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Canadian Literature & Poetry
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Regional Literature


New Brunswick Literary Encyclopedia Tremblay, Tony, and Cabajsky, Andrea, editors Biographical, critical, and bibliographic information about more than 150 New Brunswick writers and literary subjects. Also includes Acadian and Francophone authors.


Peel’s Bibliography of the Canadian Prairies to 1953 Peel, Bruce The revised and enlarged the previous, 1973 edition, this bibliography is recognized as finest introduction to the literature of the Canadian Prairies.
Available Online Z 1365 .P4 2003 Reference


Writers of Newfoundland and Labrador: Twentieth Century de Leon, Lisa Concise biographies of authors, accopanied by synopses and samples of their published work.
PR 9189.6 .D4 1985 Reference

History, Literary Interpretation & Criticism

The Oxford Handbook of Canadian Literature Sugars, Cynthia, editor A comprehensive, authoritative guide to many different genres, topics, and aspects of Canadian literary history, including the influence of literature on the Canadian national identity, authorship, postcolonialism, short story, drama, poetry, Indigenous literatures, women’s writing, children’s literature, gay and lesbian literature, creative work from the Confederation period, regional fiction, and minority writers.
PR 9180.2 .O95 2016 Stacks
The Literary History of Alberta Melnyk, George Volume One, “From Writing-on-Stone to World War II” explores the provincial identity as something distinct from region, nation, empire or world.
PR 9198.2 .A4 M44 1998 Stacks
Writing Alberta: Building on a Literary Identity Melnyk, George, editor Bio-literary discussions of historical figures, high and critical studies of single texts, including the works of Robert Kroetsch, Sheila Watson, Alice Major, Fred Stenson, David Albahari, and Nestor Dmytrow.
Available Online PR 9198.2 .A4 W75 2017 Stacks
New Brunswick at the Crossroads: Literary Ferment and Social Change in the East Tremblay, Tony, editor What is the relationship between literature and the society in which it incubates? Are there common political, social, and economic factors that predominate during periods of heightened literary activity? This book considers these questions and explores the relationships between periods of creative ferment in New Brunswick and the socio-cultural conditions of those times.
Available Online PR 9198.2 .N3 N48 2017 Stacks
Unnamed Country: The Struggle for a Canadian Prairie Fiction Harrison, Dick This book begins before the first prairie novel and traces the growth of prairie fiction over the last century noting the influence of culture on man’s reaction to the landscape.
Available Online PR 9192.6 .P7 H3 Stacks
Shaping a World Already Made: Landscape and Poetry of the Canadian Prairies Tracie, Carl J. Traci, a cultural geographer, explores how reading poetry influences the way we see the Prairies.
Available Online PR 9198.2 .P7 T74 2016 Stacks
Writing in the Time of Nationalism: From Two Solitudes to Blue Metropolis Leith, Linda Traces the history of Montreal as the literary centre of Quebec and Toronto as the literary centre of English Canada.
PR 9189.6 .L45 2010 Stacks
Strange Things: The Malevolent North in Canadian Literature Atwood, Margaret Focuses on the imaginative mystique of the wilderness of the Canadian North. Writers discussed include Robert Service, Robertson Davies, Alice Munro, E.J. Pratt, Marian Engel, Margaret Laurence and Gwendolyn MacEwan.
PR 9185.2 .A95 2004 Stacks
The Homing Place: Indigenous and Settler Literary Legacies of the Atlantic Bryant, Rachel Bryant explores how colonized and Indigenous environments occupy the same given geographical coordinates even while existing in distinct epistemological worlds through the analysis of a wide range of northeastern texts, including Puritan captivity narratives, Wabanaki wampum belts, and contemporary Innu poetry.
PR 9184.3 .B79 2017 Stacks
Anne of Tim Hortons: Globalization and the Reshaping of Atlantic-Canadian Literature Wyile, Herb Explores how Atlantic-Canadian writers present a picture of the region that is much more complex and less quaint than the stereotypes through which it is typically viewed: Michael Winter, Lisa Moore, George Elliott Clarke, Rita Joe, Frank Barry, Shaun Comish, and Bernice Morgan, among others.
PR 9198.2 .A8 W95 2011 Stacks
Imagining Toronto Harris, Amy Lavender Traces Toronto’s literary genealogies from their origins in First Nations stories to present-day graphic novels and analyzes the portrayal of the city in local literature.
PR 9198.3 .T67 H37 2010 Stacks
Jewish Roots, Canadian Soil: Yiddish Culture in Montreal, 1904– 1945 Margolis, Rebecca Examines the contributions of performers and other artists to the Yiddish theatre and culture in Montreal in the first half of the twentieth century, with consideration to the social landscape of the city.
F 1054.5 .M89 J563 2011 Stacks

Literary Journals

The Prairie Journal: A Magazine of Canadian Literature vol. 1 (1983)–present An important regional outlet that publishes poetry, short fiction, drama, literary criticism, reviews, bibliography, interviews, profiles and artwork. Selected works are available on the journal’s web site.

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