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Canadian Literature & Poetry
in English



Ten Canadian Writers in Context Carrière, Marie, et. al, editors A survey of some of the most diverse and powerful voices in contemporary Canadian literature from Newfoundland to British Columbia. Each piece is accompanied by a concise critical essay addressing the author’s writerly preoccupations and practices.
Available Online PR 9184.6 .T46 2016 Stacks
Canadian Literature in English: Texts and Contexts Sugars, Cynthia, and Laura Moss, editors The anthology includes important fiction and nonfiction by both canonical and non-canonical Canadian authors, published since the sixteenth century to 1920: Jan van der Straet, Joseph Brant (Thayendanegea), Oliver Goldsmith, Emily Murphy, and others.
PR 9184.3 .S93 2009 v.1 Stacks
The Great Black North: Contemporary African Canadian Poetry Mason-John, Valerie, and Kevan Anthony, editors The collection documents the historic heritage of Black Canadian poets: George Elliott Clarke, Ian Keteku, Lillian Allen, Afua Cooper, Olive Senior, Frederick Ward, Lorna Goodison, Tanya Evanson, Pamela Mordecai, Harold Head, and many others. The poems in the anthology are derived from oral and written sources.
PR 9194.5 .B55 G74 2013 Stacks
Black Writers Matter French, Whitney, editor An anthology of African-Canadian writing, it offers a cross-section of established writers and newcomers to the literary world who tackle contemporary and pressing issues with prose.
PR 9194.5 .B55 B53 2019 Stacks

Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, and Handbooks

Encyclopedia of Literature in Canada New, W.H., editor Discusses literature in English and French, and also in such other languages as Yiddish, Spanish, Haida and Cree; authors and their work; related literary and social issues; professional institutions that play a role in the lives of Canadian writers; and the major historical and cultural events that have shaped Canada. Highly recommended.
Available Online PR9180.2 .E53 2002 Reference
The Oxford Handbook of Canadian Literature Sugars, Cynthia, editor A comprehensive, authoritative guide to many different genres, topics, and aspects of Canadian literary history, including the influence of literature on the Canadian national identity, authorship, postcolonialism, short story, drama, poetry, Indigenous literatures, women’s writing, children’s literature, gay and lesbian literature, creative work from the Confederation period, regional fiction, and minority writers.
PR 9180.2 .O95 2016 Stacks
The Concise Oxford Companion to Canadian Literature Toye, William, editor An abridged, streamlined version of the 1998 work, Oxford Companion to Canadian Literature, containing entries for individual writers, genres, and themes of Canadian literature. Includes a list of Governor General Literary Award winners.
PR 9180.2 .C66 2011 Reference
Reference Sources for Canadian Literary Studies Jones, Joseph An extensive bibliography to Canadian literature in English. Here you will find annotated references to dictionaries, handbooks, bibliographies, anthologies, special collections and archival guides, information about literary periodicals, dissertations and theses, works in translation, databases, web sites, children’s literature, and small literary press publications.
Z 1375 .J65 2005 Reference
The Cambridge Companion to Canadian Literature Kröller, Eva-Marie A comprehensive introduction to major writers, genres and topics in Canadian literature: fiction, drama, and poetry, Aboriginal writing, autobiography, literary criticism, writing by women, urban writing, nature-writing, exploration and travel-writing, and short fiction.
Available Online PR 9184.3 .C34 2004 Stacks
The Cambridge History of Canadian Literature Howells, Coral Ann and Eva-Marie Kröller, editors A complete history of Canadian writing in English and French from its beginnings. The volumes pays particular attention to works from the 1960s and after, to multicultural and Indigenous writing, popular literature, and the interaction between anglophone and francophone cultures throughout Canadian history. Genres discussed include fiction, drama, poetry, nature-writing, life-writing, journalism, comics, and others.
Available Online PR 9184.6 .C26 2009 Stacks
Five-Part Invention: A History of Literary History in Canada Blodgett, E.D. Composed of five parts: English Canada, French Canada, First Nations communities, Inuit communities, and immigrant communities.
Available Online PR 9185.2 .B62 2003 Reference
A Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles Stefan Dollinger, ed. The second edition of a historical dictionary that gives spellings, definitions, and the origins of words specific to Canadian English.
The Oxford Illustrated Literary Guide to Canada Moritz, Albert and Theresa Moritz Includes places associated with specific writers and depicted in Canadian poems and novels. A regional arrangement with individual chapters for each province and the territories.
PR 9187 .M67 Reference


The Annotated Bibliography of Canada’s Major Authors Lecker, Robert and Jack David, editors Each volume discusses a number of different authors (for example, vol. 1 has Margaret Atwood, Margaret Laurence, Hugh McLennan, Mordecai Richler, and Gabrielle Roy), gives an introduction to the author, lists the works and any translations, gives criticisms, lists contributions by the author to periodicals, books and anthologies, lists the short stories and published other works such as articles, theses, and dissertations. Any awards and honours gained by the author are listed, as well as selected book reviews, and where they may be found. Coverage: 1979–1994.
Z 1375 .A66 Reference
Canadian Fiction: An Annotated Bibliography Fee, Margery, and Ruth Cawker An older book (published in 1976), but it remains an excellent resource for locating retrospective literary criticism, brief summaries of novels, and exploring short stories and novels by title, author, and subject. Includes fictional works printed up to 1974.
Z 1377 .F4 F44 Reference
Modern English Canadian Prose: A Guide to Information Sources Hoy, Helen Includes twentieth-century Canadian writers. Part One: general reference sources available, biographical references, indexes to journals, anthologies, collections, and theses. Part Two lists books and articles on Canadian literary history, criticism, and theory. Part Three: an individual author guide divided into two major parts, primary material (arranged chronologically), and secondary material (i.e. criticisms of the authors’ work arranged alphabetically). Has book reviews.
Z 1377 .FH69 1983 Reference
Bibliography of Canadian Bibliographies Ingles, Ernie et al., editors The section entitled “Arts and Humanities” includes lists of bibliographies on literature and children’s literature. A comprehensive and exhaustive bibliography of published bibliographies.
Z 1365 .A1 I54 1994 Available Online
Libris Canadiana Includes citations for a number of Canadian literary and general-interest periodicals of historical significance, which published prose and poetry of many prominent Canadian authors. These magazines include Maclean’s Magazine, The Canadian Forum, The Canadian Bookman, Saturday Night, Everywoman’s World, The University Magazine, and other titles, published between 1893 and 2000.
Literary Writings by Blacks in Canada: A Preliminary Survey Elliot, Lorris and Michael S. Batts, editor The profiles in this pamphlet were compiled between 1979–1986 so it does not reflect the current scholarship. Gives a brief biography of each author followed by a list of publications.
Z 1377 .B62 E44 Reference
A Black Canadian Bibliography Francis, Flora Blizzard A bibliography of works by and about the diverse peoples of African heritage living in Canada. It includes references to creative literary works.
Z 1395 .N39 F73 2000 Reference


Dictionary of Canadian Biography The Biography provides authoritative biographical information about significant figures of Canada’s past who died between the years 1000 and 1930, or whose last known date of activity falls within these years.There are detailed articles on Canada’s major historical figures, and short articles on minor personages who have hitherto found no place in reference works or general histories.
Available Online F 1005 .D49 Reference
Profiles in Canadian Literature 1980– Heath, Jeffrey M., editor An on-going series since 1980, these volumes contain studies of a broad range of authors from a variety of regions and periods. Each author is presented in four sections: a brief essay about the writer’s work; a chronology of the works; comments by the writer, and comments by other critics. A bibliography of primary works and criticisms suggests further study.
PR 9184.6 .P76 Reference & Stacks Oversize
ECW’s Biographical Guide to Canadian Novelists Lecker, Robert, ack David, Ellen Quigley, editors Includes such notables as Susanna Moodie, James De Mille, Stephen Leacock, Margaret Laurence, Alice Munro and Audrey Thomas. Brief biographies include titles of works published and awards earned. Arrangement by date of birth, the coverage begins in 1724, and ends with Matt Cohen, (b.1942).
PR 9186.2 .E28 1993 Reference
Canadian Writers 1920–1959, First Series New, H.W., editor Alphabetically arranged essays have description of life and work, career chronology and a bio-critical narrative for each author. Reproduces samples of text, manuscript, title pages and dust jackets. Often includes photographs of authors and handwriting samples.
PR 9186.2 .C34 1988 Reference
Canadian Writers 1920–1959, Second Series New, H.W., editor This volume covers the English language and French language writers of Canada who established their careers between 1920 and 1959. Illustrations include photographs of manuscripts and book jackets, as well as portraits of the writers. References are provided for further reading, and locations of archival papers are noted.
PR 9186.2 .C342 1989 Reference
Canadian Writers Since 1960, First Series New, H.W., editor Biographies of major writers placed in the perspective of literary history; includes some minor figures. Has drawings, paintings, and photographs of authors; title pages and dust jackets of their works reproduced in facsimile. Alphabetical arrangement of works and books, multi media productions and periodical publications. An extensive biography about the author follows, with an analysis of style and used. Interviews are listed and a select bibliography concludes the entry.
PR 9186.2 .C365 1986 Reference
Canadian Writers Since 1960, Second Series New, H.W., editor This work extends the First Series by providing additional biographies, critical overviews and bibliographies to English language and French language Canadian writers whose careers were established during the decades of the 1970s and 1980s.
PR 9186.2 .C366 1987 Reference
Canadian Novelists, 1920–1945 Thomas, Clara Biographical and bibliographical information concerning authors either Canadian born or established residents who have published fiction since 1920. Note that there is nothing after 1945; use in conjunction with other bibliographies. Appendix at the end classifies authors according to the genre into which their works fit. Published in 1946.
Z 1377 .F4T5 Reference & Stacks
World Writers in English Parini, Jay An idiosyncratic selection of writers from Commonwealth countries. Canada is represented by Margaret Atwood, Alice Munro and Michael Ondaatje. Biographical information, bibliography of primary and secondary sources and descriptions of individual works.
PR 9080.5 .W67 2004 Reference
Abstracts of English Studies Annotated indexes published between 1958 1991 which contain bibliographical information about retrospective literary criticism. Use the section “World Literature in English and Related Languages—Canada” and check also the subject index to find secondary sources about Canadian literature.
PE 25 .A16 Reference

History, Literary Interpretation & Criticism:
Online Sources

Canadian Literary Centre A collection of reference books and journals with a focus on Canadian fiction and poetry. This database contains full text content from individual monographs, biographies, essays and literary fiction. Especially useful for work on lesser known or recently published writers.
MLA (Modern Language Association) International Bibliography The major database for world literature, covering all areas of modern literatures, languages, folklore, and linguistics. Other topics include literary theory and criticism, dramatic arts (film, radio, television, theater), and the history of printing and publishing.
MagillonLiterature PlusA vast reference resource to world literature. Here you will find profiles, plot summaries, biographical and critical essays to major Canadian writers.
Canadian Periodical Index (CPI.Q) A major periodical database for researching Canadian topics, including literature. The content consists of both scholarly journals and popular sources, such as magazines and newspapers, published between 1980 to present.
Project Muse Includes articles on Canadian literature from university presses and scholarly societies.
Annual Bibliography of English Language Literature (ABELL) Includes Canadian writers.
Available Online Z 2011 .M69 Reference
Canadian Business and Current Affairs (CBCA) Complete Indexes scholarly journals as well as popular magazines and newspapers on numerous topics and disciplines, including literature. The majority of the included publications are Canadian.
Humanities Abstracts Indexes the most noted scholarly journals and specialized magazines in the humanities, including Canadian literature.
Periodicals Index Online This database searches the table of contents for a wide range of journals in the humanities and social sciences with chronological coverage of over two hundred years. Scholarly publications make up the majority of indexed journals but other popular and literary journals such as Canadian Forum and The Canadian Magazine are represented as well. PIO covers not only journals published by academic presses but also those journals published as popular reading which now provide valuable research materials for scholars.
Humanities & Social Sciences Index Retrospective, 1907–1984 A broad range of subject coverage of articles published in journals and magazines in the humanities (including Canadian literature) from 1907 to 1984.

History, Literary Interpretation & Criticism: Books

The Cambridge History of Canadian Literature Howells, Coral A, and Eva-Marie Kröller, editors A complete English-language history of Canadian writing in English and French from its beginnings, with an emphasis on literary, poetic, and dramatic works published since the 1960s. Analyzes the emergence of multicultural and Indigenous writing, popular literature, nature-writing, life-writing, and the interaction of anglophone and francophone cultures throughout Canadian history.
Available Online PR 9184.6 .C26 2009 Stacks
Canadian Literature Hammill, Faye Critical study of Canadian literature, placing internationally successful anglophone Canadian authors in the context of their national literary history. While the focus of the book is on twentieth-century and contemporary writing, it also charts the historical development of Canadian literature and discusses important eighteenth- and nineteenth-century authors. The chapters focus on four central topics in Canadian culture: ethnicity, race, colonization; wildernesses, cities, regions; desire; and histories and stories. Authors chosen for close analysis include Margaret Atwood, Michael Ondaatje, Alice Munro, Leonard Cohen, Thomas King and Carol Shields.
PR 9189.6 .H36 2007 Stacks
Butterfly on Rock: A Study of Themes and Images in Canadian Literature Jones, D.G. Analyzes archetypal, nationalist themes across Canadian literature, in the tradition of Northrop Frye.
PR 9184.3 .J66 Stacks
Canadian Literature in English Keith, W.J. Studies the emergence of distinct literary forms within the Canadian context (poetry, drama, and prose) and the development of a national literary canon. In two volumes.
PR 9184.3 .K4 2006 Available Online Stacks
Literary History of Canada: Canadian Literature in English Klinck, Carl F. et al., editors A comprehensive reference work on the English literary history of Canada in four volumes. Includes a bibliography.
PR 9184.3 .L5 1976 Reference
History of Canadian Literature New, W.H. A comprehensive survey beginning with the myths of the New World, describing the background against which to read the emerging English and French language literatures of Canada and progressing through to the present day writers. Takes into account historical events such as Confederation, the Canada First Movement, and two World Wars, as well as the main critical movements of each period. 1989
PR 9184.3 .N48 1989 Reference
New Contexts of Canadian Criticism Heble, Ajay,, editors Following Eli Mandel’s important collection of essays Contexts of Canadian Criticism (1971), this work examines the major themes of Canadian literary criticism in the 1990s. The contributors are a mix of well-known writers, poets and academics whose reprinted articles are assembled here from a wide variety of sources.
PR 9184.3 .N482 1997 Stacks
Creative Writing in Canada Pacey, Desmond Deals with Canadian poetry and fiction from the Colonial period through to 1950. Chapters 4, 5, 7 deal with modern Canadian fiction, and Chapter 8 discusses, in particular, the literature of the 1950s. Stephen Leacock and Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town are analyzed in depth in Chapter 4; Robertson Davies, Mordecai Richler and Brian Moore in Chapter 8. There is a bibliography at the end of the volume of books and articles about Canadian literature.
PR 9184.3 .P3 1961 Reference
The Canadian Imagination: Dimensions of a Literary Culture Atwood, Margaret,, editor Discusses French-Canadian literature, surveys of Canadian fiction, poetry and drama, as well as individual authors such as Atwood, Laurence, Leacock, Pratt and more.
PR 9184.6 .C35 Stacks
Survival: A Thematic Guide to Canadian Literature Atwood, Margaret Margaret Atwood’s major contribution to Canadian literary criticism, intended as a handbook for secondary school teachers, was according recognized as the most influential work of Canadian criticism in the 1970s. It examines the themes of literary alienation from the environment, and the notion of a national obsession with Canadian “ self-victimization.”
PR 9189.6 .A8 Stacks
The Bush Garden Frye, Northrop The collection of essays by Northrop Frye may be read as a record of poetic production in English Canada during one of its crucial periods. He discusses the imaginative legacy bequeathed to present and future Canadian writers by the earlier novelists and poets.
PR 9184.6 .F79 1995 Stacks
Northrop Frye’s Canadian Literary Criticism and its Influence Gorjup, Branko Examines the impact of Frye’s criticism on Canadian literary scholarship as well as the response of Frye’s peers to his articulation of a “Canadian” criticism.
PN 75 .F7 N74 2009 Stacks
Mythologizing Canada: Essays on the Canadian Literary Imagination Frye, Northrop and Branko Gorjup, editor Eleven essays and addresses written by Northrop Frye between 1943 and 1989 that address the topic of the Canadian literary imagination. The essays are intended to illustrate Frye’s insights into Canadian literature and reflect how his views changed over the course of his life.
PR 9184.6 .F795 1997 Stacks
Kicking Against the Pricks Metcalf, John Prominent and contentious criticism of the “literary nationalism” conceptualized in the previous decade, characterized by quest for distinct Canadian themes and traditions in literature and poetry.
PR 9199.3 .M47 Z466 1982 Stacks
The Search for English-Canadian Literature Ballstadt, Carl An anthology of critical articles from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries reflects the major issues in the search for a distinctive literature in Canada during this time period.
PR 9184.6 .S4 Stacks
Revolutions: Essays on Contemporary Canadian Fiction Good, Alex A close analysis of the changes in Canadian fiction since the early twentieth century. Good examines the importance of Canadian literary prizes, government funding, and how specific authors (such as Margaret Atwood, Michael Ondaatje, and Mordecai Richler) have influenced the concept of what a “Canadian novel” is or should be.
PR 9192.2 .G663 2017 Stacks
Inhabiting Memory in Canadian Literature Authers, Benjamin, et al. Examines the cultural work of space and memory in Canada and Canadian literature, and encourages readers to investigate Canada within its regional, national, and global contexts.
Available Online PR 9180.1 .I54 2017 Stacks
Luminous Ink: Writers on Writing in Canada McWatt, Tessa, et al., editors A collection of original pieces by some of Canada’s best known writers. The essays ask, and attempt to answer, what it means to be a writer in Canada, what the literature of today can tell us about Canada's social arrangements, its political and aesthetic shapes, and its preoccupations. Contributors include Margaret Atwood, George Elliott Clarke, Camilla Gibb, Rawi Hage, Lawrence Hill, Greg Hollingshead, Lee Maracle, Lisa Moore, Michael Ondaatje, Marie-Helaine Poitras, Pascale Quiviger, Nino Ricci, Eden Robinson, Madeleine Thien, Judith Thompson, M.G. Vassanji, Rita Wong, and others.
PR 9184.6 .L86 2018 Stacks
Arrival: The Story of CanLit Mount, Nick In the mid-twentieth century, Canadian literature developed as a cultural phenomenon that produced Margaret Atwood, Alice Munro, Michael Ondaatje, Mordecai Richler, and many others. Arrival examines the origins of the catalyst.
PR 9189.6 .M68 2017 Stacks
When Canadian Literature Moved to New York Mount, Nick An anthology of critical articles from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, reflecting the major issues in the search for a distinctive literature in Canada.
Available Online PR 9189.5 .M68 2005 Stacks
Our Nature, Our Voices: A Guidebook to English Canadian Literature Thomas, Clara In three parts, with a chronological arrangement. Part Three covers the period 1918–70 and the major writers of that time. Discusses and criticizes works, gives biographies.
PR 9184.3 .T56 1972 Reference
Refuse: CanLit in Ruins Wunker, Erin, et al., editors Critical examination of English Canadian literature as a cultural formation and industry. The book provides a critical and historical context to help readers understand conversations happening about CanLit in the year 2018. Topics such as literary celebrity, white power, appropriation, class, rape culture, and the ongoing impact of settler colonialism are addressed by a diverse gathering of writers from across Canada.
PR 9184.3 .R33 2018 Stacks
Volleys Solecki, Sam, John Metcalf, and W.J. Keith Discussion of several highly controversial issues in criticism of the Canadian tradition in literature.
PR 9184.6 .S64 1990 Stacks
Cultural Identities in Canadian Literature Mauguière, Bénédicte A collection of essays on the themes of cultural identities and immigrant writing in Canada. The emphasis is upon diversity as essays range in subject matter from Margaret Atwood, Margaret Laurence, and Marie-Claire Blais to Danny Laferrière, Ukranian-Canadian plays, contemporary Acadian and Africadian poetry, and the Ontario Protestant novel.
PR 9185.2 .C85 1998 Stacks
Beyond the Provinces: Literary Canada at Century’s End Staines, David The published edition of David Staines’s F.E.L. Priestly Lectures in the History of Ideas at University College, University of Toronto, 1994. The chapters trace Canada’s literary “coming of age” as it moves away from a colonialist mentality to a distinctive, literary “selfhood.”
PR 9189.6 .S37 1995 Stacks
The World of Canadian Writing: Critiques and Recollections Woodcock, George A collection of essays on contemporary Canadian fiction, poetry and criticism.
PR 9189.6 .W66 Stacks
Between Europe and America: The Canadian Tradition in Fiction MacLulich, T.D. Illustrates the difficulties early Canadian writers encountered in trying to adapt the European literary tradition to a New World social environment. Traces how they eventually created identifiably North American characters and settings.
PR 9190.5 .M29 1988 Stacks
Novels and the Nation: Essays in Canadian Literature Birbalsingh, Frank Essays that discuss the evolution of Canadian identity and nationhood as reflected, predominantly, in the English fiction of this country. Explores the writings of the first British expatriates; the colonial, empire-conscious writers of the 19th century; the strong, nationalistic literary consciousness of the mid–twentieth century and, finally, the contemporary writers of a multicultural country continually transforming itself.
PR 9192.2 .B57 1995 Stacks
The Canadian Novel: A Critical Anthology Moss, John, editor Encourages comparison both of the novels discussed and of critical approaches to them. Offers several essays by different critics on a single work or author. Volume One, “The Canadian Novel Here and Now,” discusses the six most significant authors in Canadian literature at present: Margaret Atwood, Robertson Davies, Margaret Laurence, Alice Munro, Mordecai Richler and Rudy Wiebe. Volume Two discusses early writers such as Haliburton, Richardson and Moodie. Volume Three deals with Ross, Grove, McLennan, etc., and Volume Four with Findley, Gallant, Ondaatje, etc.
PR 9192.2 .C35 Stacks
Canadian Novelists and the Novel Daymond, Douglas and Leslie Monkman A selection of views by major English Canadian novelists of the last one hundred and fifty years concerning the theory and practice of their art.
PR 9192.2 .C351 Stacks
Canadian Writers and Their Works Lecker, Robert et. al., editors A collection of critical essays covering the development of Canadian fiction and poetry over the last two centuries. Twelve volumes are devoted to fiction and ten to poetry; each volume contains an introduction by George Woodcock and five discrete essays on specific writers. Each critical essay includes a brief biography, a discussion of the influences on his/her work, a review of published criticism, a long analysis of the author’s work, and a selected bibliography of primary and secondary material.1983–1996
PR 9192.2 .C36 Stacks
Canadian Fiction Jones, Jospeh and Johanna Jones An historical survey of some length and depth that proves Canadian fiction is not quite all unrelieved gloom.
PR 9192.2 .J6 Stacks
A Tale of Two Countries: Contemporary Fiction in Canada and the United States Fogel, Stanley A comparative study of Canadian and American fiction written in English in the contemporary period. Canadian writers included are Robert Kroetsch, Margaret Atwood and Robertson Davies.
PR 9192.5 .F6 1984 Stacks
A Sense of Style: Studies in the Art of Fiction in English-speaking Canada Keith, W.J. Discusses specific Canadian novelists and their works. Concentrates on what effects are achieved through a writer’s style and focuses on the imaginative challenge involved in the experience of reading these novels.
PR 9192.5 .K45 1989 Stacks
Speculative Fictions: Contemporary Canadian Novelists and the Writing of History Wyile, Herb An analysis of the historical concerns and textual strategies of selected historical novels published since 1973. Drawing on the work of theorists and critics, this book examines the nature of the engagement with Canadian history in the text of the novels.
PR9192.6 .H5W94 2002 Stacks
Who Speaks for Canada? Words that Shape a Country Morton, Desmond and Morton Weinfeld A collection of texts by notable Canadians and visitors to Canada from 1664 through 1995. The documents, arranged chronologically, are a mixture of social and political tracts as well as personal reflections on Canadian identity. Brief biographies are provided for each writer. Illustrated with period paintings, sketches, cartoons and photographs.
PR 9194.52 .C3 W46 1995 Stacks
Masks of Fiction: Canadian Critics on Canadian Prose Smith, A.J.M., editor A series of essays edited by the critic and poet A.J.M. Smith, contemporary of F.R. Scott, E. M. Klein and Leon Edel.
PR 9233 .N42 no.2 Canadiana
Odysseys Home: Mapping African-Canadian Literature Clarke, George Elliott Presents a history of the African-Canadian literature and oral cultures, identifies African-Canadian literature’s distinguishing characteristics, argues for its relevance to both African Diasporic Black and Canadian Studies, and critiques several of its key creators and texts. Authors whose work is examine in the book are André Alexis, Dionne Brand, Austin Clarke, Claire Harris, and M. Nourbese Philip.
PR 9188.2 .B57 C56 2002 Stacks
Directions Home: Approaches to African-Canadian Literature Clarke, George Elliott Building on the discoveries of his critically acclaimed Odysseys Home, Clarke showcases the importance of little-known texts, including church histories and slave narratives, and offers studies of autobiography, crime and punishment, jazz poetics, and musical composition.
Available Online PR 9188.2 .B57 C55 2012 Stacks
“Canada in Black Transnational Studies: Austin Clarke, Affective Affiliations, and the Cross-Border Poetics of Caribbean Canadian Writing” Bucknor, Michael A. This chapter in Beyond Understanding Canada: Transnational Perspectives on Canadian Literature, examines Caribbean-Canadian writing within the larger context of “black transational space.”
PR 9184.3 .B39 2017 Stacks
Why We Write: Conversations with African Canadian Poets and Novelists: Interviews Thomas, H. Nigel, editor African Canadian creative writers discuss the complexities of the writing experience. Includes interviews with: Ayanna Black, Austin Clarke, George Elliot Clarke, Wayde Compton, Afua Cooper, Bernadette Dyer, Cecil Foster, Claire Harris, Lawrence Hill, Nalo Hopkinson, Suzette Mayr, Pamela Mordecai, M. NourbeSe Philip, Althea Prince, and Robert Sandiford.
PR 9194.5 .B55 W49 2006 Stacks
Strange Things: The Malevolent North in Canadian Literature Atwood, Margaret Focuses on the imaginative mystique of the wilderness of the Canadian North. Writers discussed include Robert Service, Robertson Davies, Alice Munro, E.J. Pratt, Marian Engel, Margaret Laurence and Gwendolyn MacEwan.
PR 9185.2 .A95 2004 Stacks
Worlds of Wonder: Readings in Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature Leroux, Jean-François, and C.R. La Bossière Studies the emergence of science fiction and fantasy within a general context of Canadian literature and culture.
Available Online PR 9192.6 .S34 W67 2004 Stacks
Canadian Gothic Literature, History, and the Spectre of Self-Invention Sugars, Cynthia Explores the origins and history of the Canadian gothic tradition, tracing the ways that the gothic genre has been reinvented for a specifically Canadian context. Authored discussed in the book are Dionne Brand, David Chariandy, Wayson Choy, Hiromi Goto, Suzette Mayr, and Michael Ondaatje.
PR 9185.5 .G67 S84 2014 Stacks
The Haunted Wilderness: The Gothic and Grotesque in Canadian Fiction Northey, Margot A detailed analysis of a limited number of works, some from the nineteenth century, and others from the twentieth century. Focus is on varieties of gothic and grotesque fiction rather than specific authors. Demonstrates that gothicism, in varying degrees, has always been a continuing feature of Canadian fiction.
PR 9192.6 .G7 N6 Stacks
Unsettled Remains: Canadian Literature and the Postcolonial Gothic Sugars, Cynthia and Gerry Turcotte Examines how Canadian writers have combined a postcolonial awareness with gothic metaphors of monstrosity and haunting in their response to Canadian history. Authors whose work is analyzed in the book include Charles de Guise, Farley Mowat, Sheila Watson, Joy Kagawa, Ann-Marie MacDonald, Janice Kulyk Keefer, Tomson Highway, Eden Robinson, Michael Crummey, and Vincent Lam.
PR 9192.6 .G7 N6 Stacks
DisPossession: Haunting in Canadian Fiction Goldman, Marlene Incorporating both psychoanalytic and non-traditional methods of literary analysis, Goldman explores the ways in which spectral fictions are an expression of definitive Canadian experiences, such as the clashes between invading settler and indigenous populations.
PR 9192.6 .S8 G65 2012 Stacks
Modern Realism in English-Canadian Fiction Hill, Colin Evaluates Canadian literary culture and argues that it is a distinct genre, a regional form of the larger international modernist movement. Examines major as well as lesser known Canadian writers, including Frederick Philip Grove, Morley Callaghan, and Raymond Knister.
PR 9192.6 .R42 H54 2012 Stacks
Writing in the Time of Nationalism: From Two Solitudes to Blue Metropolis Leith, Linda Traces the history of Montreal as the literary centre of Quebec and Toronto as the literary centre of English Canada.
PR 9189.6 .L45 2010 Stacks
National Plots: Historical Fiction and Changing Ideas of Canada Cabajsky, Andrea and Brett Josef Grubisic, editor The collection studies the significance of the roles that historical fiction has played within Canadian culture for nearly two centuries.
PR 9192.6 .H5 N37 2010 Stacks
From Cohen to Carson: The Poet’s Novel in Canada Rae, Ian Argues that Canadian poets have turned to the novel because of the limitations of the lyric, but have used lyric methods—puns, symbolism, repetition, juxtaposition—to create a mode of narrative that contrasts sharply with the descriptive conventions of realist and plot-driven novels. Detailed case studies of novels by Leonard Cohen, Michael Ondaatje, George Bowering, Daphne Marlatt, and Anne Carson, as well as sections on A.M. Klein and Anne Michaels.
PR 9192.5 .R33 2008 Stacks
Canadian Graphic: Picturing Life Narratives Rifkind, Candida et al. A collection of critical essays on contemporary Canadian cartoonists working in various forms of graphic life narrative, from confession to memoir to biography.
Available Online PN 6714 .C36 2016 Stacks
Divided Highways: Road Narrative and Nationhood in Canada Macfarlane, Heather Establishes the existence of a road trip genre in the literatures of Canada, examining works by a variety of Anglophone, Québécois and Indigenous writers, including Gilles Archambault, Jeannette Armstrong, Jill Frayne, Tomson Highway, Linda Hogan, Scott Gardiner, Claude Jasmin, Robert Kroetsch, Lee Maracle, Jacques Poulin, Aritha van Herk and Paul Villeneuve.
PR 9185.5 .T73 M33 2019 Stacks
You Can’t Get There from Here: The Past As Present in Small-Town Ontario Fiction Porter, Ryan Focuses on four key Ontario authors—Stephen Leacock, Robertson Davies, Alice Munro, and Jane Urquhart—as well as many secondary authors, examining small-town representations in Canadian literature as sophisticated statements on the effects of modernity in the increasingly urbanized and cosmopolitan provice.
PR 9198.2 .O5 P67 2019 Stacks

Digital Collections

Literature Online A database of English and American poetry, drama and prose. It includes texts, secondary criticism, bibliographies, links to Internet sites and video clips of poets reading.

Book Reviews

Book Review Index Online Reviews of books, periodicals, books on tape and electronic media representing a wide range of popular, academic and professional interests, published from 1965 to the present.
Book Review Digest Plus Excerpts from book reviews on a wide range of topics from a variety of sources, including journals, newspapers, and popular magazines, published from 1983 to the present.
International Bibliography of Book Reviews An international, multilingual and interdisciplinary index that provides access to book reviews, chiefly in the arts, humanities and social sciences.
Book Review Digest Retrospective, 1903–1982 Excerpts from and citations to reviews of adult and children’s fiction and non-fiction, published between 1903 and 1982.

Major Scholarly Journals

ARIEL: A Review of International English Literature no. 1 (1970)–present Scholarly criticism of literatures in English, with particular focus on the influence of colonization on literature. Peer-reviewed.
Canadian Literature: A Quarterly of Criticism and Review no. 171 (2001)–present no. 1 (1959)–present Includes articles, interviews and commentaries on Canadian writing. Peer-reviewed.
English Studies in Canada vol. 29 (2003)–present vol. 1 (1975)–present Includes articles on national literatures in English, including Canadian. Peer-reviewed.
Essays on Canadian Writing no. 1 (1974)–no. 84 (2009) no. 1 (1974)–no. 84(2009) Includes review essays of contemporary Canadian theatre, drama, and poetry. Scholarly, but not peer-reviewed.
The International Fiction Review vol. 28 (2001)–vol. 34 (2007) Extensive coverage of world literature, including Canadian. Peer-reviewed.
International Journal of Canadian Studies no. 35 (2007)–present no. 14 (1996)–present A bilingual, multidisciplinary, and peer-reviewed journal publishing the latest research in Canadian Studies from around the world.
Journal of Canadian Studies vol. 27 (1992)–present vol. 1 (1966)–present Includes articles on a wide range of studies on Canada: literature, arts, architecture, anthropology, community planning, culture, the economy, education, history, Native affairs, politics and public affairs, and sociology. Peer-reviewed.
The Journal of Commonwealth Literature no. 1 (1966)–present Critical and bibliographic forum in the field of Commonwealth and postcolonial literatures. Peer-reviewed.
Mosaic: A Journal for the Interdisciplinary Study of Literature vol. 1 (1967)–present vol. 1 (1967)–present A peer-reviewed, academic journal covering a broad range of subjects (such as literature).
Studies in Canadian Literature vol. 1 (1976)–present Refereed essays, literary criticism, and book reviews. Special issues on specific topics (such as history of Canadian fiction) are published periodically.
TOPIA: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies no. 1 (1997)–present A peer-reviwed journal publishing current research, theoretical essays in cultural studies (including literature), cultural and political debates, commentaries and book reviews.

Major Literary Journals

The Antigonish Review vol. 83 (1991)–present vol. 136 (2004)–vol. 160 (2010) Publishes poetry, translations, short stories, essays, film and book reviews, and illustrations from both established and emerging scholars, authors, artists, and poets.
Brick: A Literary Journal no. 21 (1984)–present no. 87 (2011)–present A journal that is international in scope, publishing articles, poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction. Canadian writers are prominently featured.
Books in Canada vol. 1 (1971)–present (incomplete archive) vol. 22 (1993)–vol. 37 (2008) (incomplete archive) Publishes in-depth and evaluative reviews of contemporary Canadian literature.
Canadian Fiction issue 63 (1988)–[issue 97] (2000) (incomplete archive) A semi-annual journal publishing the work of contemporary Canadian fiction writers. Contains short stories and poetry in English with occasional pieces in French.
Canadian Forum vol. 1 (1920)–v. 79 (2000) Features short stories, poetry, and critical essays published by many preeminent Canadian authors and poets. Also published articles on Canadian cultural development.
Canadian Notes and Queries no. 1 (1968)–present Interviews with authors, articles on the history on Canadian bibliography, publishing, as well as antiquarian bookselling, and in-depth book reviews.
Dalhousie Review: A Canadian Journal of Literature and Opinion vol. 89 (2009)–present vol. 1 (1921)–present Publishes short fiction, poetry, and book reviews by Canadian and international authors.
Journal of Canadian Fiction vol. 1 (1972)–vol. 36 (1986) Founded on the “premise that there is a Canadian literature and that it is worth expoloring,” the first editorial board included Northop Frye, Margaret Lawrence, Desmond Pacey, Clara Thomas, Rudy Wiebe and other prominent scholars and writers. The journal published short stories, articles, book reviews, and bibliographic information on Canadian fiction and criticism. Ceased publishing in 1986.
Literary Review of Canada vol. 6 (1997)–present vol. 1 (1989)– An international scholarly journal publishing poetry, fiction, essays, and interviews. Presents stories, poems, essays, memoirs, and author interviews.
The Malahat Review: An International Quarterly of Life and Letters no. 1 (1967)–present Publishes Canadian and international poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction.
Queen’s Quarterly vol. 1 (1893)–present (incomplete archive) vol. 1 (1893)–present A refereed academic journal, published by Queen’s University, which features articles, review essays, poetry, and short stories.
Quill & Quire vol. 48 (1982)–present current year A magazine that publishes reviews of new book releases in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, and articles about the Canadian publishing market, the book trade, and libraries.
Studies in Canadian Literature vol. 1 (1976)–present Published by the University of New Brunwick, this peer-reviewed journal, edited by Cynthia Sugars, is devoted to French and English Canadian literary criticism.
University of Toronto Quarterly vol. 1 (1931)–present vol. 1 (1931)–present Consult the annual “Letters in Canada” issue, with reviews of the year’s notable literary and critical publications for English and French-Canadian literature. Separate essays examine fiction, poetry, drama and translations.

updated & expanded by: Agatha Barc, 7 October 2019
originally compiled by: Irene Dutton, Alison Girling