Study Skills & Career Development

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Study Skills

Essential Study Skills
A comprehensive annotated bibliography with ebooks on online resources on taking lecture and research notes, participating in class discussions, presenting, preparing for exams, and other strategies for succeeding academically.

Public Speaking & Presenting
Recommended titles and online resources on preparing for presentations, participating in class discussions, and attending interviews.

Negotiating, Developing Assertiveness & Conflict Resolution Skills
Guidebooks on developing personal resilience and knowing how to negotiate and advocate for oneself (both at school and work). Also includes a link to six short online video lectures on the role of interpersonal communication in the management of conflict.

Career Exploration & Development

Vic Ready: Career & Postgraduate Resources
Expertly selected online and print resources on researching an industry, specific company or non-profit organization and leveraging your education in applying for placements and employment.

Career Development (U of T Career Exploration & Education)
An e-book and video collection with helpful advice on developing a career path: identifying potential fields of employment, crafting a career plan, networking, and navigating workplaces for persons who identify as LGBTQ+.

Career Guides (Milt Harris Library)
Information on researching companies associated with specific fields and locations. Also includes comprehensive job seekers’ guides organized alphabetically by industry.

Company Information & Profiles (Milt Harris Library)
Advice on locating information on specific fields of employment, industries, and companies.

Job Resources for Alumni (Milt Harris Library)
Selected resources on researching company information. This guide is mostly intended for Master of Business Administration graduates, but it only contains resources that other University of Toronto alumni will find useful.

Entrepreneurship (U of T Libraries)
Recommended resources for research related to entrepreneurship, startups and commercialization: from science and technology literature to market research and patents.

Financial Literacy
Recommended titles on all aspects of personal finance, including banking, budgeting, saving, spending, investing, credit and debt management, fraud protection, taxes, and more.

Applying to Graduate Programs
Advice on writing a personal statement, navigating the application process, and succeeding as a graduate student.


Last updated: January 13, 2023