Material relating to Eliza Field Jones

Title: Material relating to Eliza Field Jones
Dates of Material:
Inclusive: 1807–1901; Predominant: 1823–1879
32 cm of textual records
1 photograph: b&w
Biographical sketch

Eliza Field (1804–1890) was born in London England. She married Peter Jones in 1833, and they had five sons, four of whom survived infancy. After Peter Jones died in 1856 she remarried a white farmer named Carey. She died in Brantford, Upper Canada.

Scope and content

Eliza Field Jones’s records include correspondence, primarily with members of her family; personal material including notes on sermons, 20 diaries/notebooks (1823–83) and photographs; and other material.

Source of supplied title

Title based on contents of series.


The series is stored in 4 boxes.

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Box 3
34. Jones, Peter: letterbook containing copies of correspondence from Peter Jones to Eliza Jones, 1833–481833-1848

holograph. Copied and annotated by Eliza Jones. Acquired from George Laidler. Available on microfilm. Transcripts, ts. and ts., cc., held in Box 3, File 5

36Jones, Peter: 7 out, 1842–461842-1846


Transcripts available in Box 3 File 10.

Box 4
Personal material -- Diaries/notebooks
41Photograph, 18761876

With copy negative and copy print.

432 books: 1823, 18281823, 1828

Available in PDF files:

Part 1 (296MB)
Part 2 (569MB)
Part 3 (493MB)
Part 4 (492MB)
Part 5 (138MB)


443 books: 1829, 1832, 18331829, 1832, 1833
452 books: 1834–35; 1838, 1839, 18411834-1835, 1838, 1839, 1841
461 book: n.d.; 1839; 1856n.d.; 1839; 1856
471 book: 1845; 1 fragment; 18541845, 1854
486 books: 1856; 1863–64; 1869; 1869; 1871; 18721856, 1863-1864, 1869, 1869, 1871, 1872
493 books: 1874; 1879; 1880–811874, 1879, 1880-1881

Diary of 1879 not microfilmed.

4102 books: 1882; 18831882, 1883
411Fragment: n.d.n.d.
412Fragment: 18771877
Material about Eliza Jones
42Obituary notice: 18901890

transcript, ts., photocopied.

Other material
43Notebook of Samuel Field, brother of Eliza Jones
Box 5
51Jones, Charles Augustus (son of Eliza Jones and Peter Jones): 1 out, 18521852


51Jones, Hannah: 1 out, n.d.n.d.


51[Officer commanding Charles Augustus Jones], 1 out, n.d.n.d.


52Jones, Charles Augustus: 26 in, 1863–18791863-1879
53Jones, Charles Augustus: 20 in, 1864–18731864-1873
54Jones, J.F. (Frederick): 1 in, 18761876
55Letters to Eliza Jones on the illness and death of Peter Jones, 1856: 15 in1856
56Letters to Eliza Jones from several correspondents: 10 in, n.d., 1856–1865n.d., 1856-1865

Correspondents include: George Marsden; John Ryerson.

57Letters to Eliza Jones from several correspondents: 34 in, n.d., 1807–1890n.d., 1807-1890

Correspondents include: Charles Field (7 in, 1807–1832); Mary Field (6 in, 1825–39); E.P. Hammond; S.S. Nelles; Catherine B. Sutton; other persons.

Personal material
59Notes (on sermons heard; other topics)
510Notes (on sermons heard; quotes)

2 notebooks.

Personal material -- Diaries/notebooks
511Certificate of membership in Gloucester Temperance Society
Other material
52Clipping relating to Charles Augustus Jones
58Letter from Charles Augustus Jones to “cousin Maria”: 18741874
58Letter from G.F. (Frederick) Jones to George Jones: 18751875
58Letter from Hannah Jones to “my dear cousin”: 19011901


58Letters to Hannah Jones, largely from Charles Augustus Jones: 31 in
511Material sent to Eliza Jones upon her bereavement: 18501850
512Clippings, notes, other items
513Will of Eliza (Jones) Carey, 1889 1889


Box 6
Personal material
6 Portraits (miniature; oil) of Peter Jones and Eliza Field: painted by Matilda Jones in London, England, in 1832 and ca. 1831–32 respectively1832 and ca. 1831-1832

With two colour photographs of each portrait.

NOTE: This box now includes the contents of Box 1, File 9 as well

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