The F. David Hoeniger Book Collection Prize

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If you:

  • are registered at Victoria College
  • like books
  • have a particular interest, academic or otherwise, that has led you to acquire a number of books relevant to it

Then you:

  • may be a candidate to win the F. David Hoeniger Book Collection Prize
  • value: $350
  • your collection need neither be large nor include any rare or expensive items

The deadline for submissions is May 1st, 2018.

Previous Winners

Eligibility Criteria and Advice to Candidates

1. Eligibility

Any student registered at Victoria College at the time of the competition may enter. Entrants may submit only one “collection” in a given year. A prize-winning collection may not be submitted in a subsequent competition, regardless of any particular changes in its constitution; a previous prize-winner may, however, submit a collection centred on a different interest.

2. Definition of a “Collection”

For the purposes of the Prize, a collection consists of at least 20 items (normally a majority of them hardbound books) that a student has come to possess as a consequence of developing a particular interest, which may be academic or not. A few printed items that are not books may be included in the collection when they suit the interest (e.g., a collection centred on the work of a dramatist might include a playbill associated with an important performance of one of the plays; or a collection centred on bird-watching might include an Audubon plate). Emphatically, however, a collection need not include costly or rare items, to the extent that it may include a proportion of paperbacks. Candidates are, however, expected to show some knowledge and appreciation of items in their collections not only for their contents but as books.

3. What Must Candidates Submit?

  • An ordered list (alphabetical, chronological, or appropriately otherwise) of the items comprising the “collection.” This list or bibliography should provide basic information about each item, including for books: author, title, date of the work’s original publication (if different from the date of the actual item), and the place of publication, publisher, and date of publication of the item actually in the collection. Any items that are not books should be included in this list and briefly described.
  • A statement (500–1000 words) explaining the collection. Generally, what interest or motive accounts for it and gives it coherence? What is the personal history of your collection? More specifically, is there any particular item in it that you are especially glad to possess? Why? Is there a particular “gap” in your collection that you would especially like to fill? Why?
  • Contact information, including the candidate’s name, student number, current and summer addresses, email address, and phone number(s), which should be provided on the first page of the submission.

4. Submissions

Will be judged by a committee annually appointed for the purpose. This committee may invite promising candidates to an interview. The winner of the Prize will be expected to participate fully in arranging an exhibition in the Pratt Library of items from her or his collection.

How to Apply

To apply, submit an online application using the Online Special Award/Essay Prize Application.


Please direct enquires to vic [dot] awards [at] utoronto [dot] ca or 416-585-4435.

Last updated: March 28, 2018