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Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Part I. Works by Coleridge

Marginalia (primarily transcripts)

For books annotated by STC in the collection, see "Books in the Coleridge Library" below, items 441,442, 446, 447, 460, 461a, 462, 469a, 472, 474, 482, 483, 488, 490, 492, 496, 498, 513, 514, 521, 522, 523, 524, 529, 532, 536, 544, 554, 555a, 559, 560, 561, 562, 564, 568, 571. See also among STC's own books items 15, 24, 26.
265a. ADAM, THOMAS. Private Thoughts on Religion, 1795. York. Transcribed JDC. (BT 40).
265b. The Age, a poem, 1829. London. Transcribed JDC. (BT 40).
265c. ANDERSON, ROBERT. British Poets (1792-1795). Marginalia by STC, Wordsworth, Southey, Hartley Coleridge and perhaps others. On positive microfilm only. (Folger Library Set).
266. BARCLAY, JOHN. Argenis, 1629. Transcribed SC from BM C.44.d.34. (BT 33).
266a. BEAUMONT, FRANCIS & JOHN FLETCHER. Fifty Comedies and Tragedies, 1679. London. Lamb's copy. Transc. JDC. (BT 39).
267. BIBLE. Mrs. Gillman's copy. Transcribed HNC's clerk. (LT 65).
267a. BLANCO WHITE, J. [Practical and Internal Evidence Against Catholicism, 1825. London].Transcribed JDC. (BT 39).
268. BLOMFIELD, CHARLES JAMES. [?The Seven Tragedies of Aescylus, literally translated . .. , 1822. The transcriber (identity unknown) refers to Blomfield's edition.] (LT 50a).
269 BOEHME, JACOB. Works, ed. G. Ward & T. Langcake, 1764-81. Transcribed EHC from BM C.126.k.1. (BT 21).
270. BOEHME, JACOB. Concerning the Three Principles of the Divine Essence [ed. unspecified]. Transcribed EHC. (BT 21).
271. BOERHAAVE, HERMANN. A New Method of Chemistry, 1727. Transcribed SC. (BT 37).
271a. *Bull, George. Defensio Fidei Nicaenae, ex scriptis catholicorum doctorum, qui intra tria prima ecclesiae christianae secula floruerunt, &c. 3 vols. Ticini 1784-6. Only the annotated flyleaf has been recovered. Added to VCL (Coleridge Collection), 2 Nov 2016. See also: "Lost Books Found. George Bull." In Supplement to Marginalia (H.J. Jackson, 2017). (S MS 20).
272. BURNET, GILBERT. The History of the Reformation of the Church of England, 1730. Transcribed SC. 9 ff. (LT 57).
273. BURNET, GILBERT. The Life of William Bedell [edition unspecified]. Transcribed SC. (BT 33).
274. BUTLER, CHARLES. Vindication of "The Book of the Roman Catholic Church", 1826. Transcribed E. Trevenen. (LT 66).
275. BUTLER, JOSEPH. The Analogy of Religion, Natural and Revealed, to the Constitution and Course of Nature, [ed. Unspecified]. Transcribed SC. (BT 33).
276. CHAMBRE, ROBERT. Some Animadversions upon the Declaration of and Plea for the Army. . . , 1659. Transcribed SC. (BT 37).
277. CHILLINGWORTH, WILLIAM. Works, 1742. Transcribed in an unknown hand from BM C.126.1.1. 4 ff. (LT 50l).
277a. CHURCH OF ENGLAND AND IRELAND. Book of Homilies, 1815. Transcribed JDC. (BT 39).
278. COLBROOK, GEORGE. Six Letters on Intolerance, [edition unspecified]. Transcribed in an unknown hand. (LT 52).
279. COLERIDGE, S. T. Aids to Reflection, Southey's copy.
1. First ed. Transcribed George Grove, 13 May 1844. 4 ff. (LT 55).
2. Transcribed SC. (BT 33).
280. COLERIDGE, S. T. Aids to Reflection, [First ed.]. Transcribed SC. 3 ff. (LT 56).
280a. COLERIDGE, S. T. Biographia Literaria, 1847. London: Pickering. Transcribed JDC. (BT 39).
281. COLERIDGE, S. T. "Blessed are ye that sow beside all waters." A Lay Sermon, 1817, Southey's copy. Transcribed SC. (BT 33).
282. COLERIDGE, S. T. The Friend, 1818. Transcribed in an unknown hand from vol. III of copy now in the Pierpont Morgan Library. (Misc MS 6).
283. COLERIDGE, S. T. Remorse, 2nd ed. Transcribed ?JDC from the Sarah Hutchinson copy now at the Houghton Library, Harvard. (LT 67)
284. COLERIDGE, S. T. Sibylline Leaves, 1817. Transcribed in an unknown hand. (LT 53).
285. CROMWELL, OLIVER. Marginalia in two speeches, ed. unspec. Transcribed SC. (BT 37).
286. DALLISON, CHARLES. The Royalist's Defence . . . , 1648. Transcribed SC. (BT 37).
286a. DANTE, ALIGHIERI. Divina Commedia, 1819. Translation Cary. Trancribed JDC. (BT 40).
286b. DESMOULINS, A. Histoire Naturelle des Races Humaines, 1826. Paris. Transcribed JDC. (BT 40).
287. DONNE, JOHN. Marginalia on his 71st sermon [edition unspecified]. 2 copies. Transcribed in unknown hands. (LT 41).
287a. DUBOIS, J. A. Description of the People of India, 1817. London. Transcribed JDC (BT 40).
288. EDINBURGH MEDICAL & SURGICAL JOURNAL, vols. XIV, XXIV, XXXIII. Transcribed George Grove. (BT 21).
289. EICHHORN, J. G. Commentarius in Apocalypsin Joanniss, 1791. Transcribed EHC from BM C.126.c.8. (BT 21).
290. EICHHORN, J. G. Commentarius in Apocalypsin Joanniss, 1791. Transcribed EHC from another copy, BM C.126.c.7. (BT 21).
291. ESCHENMAYER, C. A. A. von. Psychologie, 1817. Transcribed in an unknown hand from BM C.126.f.6. (BT 22).
292. Eternal Punishment proved to be not Suffering but Privation "copied from Dean Trench's manuscript" by Derwent Coleridge. (MS 17).
293. FICHTE, J. G. Das System der Sittenlehre nach den Principien der Wissenschaftslehre, 1798. Transcribed in an unknown hand from BM C.126.f.12. (BT 22).
294. FICINO, M. Platonica Theologia de Immortalitate Animo . . . , 1525. Transcribed EHC from BM C.126.e.2. (BT 21).
295. FIELDING, HENRY. The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling, 1773. Transcribed SC from BM C.28.c.5-8. (BT 37).
296. FULLER, THOMAS. The History of the Worthies of England, 1811. Transcribed SC. (BT 37).
297. FULLER, THOMAS. Life out of Death [ed. unspecified]. Transcribed SC. (BT 37).
298. FULLER, THOMAS. A Triple Reconciler, 1654. Transcribed SC. (BT 37)
298a. GREW, N. Cosmologia Sacra, 1701. London. Transcribed JDC. (BT 40).
299. HALL, JOHN. An Humble Motion to the Parliament . . ., 1649. Transcribed SC. (BT 37).
299a. HERDER, J. G. von. Kalligone, 1800. Leipzig. Transcribed JDC. (BT 40).
300. HUTCHINSON, LUCY. Memoirs of the Life of Colonel Hutchinson, 1806. Transcribed HNC and SC from BM Ashley 4780. (LT 48).
301. JACOBI, F. H. Ueber die Lehre des Spinoza . . ., 1789. Transcribed EHC from BM C.126.d.15. (BT 21).
302. JAHN, JOHANNE. Appendix Hermeneutica, 1813-15.
1. Transcribed JDC and an unknown hand. (LT 44)
2. Transcribed MC. 5ff. (LT 50j).
302a. JAHN, JOHANNE. History of the Hebrew Commonwealth, 1829. Oxford. Translation Stowe. Transcribed JDC. (BT 40).
303. JUNG, J. H. Theorie der Geisterkünde, 1808-09. Transcribed in an unknown hand from BM C.126.h.7. (BT 22).
304. KANT, IMMANUEL. Vermischte Schriften, 1799.
1. Transcribed in unknown hand from BM C.43.a.9 or C.126.e.7. (BT 22).
2. Another copy. Transcribed EHC from a BM copy above. (BT 21).
305. KANT, IMMANUEL. Critik der Reinen Vernunft, 1799. Transcribed in an unknown hand from BM C.126.i.9. (BT 22).
306. LAW, WILLIAM. Works, 1762-53-76. 2 copies. Transcribed Katharine Southey and another hand. (LT 40).
307. LEIGHTON, ROBERT. The Whole Works . . . , 1820.
1. "Addenda, Inserenda, Substituenda, et Annotanda to the Select Passages from the Works of Archbishop Leighton," "a corrected and more legible transcript" of a single note, in STC's hand. (S MS F2.10).
2. Transcribed Mr. Watson. (S MS F2.2).
3. Transcribed SC. (LT 54).
308. LESSING, G. E. Sämmtliche Schriften, 1796. Fragment "cut out of vol. 9.10 of Lessing—" [EHC]. BM C.126.a.1. STC hand. (S MS F2.17)
309. ENCYCLOPEDIA LONDINENSIS, 1810-1829. Transcribed in an unknown hand. 4ff. (LT 50i).
310. LYTTELTON, GEORGE. The History of the Life of King Henry the Second [edition unspecified]. Transcribed SC. (BT 33).
311. MAASS, J. G. E. Versuch über die Einbildungskraft, 1797. Transcribed EHC from BM C.126.d.15.(1). (BT 21).
312. M'CLELLAND, -----. [Work on Scotch History.] Transcribed in an unknown hand. (LT 49a).
313. MACDIARMID, JOHN. Lives of British Statesmen, 1807. Transcribed in an unknown hand. (LT 51)
313a. MALTHUS, T. R. An Essay on Population, 1803. London. Transcribed JDC. (BT 40).
314. MATTHIAE, A. H. A Copious Greek Grammar, 2. vols., 3rd ed., 1824. Transcribed SC from a copy now in the Huntington Library. (LT 43).
314a. MESMER, F. A. Mesmerismus, 1814. Berlin. Transcribed JDC. (BT 39).
314b. MILLER, JOHN. Sermons, 1830. Oxford. Transcribed JDC. (BT 40).
315. MORE, THOMAS. Utopia, translated Gilbert Burnet, 1684. Transcribed G. Grove. (BT 21).
316. NICHOLSON, WILLIAM. A Journal of Natural Philosophy, Chemistry and the Arts, vols.22, 26-28. Transcribed SC. (BT 37).
317. NIKOLAI [?or NICOLAI], -----. Philosophie [edition unspecified]. Transcribed in an unknown hand. (BT 22).
318. OWEN, WILLIAM FITZWILLIAM. Narrative of Voyages to Explore the Shores of Africa, Arabia and Madagascar, 1833. Transcribed SC. (BT 37).
319. PARNELL, WILLIAM. An Historical Apology for the Irish Catholics [edition unspecified]. Transcribed in an unknown hand. (LT 52).
320. PEPYS, SAMUEL. Memoirs, 1825. Transcribed in an unknown hand. (LT 64)
321. PEPYS, SAMUEL. Diary [edition unspecified]. Transcribed SC. (BT 37).

PEREIRA, GOMETIUS. Antoniana Margarita, 1554. Transcribed S. Hutchinson [?or K. Southey]. (LT 63).
The original volume with annotations is located at the Wren Library as at 2017 March 15. See also: "Lost Books Found. Gometius Pereira." In Supplement to Marginalia (H.J. Jackson, 2017).

323. PLOTINUS. [?Ficino ed., . . . Operum Philosophicorum Omnium . . . , 1580.] Transcribed in an unknown hand. 4 ff. (LT 50k).
324. PRINGLE, JOHN. Observations on the Diseases of the Army, 1765.
1. Transcribed [?Mary Coleridge]. (LT 69).
2. Transcribed SC. (LT 70).
326. QUARTERLY REVIEW, October 1813. Transcribed SC. (LT 46)
327. QUARTERLY REVIEW, January 1814. Transcribed SC. (LT 47).
328. ROBINSON, ROBERT. Miscellaneous Works, 1807. Transcribed SC. (BT 37).
329. RUNGE, F. F. Neueste Phytochemische Entdeckungen zur Begründungeiner Wissenschaftlichen Phytochemie, 1820. Transcribed in an unknown hand from BM C.126.g.5.(BT 22).
330. SCHELLING, F. W. Ueber das Verhältniss der Bildenden Künstezu der Natur, 1807. Transcribed SC. (S MS 19). In with stray poems of STC and Biographia notes.
331. SCHLEIERMACHER, F. D. E. A Critical Essay on the Gospel of St Luke, 1825.
1. Transcribed Mary Coleridge from BM C.126.h.9. 8ff. (LT 59).
2. Transcribed unknown, with note by (DC & EHC) or JDC. 22 ff. (LT60).
332. SCHUBERT, G. H. von. Allegemeine Naturgeschichte, oder Antdeutungen zur Geschichte and Physiognomik der Natur, 1826. Transcribed J. H. Bridges from BM C.44.d.36. 1 f. (LT61).
332a. SCHUBERT, G. H. von. Ansichten bon der Nachtseite der Naturwissenschaft, 1808. Dresden. Transcribed JDC. (BT 39).
333. SEDGWICK, WILLIAM. Justice upon the Armie Remonstrance . . . , 1649. Transcribed SC. (BT 37).
333a. SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. Works. Ed. Theobald. London: C. Bathurst, 1773. J. J. Morgan's copy, transcribed JDC. (BT 39).
333b. SIDNEY, ALGERNON. Discourses Concerning Government, 1772. 6 images with STC marginalia. (microfilm only).
334. SOUTHEY, ROBERT. Life of Wesley [ed. unspecified]. Transcribed Katharine Southey, C. C. Southey, SC, HNC's clerk, and two other hands. 66 ff. (LT 58a).
334a. SOUTHEY, ROBERT. Joan of Arc. B.M. Add. MS 28086. Transcribed JDC. (BT 39).
334b. SOUTHEY, ROBERT. Joan of Arc. Transcribed JDC. (BT 39).
335. [SOUTHEY, ROBERT, and S. T. COLERIDGE.] Omniana, 1812.
1. Transcribed SC. (BT 37).
2. Transcribed JDC. (BT 39).
335a. SPEE, FRIEDRICH von. Trutz Nachtigall, 1817. Berlin. Title page only. (S MS F2.22).
336. STEELE, WILLIAM. Mr. Recorder's Speech to the Lord Protector . . . , 1653. Transcribed SC. (BT 37).
336a. STEWART, WILLIAM. Outlines of a Plan for the General Reform of the British Landforces, 2nd ed., 1806. London. Transcribed JDC. (LT 94).
337. SWEDENBORG, EMMANUEL. De Coelo . . . et de Inferno, 1758. Transcribed EHC from BM C.126.k.4. (BT21).
338. SWEDENBORG, EMMANUEL. De Cultu et Amore Dei [edition unspecified]. Transcribed in an unknown hand. (LT 42).
339. SWEDENBORG, EMMANUEL. De Infinito et Causa Finali Creationes, 1734. Transcribed EHC. (BT 21).
340. SYDNEY, PHILIP. Arcadia [unspecified German translation]. Transcribed in an unknown hand. (BT 22).
341. TAYLOR, JEREMY. Collection of Polemical Discourses: Or a Collection of Polemical Discourses, 1674. Transcribed HNC and HNC's clerk from BM Ashley 5174. (LT 71).
342. TAYLOR, JEREMY. The Worthy Communicant, 1674. Transcribed in an unknown hand from BM C.126.c.1. (BT 22).
342a. TENNEMANN, WILHELM GOTTLIEB. Geschichte der Philosophie. Leipzig, 1798-1819. MS notes by [STC]. From BM (microfilm only).
343. VANE, HENRY. A Healing Question . . . [edition unspecified]. Transcribed SC. (BT 37).
343a. WATERLAND, D. The Importance of the Doctrine of the Trinity, 2nd corrected ed., 1734. London. Transcribed JDC. (BT 40).
344. WEBSTER, JOHN. The Displaying of Supposed Witchcraft, 1677. Transcribed EHC from BM C.126.1.10. (BT 21).
345. WHITFIELD, T. A Discourse of Liberty of Conscience . . . , 1649. Transcribed SC. (BT 37).

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