Reproduction Policy & Price Schedule

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Policy on Reproduction of Victoria University Library’s Special Collections Materials and Price Schedule

All requests for photocopying and other means of reproduction of special collections materials will be considered by library staff. Due to the unique and often fragile nature of many of the materials in special collections, library staff, may at their discretion, choose not to make photocopies, digital scans or employ other means of reproduction of a given item in its collections.

The Library requires 24 hours turn around time on requests for photocopying. Staff will advise researchers on the response time for requests for scanning and on other means of reproducing materials, as times may vary.

The Library will not make reproductions of entire collections or major parts of collections for sale to individuals or institutions. In cases where a scholar finds it impossible to consult the originals, a request for the reproduction of a large collection of materials may be granted through the process of inter-library loan. The reproduction will be deposited with the requesting library for a specified period on the understanding that it will take responsibility supervising the use of the reproduction, of permitting access but prohibiting the making of further copies, and referring requests to publish to Victoria University Library. (see Permission to Publish and Associated Fees form)

Strict limits exist on photocopying. Where published materials are concerned, the Library is guided by the Canada Copyright Act. Photocopies and other reproductions are supplied solely for the purposes of private study and scholarly research and are not to be further reproduced in part or in full, or made available to others without the written consent of the Librarian.

For items where the copyright is not held by the Library, copyright must be cleared by the researcher. The Library will, to the best of its ability, aid the researcher in providing contact information for the copyright holder. The researcher will agree to indemnify Victoria University Library against all claims, demands, costs and expenses, including attorney's fees incurred by copyright infringement or any other legal or regulatory course of action arising from the use of Victoria University Library collection materials.

Providing access to collections or photo duplication of collection materials does not include or imply permission to use the materials in a publication, broadcast or performance. For permission to use materials in a publication, broadcast or performance, written application must be made to the Librarian using the Permission to Publish and Associated Fees form.

Victoria University Library does not allow special collections users to photocopy or scan any materials from special collections themselves. All methods used to reproduce special collections materials must done in consultation with Library staff.

Price Schedule for Special Collections Reproduction or Format Conversion

Service Charge (applied to all reproductions)

Permission to Publish 

$10.00 - $50.00

$25.00 minimum

On-site photocopying

$0.15 per page
Microfilm Reader/Printer Charge $0.15 per page
Digital Scanning

$1.00 per image scanned

Audio and Video Tape Conversion

Done externally. Costs vary.

Last updated: January 13, 2023