Request to view Special Collections items or Rare Books from Victoria University Library

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*All fields are required unless otherwise stated

Below, please indicate when you would like to come into the library. Please propose times that are at least 3 full business days in advance (Mon-Fri exclusively) of your proposed appointment times. Currently, due to staff and space limitations, we may need even longer than 3 business days advance notice.

We will do our best to accommodate your first and second choices but our reading room has limited seating capacity. We will either confirm one of the dates and time you have proposed or contact you suggesting new proposed times.

Preferred Date of Visit
Must be Monday to Friday between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm
Second choice for date of visit
Provide an alternative date in case the above time slot is already taken.
Items you would like to view
Please see our Quick Guide for the information that will be required in this form. Further information are available in Find Items in Our Special Collections page.
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Item 4
Please enter the title of the rare book and if possible the “permalink” to the catalogue record for the book or copy and paste the URL of the page on which you found a reference to the item.
Please describe which item you are interested in (related to the URL provided above).

NOTE: The materials will only be ready for you once you have received an email confirming your appointment after submitting this form. You can expect a message within 3 business days.

This appointment is to view items for individual research purposes. If you decide you would like to publish, post online, broadcast or otherwise disseminate a photo of something from our special collections, you will need to request permission to do so and this may incur costs. Please see our: Reproduction Policy and Price Schedule

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