Canada 150: A VIC Celebration

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Canada 150: A VIC Celebration
Victoria University Library
February 21  to March 31, 2017

Items in this exhibit are from the Victoria University Archives.



Canada is born…
…Victoria College turns 31!

  • Faraday Hall, Victoria College, Coburg (Available Online)
  • Exterior of Faraday Hall, with Upper Canada Academy (Victoria College), Cobourg ca.1867
  • Programme, Matriculation (requirements and information)
  • Convocation programme
(left to right) Faraday Hall, Programmes



Mary Crossen, the first woman permitted to take lectures with male students at Victoria College, is awarded the degree of M.E.L (Mistress of English Literature)

  • Programme, Matriculation (requirements and information)
  • Calendar for the 1877-78 year (Lists courses of study, programmes, degrees, etc.)
  • Greek Examination, 1877

(left to right) Programme, Greek Exmination booklet, Calendar



Nathanael Burwash is appointed President and Chancellor

  • Convocation programme
  • Nathanael Burwash, President and Chancellor

(left to right) Programme, photo of Nathanael Burwash



Founding of the Barbara Heck Memorial Association (later the Victoria Women’s Association)

  • Convocation programme
  • Margaret Burwash was the first President of the women’s association
  • The Bob Revue was an annual performance put on by the Sophomore class

(left) Programme, photo of Margaret Burwash (right) Programme, Bob Revue, Calendar



Student Clubs and Groups

  • The Conversazione Committee served refreshments and conversed with the local gentry
  • The Tennyson Club brochure
  • The Women’s Literary Society
  • Inter-College Debating Union events

(left) Booklets from various student clubs (right) photo of Conversazione Committee



WW1 rages on. 530 members of Victoria College served, 67 died.

  • The Acta Victoriana War Supplement showed all the members of the Vic community who served.
  • Pin for the Class of 1T7
  • The Victoria College graduating class of 1917 (Available Online)

(left to right) Acta Victoriana War Supplement, Class Pin, photo of graduating class



  • The graduating class in Theology of 1927 (Available Online)
  • Freshman Day Programme 1927
  • The graduating class of 1927

(left to right) photo of graduating class in Theology, Programme, photo of graduating class



Reba E. Hern becomes the first woman to receive a diploma from Emmanuel College

  • Emmanuel College graduating class of 1937 (Available Online)
  • Info Booklet, “Women in Victoria College” 1937
  • Questionnaire from the Dean of Women’s Office
  • 3T7 Dance Card
  • Women’s Tea Dance hosted by the Victoria College Union

(left) Booklet, photo of graduating class (right) Questionnaire, Booklets



  • Faculty Dinner to the Graduating Class of 1947 event Programme
  • Convocation in Arts Notice
  • The Victoria College graduating class of 1947 (Available Online)

(left to right) Programme, UofT crest, photo of graduating class



Residence life

  • Nelles House student residents 1956-1957
  • Student residents of Annesley Hall
  • Middle House student residents 1956-1957

(left) residents of Annesley Hall and Nelles House photo (right) residents of Middle House photo



Canada turns 100!

The Mulock Cup (Intramurals trophy) is the oldest trophy in Canada which has been competed for without interruption.

  • Victoria College – Mulock Cup Champions 1967
  • Mulock Cup Champions stein
  • T. Rumsey, Linebacker, Victoria College Football Team, Mulock Cup Champions, 1967
  • “An off-tackle play behind strong blocking, Mulock Cup, Varsity Stadium”

(left) Mulock Cup booklet, invitation, Champions stein (right) photos during the Mulock Cup



Musical events and groups

“On the Old Ontario Strand,” Vic’s College Song has been sung since the late 1940s

  • Vic Music Club’s 50th Anniversary performance “Babes in Arms”
  • The Music Club’s 50th Anniversary celebration

(left to right) Booklets and invitation from the Vic Music Club



Student Orientation

Victoria University Student Administrative Council (VUSAC) organizes orientation activities.

  • Students participating in Orientation activities

(left to right) photos during Orientation, Vic flag, VUSAC logo



  • Victoria College graduating class of 1997

(left to right) photo of graduating class, Programme



Vic Book Sale surpasses $1-Million mark

  • Article from the Vic Report, 2007
  • Line up outside the Victoria College Book Sale

(left to right) photo of the Book Sale, article from Vic Report



Canada turns 150!

Carole Taylor, O.C. Vic 6T7 is appointed Chancellor of Victoria University

article from the Globe and Mail