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Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Part I. Works by Coleridge

Miscellaneous Notes

346. Asgill (fragment). Transcribed HNC. (LT 62). Transcript of Marginalia in John Asgill, A Collection of Tracts at BM (B. Kosentaun).
347. A Collection of Pictures. Transcribed EHC. (BT 8).
348. Constant, Benjamin. STC note on a newspaper article about Constant, ca. 1799. (S MS F1.9).
349. Dawe, George. [An incident associated with his funeral.] (S MS 5).
Transcribed EHC. (BT 8).
350. [Drama.] Outline for a play. (S MS F2.11).
351. [Drama.] Mrs. Jordan's [theatrical] recitations. (S MS 5).
Another copy, transcribed EHC. (BT 8).
352. Dramatic Memoranda. (S MS 5).
Another copy, transcribed EHC. (BT 8).
353. Fancy (fragment). (S MS 5).
Another copy, transcribed EHC. (BT 8).
354. On the British flag and dislike of the English. (S MS F14.10).
355. Friendship. Transcribed in an unknown hand. (LT 15)
356. Fulguratiunculae Zoogoniam or Flashes in the Pan (fragment). (S MS 12).
356a. [German poetry] on title leaf v. of Friedrich von Spee's Trutz Nachtigall. (S MS F2.22).
357. Göttingen. Transcribed EHC. (LT 27).
358. Scheme of Grammar. (S MS F2.13).
359. Grammar (fragment). (S MS F2.5).
360. Greek grammar and verses to Derwent. 3 ff. (S MS F2.6).
Another copy, transcribed EHC. (BT 19).
361. Rudiments of Greek grammar, for Hartley Coleridge. 23 ff. Transcribed HNC and HNC's clerk. (LT 8).
362. Advertisement to an Essay on Greek Grammar (1814). Transcribed Edward Coleridge. (LT 2).
363. Note on Italian for Sara Coleridge (1810). (LT 8).
364. Italian Grammar for Sara Coleridge. 15 ff. (10 ff. inscribed). (S MS F2.21).
Another copy, transcribed EHC. (BT 19).
365. On Latin Grammar, addressed to Henry Gillman at Eton (1825). 26 ff. (8 ff. inscribed).
(S MS F2.19).
366. On Latin Grammar and Construction--two letters addressed to James Gillman (1826). Transcribed in an unknown hand, marked and corrected by HNC. (S LT F2.18).
367. "On Latin Grammar" and "Some Particular Rules for Latin." Proof-sheets with corrections in an unknown hand. 10 ff. (S E F2.20).
368. Grammar and Logic. Transcribed in an unknown hand, with corrections by STC. (LT 9).
369. [Kinnaird.] "Coleridge's last composition--To Adam Steinmetz Kinnaird" (13 July 1834). Transcribed in an unknown hand. (LT 12)
370. On love and friendship. 5 ff. (S MS 9).
Another copy, transcribed EHC. (BT 8).
371. Love [essay] and Dupliciter Unum, or Love's compound Triangle. 2 ff. (S MS F1.10).
372. Love. Transcribed EHC. (BT 8).
373. [Love.] Feelings when separated from a loved one. 1 f. Transcribed EHC. 2 ff. (S MS F1.4).
374. On his marriage (1804). Transcribed in an unknown hand. CL II.1156. (LT 14).
375. Marriage of first cousins. Transcribed EHC. (BT 8).
376. Music and Sounds (fragment). Transcribed [?J. H. Green]. (LT 21).
377. [Newspapers.] Hints for a weekly paper. Transcribed in an unknown hand. (LT 24).
378. [Philosophy.] The defect of the Cartesian proof of Deity. 1 f. (S MS 5).
Another copy, transcribed EHC. (BT 8).
379. [Philosophy.] On finite and infinite (frag.). Transc. ?SC. (S MS F2.5)
380. [Philosophy.] Knowledge and Understanding. 8 ff. (S MS 9).
Another copy, transcribed EHC. (BT 8).
381. [Philosophy.] Metaphysical theses. Transcribed EHC. (BT 8).
382. [Philosophy.] Nature, Essence, Existence, Law, Knowledge a priori, and Intuition. 2 ff. (S MS F2.11).
383. [Philosophy.] Nature, Liberty, and Necessity. Transcribed EHC. (BT 30).
384. [Philosophy.] On perception, subject, and object. (S MS 5).
Another copy, transcribed EHC. (BT 8).
385. [Philosophy.] Real, Ideal, and Substance; and Intuition. (S MS 5).
Another copy, transcribed EHC. (BT 8).
386. [Philosophy.] Nature of Space and Time; Gravity. 1 f. (S MS 5).
Another copy, transcribed EHC. (BT 8).
387. [Philosophy.] Defects of Spinoza's Method. (S MS F2.11).
388. [Philosophy.] Synthesis and juxtaposition differentiated. 1 f. (S MS 5).
Another copy, transcribed EHC. (BT 8).
389. [Philosophy.] On the Theory of Life. Transcribed SC. (S LT F13.2).
390. [Poetry.] Indian Poetry (fragment). Transcribed in an unknown hand. (LT 32).
391. List of Poems. STC hand, with EHC transcript. (S MS F2.7).
392. [Poetry.] On metre. 1 f. (S MS F2.11).
393. [Poetry.] On resuming poetry, after urging by Lady Beaumont (ca. 16 May 1828). 1 f. (S MS F3.30).
394. [Poetry.] On the Sonnet. Transcribed EHC. (BT 19).
395. [Poetry.] On the Supernatural in Poetry (fragment). Transcribed in an unknown hand. (LT 13)
396. [Politics.] Agriculture and the Body Politic (frag.). Transcribed EHC. (LT 30).
397. [Politics.] Moses' failure to provide for leadership succession. 1 f. (S MS F2.11).
398. Political Power and Balance. 1 f. (S MS F2.11).
399. Political precedents. 1 f. (S MS F2.11).
400. [Politics.] Life not a Property. 1 f. (S MS 9).
Another copy, transcribed EHC. (BT 8).
401. [Politics.] Rights of property and transcendentalist philosophy. 7 ff. (S MS 9).
Another copy, transcribed EHC. (BT 8)
402. [Politics.] Toleration of dissenters in the reign of Charles II (fragment). Transcribed in an unknown hand. (LT 3).
403. [Prayer.] "My Nightly Prayer" (1830). Transcribed E. Trevenen. (LT 11).
404. [Prayer.] "Sara Coleidge's prayer by her Father." Transcribed in an unknown hand. (LT 7).
405. Prayer. Tipped in on front blank leaf of Sermons or Homilies of the United Church of England and Ireland, 1815. Transcribed J. H. Green. (No. 60).
406. A Proposed Work on Fables. Transcribed EHC. (BT 8).
407. Proposals to write in a paper (1811). 1 f. (S MS F1.6).
Another copy, transcribed EHC. (BT 8).
408. Proposal to reprint "Select Essays on the most important events and persons of the political world from 1794 to 1817 published originally in the Morning Post, Courier, and Times . . . and several articles now first printed" (1817). 1 f. (S MS F2.8).
Another copy, transcribed EHC. (BT 8).
409. [Proposal.] A calculation of printing costs. 1 f. (S MS 5).
410. [Sacrament.] The best preparation for taking the Sacrament (1827). Transcribed E. Trevenen. (LT 11).
411. [Science.] Scheme of Colours. 1 f. (S MS F2.13).
Another copy, transcribed in an unknown hand. (LT 1).
412. [Science.] Tropical remains found in the Northern Zone. Transcribed in an unknown hand. (LT 50f).
413. [Science.] First effect of the Holomeric Nature. 1 f. (S MS 13).
414. [Science.] Ascending series of Invertebrate Animals. Transcribed J. H. Green. (LT 50b).
415. [Science.] Concerning a mountain in Africa. 1 f. (S MS F2.11).
416. Scientific nomenclature (fragment): "sensation." 1 f. (S MS 5).
Another copy, transcribed EHC. (BT 8).
417. [Science.] Note on Protozoa. 1 f. (S MS F2.9).
418. [Shakespeare.] Effect of reading Shakespeare. 1 f. (S MS 5).
Another copy, transcribed EHC. (BT 8).
419. [Shakespeare.] "Notes from folio paper book--? Bristol Lectures of 1814 on Shakespeare" [EHC]. Transcribed EHC. (BT 8).
420. Sicily. Fountain of Arethusa. Several scraps, with transcript by EHC. (S MS F14.9).
421. Solgar (professor). 1 f. (S MS F11.14).
422. [Theology.] Commonly-held Christian articles of faith. Transcribed Edward Coleridge. (LT 2).
423. [Theology.] Church fathers' views on the inspiration of Old Testament books and the necessity of a right idea of God. 1 f. (S MS F2.2).
424. [Theology.] The four Natural Convictions of Man. 1 f. (S MS 5).
Another copy, transcribed EHC. (BT 8).
425. On Faith, the Eucharist, Prayers and the World. 1 f. (S MS F8.11)
426. [Theology.] Observations on human nature and the gospels. 1 f. (S MS 5).
Another copy, transcribed EHC. (BT 8).
427. [Theology.] On Psalm CX. Transcribed EHC. (LT 19).
428. [Theology.] Swedenborg's Theology. 1 f. (S MS F2.1).
429. [Theology.] On the Trinity. 5 ff. (S MS 6).
430. Theological notes (fragments). Transcribed in two unknown hands. (BT 30).
431. [Theology and Philosophy.] Quotations from Bacon with commentary by STC and other notes on theology and philosophy. Transcribed EHC. (BT 4).
432. [Toasts.] On drinking the health of the Emperor of Hayti. Transcribed in an unknown hand. (LT 4).
433. Miss Trotter and Mrs. Antrolus (1824). 1 f. (S MS F8.10).
434. Miscellaneous notes, table talk, and marginalia. Transcribed Edward Coleridge. 12 ff. (BT 25).
435. Miscellaneous notes on end papers of item 119, in STC's hand. (BT 16).
436. Miscellaneous: a prescription for dyspepsia. 1 f. (S MS 5).
436a. Remarks of Coleridge on Mrs. Matthews garden. 13 July 1826. (S MS F2.23).

Table Talk

437. Table Talk. 111 bound ff., with 24 loose ff. and 27 scraps. Transcribed HNC, SC, EHC, Edward Coleridge. (S MS 20).
438. Omitted passages from Table Talk in HNC's hand. Transcribed EHC. (BT 7).
439. Note by [?H. C. Robinson] on Coleridge's table talk. (S MS F11.3).
440. "Maxims of STC given by Mr Porter, Mr Gillman's Assistant" [SC]. Transcribed SC. (LT 50c).

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