Don’t let this event pass you by!

If you wish you could have seen the Blue Whale exhibit at the ROM earlier this year, don’t miss what promises to be an unforgettable lecture later this week!

Please join us on
Thursday November 16th at 4pm
in the Vic Chapel
on the 2nd floor of the Victoria College building


Betty Vakil and volunteers from the ROM’s Outreach group will be captivating us with highlights from the spectacular Out of the Depths: The Blue Whale Story exhibition.

Read on for an excerpt from the ROM’s press release:

Out of the Depths: The Blue Whale Story:  In 2014 in a tragic event off the coast of Newfoundland nine rare blue whales became trapped in ice and died.  Blue whales usually sink when they die but, unusually, two of the blue whales washed ashore, offering an unprecedented opportunity for research.  Hear about the 80-foot skeleton, the biology of blue whales; the size of their heart, their unusual feeding behaviour, how they communicate and their evolution from land to sea.  Find out how the ROM is studying their DNA to unlock some of the mysteries surrounding these large but elusive creatures.

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We look forward to seeing you soon!