Desktop Computers

There are 6 computer workstations available on the first floor of the library, located just to the left of the main entrance of the library.

The machines are available on a first-come, first-served basis. All users are required to sign in with their UTORid (or a temporary login, where applicable) in order to access a workstation.

Workstation availability:

To check which computers are available for use, please consult Computer Availability Summary: Emmanuel College Library. Additional workstations are available in the nearby E. J. Pratt Library, which is also located on Victoria University Campus.


All of our workstations use Windows 10 and have Microsoft Office.

See U of T Scotiabank Information Commons for the complete list of software.


There are 4 laptops available for borrowing at the Loans Services Desk. A valid TCard is required and they can be signed out for up to 5 hours. Priority is given to Emmanuel students, but undergraduate students may also borrow our laptops. The laptops run on Windows 10 and are equipped with office software, wireless printing and wireless Internet access. Study tables all have power jacks for laptops.

Laptops can only be used within the library. Exceptions can be made for Ph.D. students doing a comprehensive exam outside of the library (they must first get the permission of the Circulation Supervisor or the Librarian).

The overdue fine for laptops is $0.50 per hour.

Students can use their own laptops to connect to the UofT laptop network.
See Connecting to the Campus Wireless Network for instructions.

For visitors who are unable to access the Eduroam Wi-Fi network, U of T Faculty or Staff can sponsor a 5 day guest account, which includes both public computer and wi-fi access.
Instructions for sponsoring a guest can be found here:


There are two Chromebooks available for borrowing at the Loan Services Desk. A valid TCard is required to borrow one, and they can be signed out for 3 days. The Chromebooks are cloud-oriented laptops with acces to a broad range of online applications, including MS Office, the Chrome browser, and Google Docs. While Chromebooks do support removable media such as USB drives, they work primarily using online storage. Data is not saved permanently on the Chromebook; it remains "in the cloud" in personal online storage. All data is removed when returned.

The overdue fine for Chromebooks is $0.50 per hour.

Charging Cables

Packages of charging cables for select phones and tablets including Apple and Android devices can be borrowed from the Circulation Desk for a 3 hour loan. Each 2.4 amp charger kit comes with:

  • USB-C plug (new android and other devices)
  • Apple "lightning" style 8-pin plugs
  • Micro-USB plug (commonest USB plug for Android and other devices)


Last updated: August 16, 2022