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Current Course Guides, 2020–2021

HIS245 European Colonialism, 1700–1965 E. Jennings
HPS318 History of Medicine from Antiquity to the Renaissance E. Atkinson
HPS319 History of Medicine II: 17th–20th Century E. Atkinson
ITA197 The Fine Art of Murder: Reading Detective Fiction L. Somigli
SOC489 Sociology of Art M.L. Drapeau-Bisson
SPA196 Class & Work in the Americas E. Jagoe
VIC102 Collaborations in WWII France E. Jennings
VIC119 Myths & Legends in Modern Contexts C. Sutton
VIC121 Evaluating Healthcare: Problems & Solutions M. Mercuri
VIC122 Scientific Evidence in Public Policy M. Mercuri
VIC135 The Death of Meaning A. Lawless
VIC150 School & Society J. Hamilton-Diabo & E. Greenleaf
VIC151 Theories & Practices of Teaching J. Forgie
VIC163 Cultural Forms & Their Meanings: People & Ideas A. Urbancic
VIC164 Cultural Forms & Their Meanings: Literary & Artistic Realms of the Imagination R. Davidson
VIC166 Common Vices & Neglected Virtues P. Gooch
VIC168 The Death of Meaning A. Lawless
VIC171 Methodology, Theory & Practice in the Natural Sciences B. Baigrie
VIC184 Individuals & the Public Sphere: Cultural Memory A. Urbancic
VIC186 The Art & Literature of Leadership A. Sol
VIC191 Artistic Creation & Public Issues C. Battershill,
E. Friesen,
R. Robertson
VIC199 Thinking with Things C. Sutton
VIC278 Models of Evil B. Baigrie
VIC324 Introduction to Forensic Semiotics M. Danesi
VIC326 The Material Culture of Food I. Mihalache
VIC327 / INF330 Digital Material Culture / Born-Digital Culture A. Galey