to the Collected Works editorial office at Victoria University

Related material

George Whalley fonds is held at Queen’s University Archives

Access points

Provenance access points: Whalley, George, 1915–1983

Box 2
Notes and transcripts
21 Appendices
22 Book lists
23 Egerton manuscripts
24 Notebook
25 Notebook
26 Various
27 Gutch Memorandum Book1945-1947
28 Harvard1947
29 Oxford notebook1949
210 London notebook1949
211 Notebook1950
212 Coleridge manuscripts1950
213 Agenda1954-1974
214 Coleridge notebooks1955-1960
215 Frere1956
216 Notebook1956
217 Bibliography1956-1961
218 Notes1971
219 LA CM I1971-1977
Box 3
31 LA CM II C–E1975-1977
32 LA CM II Fl–Fu1975-1979
33 Agenda1976-1977
34 LA CM II Eichorn–Fielding1977-1979
35 Cornell scraps1978
36 Donne1979
37 LA CM II F–H1979-1980
38 LA CM II 1981
39 Notebook1982
310 Librarians and booksellers1946-1982
311 Librarians and booksellers1948-1982
312 Various1959-1968
313 Various (includes Kathleen Coburn, Lore Metzger, W. Schrickx, Bart Winer, Irene Wells)1960-1967
314 University of Texas1966-1981
315 Carl H. Pforzheimer Library1970-1977
316 Yale University1970-1980
317 J.T. Slattery1971-1975
Box 4
Research material, [194–?]–1977
41 “B”–Various
42 Baldovini
43 Biograhia
44 British poets
45 Burnet, Gilbert
46 Camden/Cowley
47 Capper
48 Christ’s Hospital
49 Christabel
410 Coleridge
411 Coleridge’s topography
412 Critical annotations
413 “D”–Various
414 “E”–“F”–Various
415 Field, Barron
416 “G”–Various
417 German books
418 Goethe translation
419 Hurwitz, Hyman
420 Lamb, Charles
421 Methuen, T.A.
422 Miscellaneous notes
423 Morgan, Mary
424 Murray, John
425 Ottery books
426 Robinson, Henry Crabb
427 Thelwall, John
428 University of Leeds
429 Various articles
430 Williams, Dr.
Box 5
Editing and publishing, [194–?]–1983
51 Transcript “B” master copy
52 Design
53 Editing
54 Volumes IV, V Old Style
55 Volumes IV, V Old Style
56 Princeton University Press (correspondence includes Kathleen Coburn)
57 Quasi marginalia–rejected
58 Chronological table
59 Introduction/corrigenda
510 Volume I illustrations and graphics
511 Design
512 Circulation and distribution
513 Volume II Foreword/draft
514 Rupert Hart Davis
515 Volume I letters and responses
516 Symbols/Marks
517 Statistics
Box 6
61 Volume II illustrations and graphics
62 Volume II printing
63 Letters
64 Hand index
65 Addenda and corrigenda
66 Index
67 German footnotes
68 Corrigenda
69 Titles checklists
610 Lists
611 Copy “C”

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