Book Sale Etiquette 101

With only a few short days before our big opening night on Thursday September 24th at 4pm, our volunteers have been working tirelessly to get everything set up in time.

Everyone is anticipating the doors of Old Vic opening, ready for excited throngs to peruse through all that our giant book sale has to offer!

But STOP! Hold it right there!

Is this your first time out to a Victoria College Library Book Sale, and you want to make sure you don’t make a public faux-pas? Whether you’re a book sale newbie or a seasoned vet, a little brush up on book sale etiquette is always a great way to prep for an opening night.

Rule #1: Don’t be grabby.
It’s always hard when you spy that one Atwood novel that you have been meaning to read for years and someone else reaches for it first. But remember to be polite: if someone else has dibs on a book, or if it is in their own box, don’t pull a fast one and whisk it away. And there are often more than one copy of some of the classics!

Rule #2: Pace yourself.
It is easy to get overwhelmed at the sale. Sometimes hours can go by just looking through the fiction section alone! Allow yourself an ample amount of time to to take in all the sections that interest you the most, or you will feel rushed and frustrated. And if you don’t feel like you have enough time remember: we are open for several days, so there is lots of opportunity to come back and keep shopping. Make sure to check out all the boxes below the tables as well for more fabulous finds that we didn’t have room for!

Rule #3: Don’t hoard.
Sometimes when you enter into the book sale it seems like a good idea to grab… well.. everything. As much as we encourage you going home with 1, 2, or even 20 boxes of books don’t be that person who is off on the sidelines surrounded by 50 boxes, and who decides to leave with just a couple books. This means many people miss out on the opportunity to grab one of their special finds!

Rule #4: Pay on each floor
Pay for your books when you are leaving a floor. We can store your books for you off to the side so you aren’t laden down, or you can take them to the cloakroom. Plus this makes it easier for our volunteers. Remember we accept cash, debit and credit!

Rule #5: That’s right you guessed it: Have Fun!
This event comes but once a year, so enjoy yourself! Delve into a section you never thought you would be interested in, grab that book that you always meant to read, or invest in some rare pieces for your collection! We have some deals here that you aren’t going to find anywhere else in the country!



Located at Old Vic, 91 Charles Street West (Museum Subway Exit)
Thursday September 24: 4pm-9pm*
Friday September 25: 10am-8pm
Saturday September 26: 11am-6pm
Sunday September 27: 11am-6pm
Monday September 28: 10am-8pm
* (First Night Only – Admission $3 – Students FREE with ID)