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Title: Manuscript files
Dates of Material:
1.63 m of textual records
8 photographs : col.
2 posters
Scope and content

Series consists of manuscript drafts of poems and plays, screen plays, short stories, notebooks, proofs, grant applications, photographs, correspondence, and research materials. Includes Douglas Donegani material.



Box 22
221 Notes, poem fragments and drafts1984-1988
222 “Honeymoonland”1990

(pub. 1990)

223 “Marmalade” (includes correspondence)1993
224 Notebook1995
225 “Differences and Similarities in the Creation of Poetry and Plays”1996
Box 31
311 Early writing (not in book)1959-1966
312 Manuscript poems by Janis’s friends, Eva and Vivian1964-1965
313 Notebooks, poems from “Within the Whirling Moment”1964-1967
314 “Within the Whirling Moment”: poems1967
315 “Within the Whirling Moment”, manuscript, pseudo. Alavid(pub.1967)
316 Poems, early, some published in journals but not in books1970s
317 Poems for Janis by Peter Such
318 “Lifelines”, research and manuscript, chapters 1–3
319 “Lifelines”, research and manuscript, outline and chapters 4–8
3110 “Lifelines”, research and manuscript, chapters 9–14
3111 “Lifelines” manuscript commissioned by Bellhaven House, cancelled
3112 “Jeremy’s Dream”, Harbourfront dramatized reading1970s
3113 “Jeremy’s Dream”, Notebook containing draft poems(pub. 1974)
3114 “Jeremy’s Dream”, Notes, handwritten poems, invoices
3115 “Jeremy’s Dream”, French translation, not approved by Janis1991-1992
3116 “Playmakers”, Jean Gascon & Douglas Rain, Clarke Irwin
3117 “And She Could Eat No Lean”, early draft1974-1975
3118 “And She Could Eat No Lean”, second draft
3119 “And She Could Eat No Lean”, third draft23 April, 1975
3120 “And She Could Eat No Lean”, Production notes
3121 “And She Could Eat No Lean”, Final version
3122 “Gilgamesh”, Research and translation of tablet fragments, Sumerian myth
3123 “Gilgamesh” drafts, handwritten
3124 “Gilgamesh”, first draft
3125 “Gilgamesh”, revision
3126 “Gilgamesh”, second draft
Box 32
321 “Gilgamesh”, Production script
322 “Gilgamesh”, comments by Jack Hersh1980
323 “Gilgamesh”, reconception
324 “Halfway Home” becomes “Dreamgirls”, written and read at Banff1976
325 “Freckles and Bruises”, a radio play [evidence of mould: treat?]
326 “Dreamgirls” workshop, spring, 1978 Feb. 13– March 3
327 “Dreamgirls” workshop, spring, 1978 Feb. 13– March 3
328 “Dreamgirls” workshop, spring, 1978, Feb. 13– March 3
329 “Dreamgirls” workshop, spring, 1978 Feb. 13– March 3
3210 “Dreamgirls”/ “Halfway Home”, workshop, spring, 19781978
3211 “Dreamgirls” (called “Penumbra”) for summer 1978 version1978
3212 “Dreamgirls” notes
3213 “Dreamgirls”, Rehearsal script, first production1979
3214 “Dreamgirls”, Production draft with revisions
3215 “Dreamgirls”, Publicity package, Theatre Passe Muraille
3216 “Dreamgirls”, press coverage, photographs, and Elora Programme
3217 “Dreamgirls”, Original manuscript, post production
3218 “Dreamgirls”, script requested by Chatham1979
3219 “Dreamgirls”, correspondence1979-1980
3220 “Dreamgirls”, publication copy for Playwrights CanadaFall, 1979
3221 “Dreamgirls”, French language production1987
3222 “Winter Flowers”

notes, drafts of poems

3223 “Winter Flowers”, manuscript with comments by Joe Rosenblatt
3224 “Winter Flowers”, original manuscript for typesetting
3225 “Winter Flowers”, corrections for typesetting
3226 Some Thoughts on Toronto1950-1980
3227 “Honeymoonland”, handwritten draft (partial)
3228 “Honeymoonland”

drafts with comments

3229 “Honeymoonland”, Canadian Fiction Magazine1980
3230 “Honeymoonland”, proofs, Mercury Press
3231 Notebooks, poems in “Upon Her Fluent Route”, “My Wife is My Hotel” (story)
3232 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, Going for Gold poem, research
Box 33
331 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, Going for Gold poem, research
332 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, Going for Gold poem, research
333 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, Going for Gold poem, notes and drafts
334 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, Floridian Monsters poem, partial research
335 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, The Journey poem, drafts
336 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, Note and drafts for Country Walks poem
337 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, The Alphabet of Morning section, research
338 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, The Whisper poem, draft
339 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, The Business of Death poem, research and draft
3310 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, Star Voyagers poem, research and draft
3311 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, He Gave You his Wings and I Want Them, draft
3312 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, Deliverance poem, research and draft
3313 Trading Perceptions poem not included in “Upon Her Fluent Route”
3314 Trading Perceptions, written for video cabaret but not used1988
3315 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, The Rebirth of Imagination, research
3316 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, Autumn poem
3317 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, Farmscape poem
3318 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, How to Make Soup, inspiration
3319 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, In the Province of Glass Pentacles poem
3320 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, Letter to Don Domanski
3321 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, Lord Love and Lady Death, Saturday Night
3322 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, The Parting
3323 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, The Piechiatrist poem, illustration
3324 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, early manuscript version, mid-1980s
3325 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, grant application1981
3326 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, grant submission as “Imaginings”, no grant
3327 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, grant application (partial), unsuccessful
3328 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, Poems for Marija Gimbutas festschrift1986
3329 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, early manuscript version1988-1989
3330 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, manuscript with comments by Ted Chamberlin1989
3331 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, correspondence with Bev Daurio1989
3332 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, as submitted to Coach House Press1990
3333 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, readings done in 1990 from partial manuscript
3334 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, typescript version1990
3335 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, typescript, copy 21990
3336 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, manuscript for typesetting
3337 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, first proofs
3338 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, second proofs12 July, 1991
Box 34
341 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, publication proofs30 July, 1991
342 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, camera ready proofs including cover
343 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, requests for promotional readings
344 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, reviews
345 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, French translation not approved by Janis
346 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, French translation not approved by Janis
347 “Upon Her Fluent Route”, some poems in French translation for L’Europe
348 80th birthday poem for Maxwell Rapoport, Janis’ father
349 “After Paradise”, correspondence
3410 “After Paradise”, The Knives of Tabitha Calypso poem
3411 “After Paradise”, Astraea The Goddess of Justice poem
3412 “After Paradise”, Greek quote section heading
3413 “After Paradise”, research notes for The Angels poem
3414 “After Paradise”, From This Time Forth and Forever poem
3415 “After Paradise”, Saltwater Ghosts poem
3416 “After Paradise”, partial manuscript with Doug’s comments
3417 “After Paradise”, partial manuscript
3418 “After Paradise”, Canada Council application, rejected1993
3419 “After Paradise”, grant application, rejected1995
3420 “After Paradise”, successful OAC grant application
3421 “After Paradise”, comments by Ted Chamberlin and Kelly Watt
3422 “After Paradise”, cover image
3423 “After Paradise”, correspondence and blurbs1995
3424 “After Paradise”, production notes
3425 “After Paradise”, early production manuscript versionMay 1995
3426 “After Paradise”, proofs26 May, 1995
3427 “After Paradise”, proofs14 July, 1995
3428 “After Paradise”, proofs18 July, 1995
3429 “After Paradise”, proofs7 September, 1995
3430 “After Paradise”, proofs15 November, 1995
3431 “After Paradise”, proofs11 January, 1996
3432 “After Paradise”, proofs (copy 2)11 January, 1996
3433 “After Paradise”, camera ready proofs, including cover
3433 “The Shiva Box”October 1996
3434 “The Shiva Box”November 1996
Box 53
Posters and artwork
53 /OS9"After Paradise" invitation to reception - printer's proofs1996


53 /OS10"Upon Her Fluent Route" book cover artwork - annotated printer proof[1991]


53 /OS13Poster, Sable Island Shipwreck poster used for "After Paradise" Poems and used for parts of "Ghost Poem"1996

Poster is rolled and wrapped in mylar.   

Box 54
5413 Jeremy’s Dream–annotated copy1975
5414 Notes for poems[1995?]
5415 Notes for “Sara” poem1995
5416 Poems
5417 Notes for “Baseball” story1993-1994
5418 Drafts of “Camping Out” short story[ca. 1989]
5419 Drafts of “Marmalade” short story1988
5420 Notes and drafts for “Fridge Door” column1998
5421 Drafts of “A Reflection on the Soul” (non-fiction)[ca. 2000]
5422 Drafts of “Encounters with Joyce Marshall” talk1996
5423 Plays submitted for “Sick Project”[1998]
5424 “Fairy Tales” manuscript and 8 photographs
5425 “The Glass Breakfast” collection of poems
Box 58
“The Visitations” screen play
581 “Black Monk” by Chekov
582 Outline and drafts1979
583 Budget for first draft
584 Early drafts and notes
585 Early draft material
586 Early draft
587 Treatment manuscript
588 Script drafts, notes
589 Outline and draft materials1989
5810 Funding application materials1989
5811 FUND1989
5812 Research material used for grant application[ca. 1990]
5813 Treatment and OAC application1990
5814 Outline and budget1990
5815 OAC grant application1990-1991
Box 59
591 Donegani version and other records1990
592 Treatment with notes and comments1991
593 Treatment and front matter1991
598 Notes for story[ca. 1982]
599 “Camping Out” story1983
5910 “Deliverance” poem1988
5911 “Marmalade” story1989
5912 “Mapping” story notes[1990?]
5913 “Baseball” story[1993?]
5914 “Earle Birne: A Personal Memory” in “League of Canadian Poets Newsletter”Dec. 1995
5915 “After Paradise” press release1996
5916 “Personal Essay (A Memoir)” [1997?]
Box 61
Posters and artwork
61"14e Festival Franco-Anglas de Poesie"1991

Poster is signed by all the participants including Janis Rapaport  

61 /OSPoster - University of Guelph[199?]

Poster is a painting by Heather Cooper and a poem by Janis Rapoport. The poster is signed by Janis Rapoport.   

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