Requesting Reproductions & Publishing Permissions

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Limitations on Reproductions

Victoria University Library does not allow researchers to make their own reproductions of any materials from our special and rare book collections. All methods used to reproduce the materials must be done in consultation with a librarian. Requests for digitizing, photocopying, and other means of reproduction of special collections materials will be reviewed by a librarian.

Due to the unique and often fragile nature of the holdings, librarians may at their discretion choose not to make photocopies, supply digital scans, or employ other means of reproduction of a given item from the collections.

Submitting a Request

Required Information

Researchers are required to submit their requests via an online form, Ask Us, and provide the following information:

  • contact information, including your name, email address, and phone number
  • required resolution and file format (for instance, 600 dpi resolution, TIFF file) 
  • intended use for the copied materials 
  • for holdings in special collections, a complete list of the items you would like our staff to digitize (please refer to Requesting Specific Files for the details we require you to provide)
  • for rare books, we require complete bibliographic information, the name of the collection, the call number associated with the title, and the desired range of the pages you would like scanned.

Any requests that do not contain the required details will be considered incomplete and will not be processed.

Turnaround Time & Delivery

A librarian will advise researchers on the response time related to requests for scanning and on other means of reproducing materials, as processing times may vary.

Turnaround time is determined by several factors, including the extent of a specific request, the condition of the item(s), and other considerations.

Price Schedule

Service Charge
(all copying is subject to this charge)
Digital Scanning $1.00 per each image scanned + service charge
Permission to Publish $25.00 minimum
Photocopying $0.15 per page + service charge
Microfilm Reader / Printer $0.15 per each page printed
Audio and Video Tape Conversion Costs vary, done externally.

Publishing Materials from Special &
Rare Book Collections

Providing access to the materials in the collections or their reproductions does not include or imply permission to use the materials in a publication, broadcast or performance.

For permission to use materials in a publication, broadcast or performance, an application must be made to the Victoria University Chief Librarian using the Permission to Publish Form. Researchers are required to submit an online payment of minimum $25 in advance to receive permission to publish.

For items where the copyright is not held by the Library, copyright must be cleared by the researcher. The Library will, to the best of its ability, aid the researcher in providing contact information for the copyright holder.

The researcher will agree to indemnify the Library against all claims, demands, costs and expenses, including attorney’s fees incurred by copyright infringement or any other legal or regulatory course of action arising from the use of the Library’s materials.

Strict limits exist on the amount of the unpublished and published material they can be reproduced. Where published materials are concerned, the Library is guided by the Canada Copyright Act.

Reproductions of all types are supplied to researchers solely for the purposes of private study and scholarly research. They are not to be further reproduced in part or in full, or made available to others without the written consent of the Victoria University Chief Librarian.

The Library will not make reproductions of entire collections or major parts of the collections for sale to individuals or institutions.

In cases where it is not possible for a researcher to consult the collections in-person, a request for the reproduction of a large selection of materials may be granted through the process of interlibrary loan. Digitization charges will apply as outlined in the Price Schedule above.

The reproductions will be deposited with the requesting library for a specified period on the understanding that it will take the responsibility for supervising the use of the reproduction, permitting access but prohibiting the making of further copies, and referring requests to publish to the Victoria University Library.

Last updated: April 18, 2024