Emmanuel Library has a number of CD-ROMs available for use on our public computers and on our public laptops (access on laptops by going to All Programs -> Electronic Resources) :

Anchor Bible Dictionary (Public laptops)

All 6 volumes of the respected 1992 Anchor Bible Dictionary are included in this CD-ROM. Nearly a thousand international biblical scholars – including prominent archaeologists, Assyriologists, Egyptologists, classicists, philosophers, and historians – have written the 6,200 entries on biblical subjects and topics.

The full English texts of the King James Version and the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible are also provided.

Features include full-text searching; hyperlinks to cross-references, abbreviations, and illustrations; as well as the ability to annotate, link, and export text.

BibleWorks 10 (Public computer)

BibleWorks 10 is the premier original languages Bible software program for Biblical exegesis and research. It comes with Greek, Hebrew, and Septuagint Bibles, as well as translations in English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and more. It has over 250 Bible versions, lexical-grammatical references, interlinear display, and provides grammatical and morphological searches. Go to http://bibleworks.com - for "how-to" videos that cover both basic and advanced features of the program.

BibleWorks 10 is only available for use on the sit-down public computer nearest the window at Emmanuel Library.

The Dead Sea Scrolls
Electronic Library (Public laptops)

This is a comprehensive archive of digitized images of all 800 or so Dead Sea Scrolls texts from the 11 caves of Khirbet Qumran. The collection contains some 2,700 photographs, with annotations that give information about the Cave number, text title, inventory number, and cross-references to the microfiche and facsimile editions.

Images can be magnified and sharpened for contrast, and the fragments manipulated. A searchable list of biblical passages found in particular fragments is also provided.

This is an ongoing work in progress, to which transcriptions, translations, and other reference material are being added.

The Dead Sea Scrolls Electronic Reference Library (1st ed.) - this 1997 edition includes both the biblical and non-biblical texts)

The Dead Sea Scrolls Electronic Library (revised ed.) - this 2006 edition only includes the non-biblical texts, but has an updated interface)

Voices United Resources (Public computers)

Voices United (VU) is the hymn and worship book of the United Church of Canada.

VU Worship Planner (version 1.0)
This resource CD-ROM is designed to help worship planners select music, prayers and scripture readings for services in which VU is being used; it will play the melody of any musical selection from the book.

VU Concordance (PDF, 2.6MB)
This tool provides an alphabetical listing of the words in the VU hymns listing their locations.

The Works of John Wesley (Public laptops)

This is the standard fourteen volume edition of Wesley's works, edited by Thomas Jackson, and published between 1829 and 1831. You can do anything from simple keyword lookups to phrase, proximity and boolean searches of single volumes or the whole set. The publisher has also included a copy of the King James Bible, and hypertext links take you from Wesley's scripture references to the full text of the passages referred to.

Last updated: March 7, 2019