Personal Material

Title: Personal Material
Dates of Material:
17.1 cm textual records
18 photographs: b&w
3 photographs: col.
5 photographs: sepia
9 stamp albums
2 artefacts
Scope and content

Series consists of Viola Pratt's personal files including photographs, collected materials related to her interests and activities, collected materials related to E.J. Pratt's writings, awards and degrees conferred on Viola, and bird stamp and poetry albums.

Source of supplied title

Title based on contents of the series.


The series is contained in 3 boxes.

Box 1
Collected materials
114Material relating to the Sainte-Marie among the Hurons, Ontario[between 1966 and 1969]

Various pamphlets, newspaper clippings, articles, and photocopies Viola collected on Sainte-Marie among the Hurons, a French Jesuit settlement, established by Jesuit priests including Jean de Brébeuf, who E.J. Pratt wrote about. Materials include: newspaper clippings on the settlement; invitations to the opening of the reconstruction of the settlement; Christmas card featuring the site; tourist brochure; articles from Martyrs Shrine Message; letters to Mrs. E.J. Pratt from Bas Mason regarding E.J. Pratt's poem "The Osprey," visiting Sainte-Marie among the Hurons, and attending a conference in the area

115Material relating to Victoria Univeristy1956 - 1974

Various convocation pamphlets and Vic Reports, and articles Viola collected, some related to her and E.J. Pratt, including: an article on John D. Robins; Victoria Reports, December 1966; Vic Reports, May 1974; 2 pamphlets from the Convocation of Victoria University, 1956, where viola received a honorary degree; Vic Report, May 1973, which includes an article written by Viola on her class reunion; Vic Report, October 1973; and a copy of a Victoria University Convocation address, dated May 4, 1966, given by Donald Mathers

117Viola Pratt and Claire Pratt with Lila Laakso and Howard Engel [1982]

Unnamed and undated transcript of an interview with Viola and Claire Pratt, conducted by Lila Laakso and Howard Engel, recorded in the Pratt home in preparation for future broadcast on programme: “By Word of Mouth”; Includes original and photocopy of original

See also: Box 2, file 18 for audio recordings of the interview

1 7Miscellaneous material1959 - 1984

Various pamphlets, newspaper clippings, articles, and photocopies Viola collected on subjects including: Victoria College, such as Women at Victoria: 1883-1984 Anniversary Celebrations, an exhibition pamphlet titled "One Hundred Years: Women at Victoria", and biography on Kathleen Coburn; Biblical Botany; methods to relieve arthritis; E.M. Forster; and an article titled "Up from Tadoussac" by Ethel M. Granger Bennett

Box 3
3 /OS1Photographs of Viola Whitney Pratt[1896?] - 1978

3 b&w photographs; 3 sepia photographs; 1 colour photograph

Includes photographs of Viola with her family, portraits, and school photographs of Viola

Includes press cutting of a photograph, from the Evening Telegram (Oct. 10, 1978), of Dr. Viola Pratt with Dr. Leslie Harris at a plaque ceremony honouring E.J. Pratt at Western Bay, Newfoundland, related to Photo Number 5

(Photos P1-7)
3 /OS2Our years in Annesley Hall, 1909-19131909-1913

12 b&w photographs; includes clippings from a convocation pamphlets with notes listing Victoria College graduates.

Gift of Viola Whitney Pratt.

(Photos P1-12)
3 /OS3Photograph of Portrait Sketch of Viola Pratt by F.H. Varley1924

1 colour photograph; photograph by Trevor Mills of Portrait Sketch by F.H. Varley, n.d.; oil on canvas; 43.7 x 33.6 cm; gift of Harold Mortimer-Lamb/Collection of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria (AGGV 57.11).

Includes accompanying correspondence between Lila Laakso, Head of Reader Services at Victoria University Library, and Amy L. Algard, Registrar at Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, regarding sending the photographs of the portrait (Sept 10, 1985; Oct. 21, 1985); originally 2 photographs of the portrait, 1 missing.

See related correspondence in Box 2, File 3. Portrait painted in 1924.

(Photos P1)
3 /OS5Women of graduating class of Vic 1T31913

Photograph of smaller group of women part of graduating class of 1913, Victoria College; Viola Whitney in centre of front row; 1 b&w photograph.

Gift of Viola Whitney Pratt (Vic 1T3).

(Photos P1)
3 /OS6Victoria Women in 1T31913

Photograph of women part of the graduating class of 1913, Victoria College; Viola Whitney in centre of front row; 1 b&w photograph.

(Photos P1)
3 /OS7Graduating Class in Arts, Victoria College, 1913 1913

Viola Whitney in top right corner; 1 sepia photograph.

See also: list of graduates; Box 39, File 8.

Gift of Viola Whitney Pratt (Vic 1T3).

(Photos P1)
3 /OS8Victoria College Fourth Year Executive, Spring Term 19131913

Miss V.L. Whitney, Prophetess in back row far right; 1 b&w photograph.

Gift of Viola Whitney Pratt (Vic 1T3).

(Photos P1)
3 /OS9Acta Board, 1911-19121911-1912

Photograph of Board for Acta Victoriana, 1911–1912; Viola Whitney is sitting far left; 1 sepia photograph.

(Photos P1)
3 /OS10Photograph of Viola Pratt[before 1984]

1 colour photograph; formal portrait of Viola Pratt.

(Photos P1)
Awards and Degrees
3 /OS4Honourary degree from Victoria UniversityMay 2, 1956

Honorary Doctorate of Sacred Letters bestowed by Victoria University. 

Box 4
Collected materials
418E.J. Pratt Commemorative stamp launch souvenir for Viola Pratt1983

Originally housed in a vinyl and plastic folder with a red suede exterior with the coat of arms of Canada stamped in it

Contains sheets of stamps

Stamp albums and related materials
41-3Bird and Poetry albums[195-]

File 1 album titled: Birds in Literature; File 2 album titled: Birds of Passage; File 3 album titled: Bird World

44Topical Handbook No. 10 Birds of the World on Stamps By Sidney R. Esten1954


45Notebook on bird poems and stamps[195-]


46Album of bird stamps[between 1945 and 1959]

Contains loose stamps

47Album of bird stamps [between 1955 and 1979]

Contains loose stamps

48Album of bird stamps[between 1955 and 1965]

Contains loose stamps

49Album of bird stamps[between 1954 and 1965]

Contains loose stamps

410M.N.O.C. Bird Poems[between 1970 and 1984]

Includes bird poems from John LeVay and Others, correspondence with other writers, and bird stamps

411Miscellaneous articles and notes on birds[between 1965 and 1984], 1987

Includes loose bird stamps, bird poems, articles on birds, notebook on birds, and a bird poem index

Material in folder labelled "Claire" but appears to belong to Viola Leone Whitney Pratt

Contains loose stamps

412Bird Poems and 3 pages of stamps[195-?-197-?]

Does not have three pages of stamps as noted in original title

413List of bird stamps and their value[1983?]


414-16Photocopies of Bird and Poetry albums[195-?-198-?]

File 14 corresponds to file 1, File 15 corresponds to File 2, and File 16 corresponds File 3 of Box 41

417CBC Stamp Club Broadcast with Viola Whitney Pratt, 1959May 30, 1959


419Album of miscellaneous stamps [1893-19--]

Archivist attributed album to Viola Pratt but possibly came from Claire Pratt collection

Fragile. Contains loose stamps.

420Binder of miscellaneous stamps[19--]

Archivist attributed album to Viola Pratt but possibly came from Claire Pratt collection

Fragile. Contains loose stamps.

421Miscellaneous material on birds[between 1956 and 1979]

Various exhibition catalogues, collected pictures of birds, and news articles including: catalogue for an exhibition of art by J.F. Lansdowne called "Birds of Canada," and poster and catalogue for exhibition of art by Terence Shortt titled "The Painted Bird"; articles on J.F. Lansdowne and birds; and prints of art by Lansdowne

Box 5
Awards and Degrees
5 Award given to Viola Pratt by the McMichael Conservation Collection[1981?]

Award designed as a replica of Tom Thomson's palette, one third size.


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