Christian Quotation Books

The Westminster Collection of Christian Quotations
PN 6084 R3 W47 2001 Reference
The New Encyclopedia of Christian Quotations
BR 124 N48 2000 Reference
The Doubleday Christian Quotation Collection
BR 124 D68 1998 Reference

Bible Quotation Books

The Home Book of Bible Quotations (1949)
BS 432 S667 Reference
Biblical Quotations: A Reference Guide
BS 391.3 L5 2001 Reference
The Complete Book of Bible Quotations
BS 432 C635 1986 Reference

Religious Quotation Books

The Routledge Dictionary of Religious & Spiritual Quotations
BL 48 D5 2000 Reference
A Dictionary of Religious Quotations
BL 95 D53 1989 Reference
Concise Dictionary of Religious Quotations (1974)
PN 6084 R3 N4 Reference
The World's Treasury of Religious Quotations (1966)
BL 29 W6 Reference
The Encyclopedia of Religious Quotations (1965)
PN 6084 R3 M4 Reference

General Quotation Books

The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations
PN 6080 O9 2004 Reference
The Oxford Dictionary of Phrase, Saying, and Quotation
PN 6080 O945 1997 Reference
Familiar Quotations (John Bartlett)
PN 6081 B27 1955 Reference